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An important Election Issues Bulletins on Jobs, Incomes, GDP and Public Debt. by Wadan Narsey ….. a must read



Summary of Recommendations on Policy Issues in this Bulletin

Policy Issue 1:
Voters must ask all political parties whether they will guarantee to remove all decrees which stipulate that grievances may not be taken to court.
Policy Issue 2
Voters must ask all political parties what their policy will be on public investment on infrastructure
Policy Issue 3
Voters must ask all political parties what their policy will be on
(a) public sector salaries,
(b) that of Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.
Policy Issue 4
Voters must ask all political parties what their policy will be on
(a) the independence of the Public Accounts Committee, and
(b) the need for Auditor General Reports to be compulsorily and annually made public.
Policy Issue 5
Voters must ask all political parties what their policy will be
(a) the independence of Wages Councils, and
(b) the implementation of their Wages Regulation Orders.
Policy Issue 6
Voters must ask all political parties what their policy will be the National Minimum Wage.

Policy Issues 7

Voters must ask all political parties what their policies will be on
(a) VAT
(b) income tax at the higher levels
(c) corporate tax
Policy Issue 8:
Voters must ask all political parties what their policies will be on Trade Agreements with Australia and NZ, and access to their labour markets for Fiji’s unskilled labour.
Policy Issue 9:

Voters must ask all political parties what their policies will be on
(a) Public Debt,
(b) Annual Government Deficits, and
(c) Asset Sales.
Policy Issue 10:
Voters must ask all political parties to explain their detailed economic growth and development strategies.


27 thoughts on “An important Election Issues Bulletins on Jobs, Incomes, GDP and Public Debt. by Wadan Narsey ….. a must read

  1. The figures indicate that Mahen Chaudhry was the best Prime Minister of Fiji in terms of economic growth.
    Mahen keep the fight you were democratically elected Prime Minister.
    You have not taken the country illegally as the current thugs who see you as a threat to their political aspiration especially Khayium.

  2. Just by voicing ones opinion does not mean that it is right, it is just one of many differing opinions.

    We should all be aware of those that hope that if they air their own personal views often enough there will be some that start to believe them.

  3. 3 men in custody for alleged rape and robbery of tourist

    Three men who allegedly raped a tourist in Rakiraki last week appeared in the Tavua Magistrates Court today.

    Jale Fatiaki, Pita Natekuru and Ilaitia Nalawa charged with rape, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery have been remanded in custody.

    The three are between 21 and 32 years of age.

    It is also alleged that the three robbed the couple who were in their room around 11pm last Monday.

    The matter has been transferred to the Lautoka High Court where it will be called on the 1st of April.

  4. Thank you Dr Warden Narsey for your detailed clear explanation on what the voters must be asking Political PARTIES.

    The questions are based largely on specific problems we are facing today under the illegal regime and if are to struggle back successfully to at least where we were before the 2006 coup we should address the problems Narsey has raised.


  5. @ Reality

    If you are referring to Dr Narsey’s “opinions” then I suggest you counter them with statistics and not attempt to influence people by the propaganda that some will be swayed to believe them. I am not an economist but I think the comments by Dr Narsey are credible in comparison to the lies by the illegal regime.

  6. If Fiji had decent journalists they would be asking these questions and producing the answers in the media. But unfortunately we lack investigative journalism here.

  7. While I admire Wadan’s courage, his analysis is flawed.

    Firstly, in statistics, you must get a sample size that is representative. This means thart FLP’ tenor for 1 year is not representative. Wadan is cerry picking. Isn’t the growth in 99 a reflection of SVT policies and budget rather than FLP’s which just ran the final leg of the relay. So, this is a criticism of a prof who professes to know all but has made a cardinal error taught in hufh school maths.

    Secondly, no other govt faced the GFC which casused the world economy to contract except maybe the Mara govt in the oil crisis of the early 70’s. So again, in his calculation, wadan choose to ignore this to make theIG look bad. Any statistican would have removed 2008 and 2009 from the sample.

