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NZ tourists contract dengue fever in Fiji

Travellers returning to NZ, suffering from dengue

18:05 Mon Mar 17, 2014


Taken from/By: Google Report by: Radio Tarana / Rita Narayan

More travellers are returning to New Zealand with dengue fever with the mosquito-borne disease spreading in the region says health authorities there.

Auckland-based Radio Tarana reports of the 35 cases in Auckland so far this year, 24 cases were reported from people who returned from Fiji.

Health services have advised people travelling to the Pacific to take steps to avoid mosquito bites.

Since October 2013, Fiji has recorded more than 10,000 cases of dengue fever, with 12 deaths.

Dengue fever has also emerged in French Polynesia, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

5 thoughts on “NZ tourists contract dengue fever in Fiji

  1. going for cheap Fiji Tourism deals and getting more than you bargained for.
    you lot got bitten by mosquitoes
    Some Fijian people got beaten by the military that is suppose to be protecting them,
    who should I feel sorry for?

  2. Another major fail by Shazza & QorVice to cover up the inevitable.

    Not one peep out of Dixon Seeto to lambast the lax authorities that are impacting his sector? What a colossal joke.

  3. Tourist avoid travelling to Fiji. The country is cursed by the illegal regime suppression of it’s people.

    Such things does happen when common people are mistreated by regime.

    Never had this been a problem in the history of Fiji.

  4. I work at CWM and many deaths of dengue has occurred but the Minister has said only 12 which is totally wrong.

  5. Fiji’s Healthy Toady Health Minister is a liar just like the others in the Bainimarama regime.

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