    Thirdly, it baffles me as to why Wadan did not take 2012 and 2013 which were 2 yeara of strong growth and would make FB look much better. Wadan, let’s not be dictated by your motive to make things bad but show the facts.

    Lastly, where did wadan get his investment to gdp numbers or data. He needs to check rbf’s website. Why just pick some numbers but ignore others.

    Pls stand for election and see if u have the support

  8. @ Economist – Narsey is merely pointing out the facts. The basis of your attack on his opinion which he has simply provided data for to bring his views across is farcical. Its not about who brought the biggest growth to the economy whilst in leadership, or the impact of the world’s financial crisis on Fiji’s economy, or where he sources his data from (given the well known highly controlled nature of institutions in Fiji – and RBF is no exception to that) – but the dismal failure of the regime on its management of the Fijian economy. Voters don’t give a damn shit about the financial crisis or the debate over relevancy and reliability of data and opinions but what hits their pocket and affects their well being. This is where the junta fails because the short term honey moon period with bribes and enticements that Bainimarama has given people from loaned and tax monies that he did not have authority over will soon come to an end and the real pain will begin!

  9. @ Kainoqu

    Fiji’s economic has recorded 4 years of growth and it will be 5 years this years.

    I don’t know what report and stats you are looking at. It is clear that like prof wadan narsey, you pick and choose what you see and hear.

    The errors by him are basic errors pointed by Economist not expected of a professor unless he has an ulterior motive.

  10. who does not “pick and choose”?
    the junta propagandists do that all the time.
    but some have failed to noticed that because they junta “jattus”.

  11. It’s always something to behold ego wars by issue ‘experts’. I dunno but the last time I checked, Prof Narsey is an established authority who unlike many other issue experts can back it up with solid elbow-deep-in-the-trenches experience ie he’s not simply textbook or abstract.

    @ Economist if you believe that you too have a solid counter-opinion that refutes Prof Narsey’s views with facts, data, reasoning and experience please share those thoughts so that voters may be able to consider your argument and decide for ourselves as to who makes the most sense.

    You accuse Prof Narsey of cherry-picking. Please do not make the same mistake of cherry-picking leverage points that are simply argumentative but unsubstantiated?

    Debate is good. It is healthy. But it must be constructive so that voters ultimately decide for themselves what questions to pitch at prospective politicians who think they are worthy of representing the interests of We The People — which is what I think Narsey is intending to do with this series of articles.

  12. In her letter ‘Don’t forget Anwar’ published in the Age (18/3) Jennifer Johnson writes :
    ” The sad and baffling case of the missing plane has unfortunately eradicated another Malaysian story from he headlines, one that broke at about the same time : the shameful and appalling reconviction of political contender Anwar Ibrahim on trumped-up charges of sodomy. The international community should not allow this to be forgotten”.
    I agree.
    But forgotten it will be. You see when people are not in power, those in power and influence pay little attention to them.
    Let me give an example .
    When Dr Timoci Bavadra’s democratically elected multiracial government was ousted in Fiji’s first military coup of 1987, the poor chap went all the way to London to see the Queen and plead the case for the restoration of democracy in Fiji. The legitimate Prime Minister of Fiji was not given an audience.
    People familiar with international politics would no doubt be aware of many other examples where political expediency overrode political principles.
    This is why Frank Bainimarama is still in power almost 8 years after he overthrow the democratic government in Fiji in 2006.
    The voice of the people without power is not given the consideration they deserve. The people with power are heard. (Now you know why Julie Bishop had that rugby jersey gift giving meeting with Bainimarama).
    That is pretty much the norm in international politics.

  13. @SN

    Why don’t you show your data to back up the economic growth for the last 4 years as you say. Your comment is nothing compared to the meticulous work done by Narsey.

  14. Narsey’s charade is pathetic! All he does is supporting the great lie that has been carefully created by the thugs in power. And this lie is a free and fair election in Fiji. The results of the coming elections have been determined by Khaiyum, and the entire show that we see now is nothing but a smokescreen designed to fool idiots such as Abbott, Key and the EU. Khaiyum wants their money, so he has to stage this circus, but boy, does anyone really believe that there is even a smidgeon of doubt that Khaiyum and his goons will win?

  15. FBC is owned by the people of Fiji and not by Raiz Khayium.
    FBC is full time singing song about the good work of the regime. Veena Batnagar Hindi announcer is full time praising the illegal regime on the Hindi radio station one.
    Where is media ethic in Fiji?
    It is high time everyone in Fiji is given a fair chance to speak freely at FBC.

    In Fiji , FBC and Fiji Sun have become the campaign manager for the regime.

    Why can’t other people like Kepa, Chaudhry, Baba, Beddoes, Raman , Adi Sova (PDP) are given chance at talk back show at FBC.

    The people of Fiji must be given a fair chance to hear to everyone respective of race, religion, political parties and creed.

    Why only Bai/ Khayium are only at the talk back show!

    Is it because their corrupt practice, nepotism , public debt, health of economy etc will be revealed to the people of Fiji.

    Raiz Khayium FBC does not belong to your family. You have already build your house at Namadi Heights using the contractors who did work at FBC.

    Their names will be revealed at the talk back show if given opportunity with evidence.

  16. The people of Fiji demand for constructive political debate on the economy, law, constitution etc by different people like academic, lawyers, political parties.

    We are tired of listening to Bai and Khayium.

    Is it Fiji is still under dictatorship with no freedom of speech!

  17. Rajesh Chandra should have kept people like Wadan at USP. Rajesh does not want people who talk facts. Wadan is the best economists in Fiji unlike opportunists like Ganesh, Mahen and others. They are no match to Wadan.
    Rajesh Chandra should be investigated for having affair with Premilla Kumar – CEO Consumer Council. Rajesh Chandra employed Premilla’s husband , Jai Kumar as director marketing without an advertisement. Nepotism at USP! This is what is taught at USP!
    Jai Kumar was terminated from his last job for corruption.

  18. @ SN above – I’m not looking at stats. I’m looking at peoples lives and what I see is increased hardship and poverty for most people and prosperity for the very few who are up Bainimarama’s rear! Your claim of 4-5 years economic growth don’t show on people’s lives. Its either the stats you are quoting from are rubbish or the growth you claim is all going to Bainikaiyum’s pocket! Which of it is true?

  19. I wonder why people are expecting that Fiji could have good economic growth when just about every other country in the world has suffered equally if not more due to the world recession over the same period?

    Of course, it’s more convenient to ignore that when the main purpose of postings is to simply to get at the government.

  20. Anonymous – yes world recession may have played a part but riding on the back of Australia’s rather unscathed economy when the global financial meltdown occurred would not have put Fiji in a more grave position than others. PNG would have felt it more if you were to blame the financial crisis alone! But its strong link with the Australian economy helped. Being Fiji’s main trade market, Australia’s strong economy should have helped but it was not taken advantage of because the thugs were busy trying to promote their legitimacy all over the place. EU sugar funds did not come in and all you have is chinese exim bank funding with bits and bobs from other Asian economies that had their own strings attached that Fiji’s population will have to put up with in years to come! The unfortunate feature about all this is that Bainimarama did not have any democratic mandate to commit Fiji to overseas loans or trade agreements and more worrying is the fact that he did it all for his and his inner circles’ benefit only, not the general populace. The handouts he gives to citizens is all sideshow to shore up their support for his rule. Secrecy of all these financial dealings is a grave concern……public finances not reported and audited….salaries for select few now paid out by illegally contracted accounting firm etc….these are evidences that don’t speak well of the regime! Honestly there is nothing much to boast about in the Bainimarama regime because the misdoings are heavily stacked against them.

  21. only ONE person has taken FB regime head on – Wadan. Nobody else in Fiji has ever written so profusely on all types of issues starting from time Wadan joined workforce – early seventies”. He has done the same against all political parties/groups/persons/establishment/institution etc. Nobody else in Fiji. Just visit his website and all his writings are there to be read as proof of his commitment to Fiji. At least he deserves some recognition.and respect. Can anybody point out who else has written for and against issues in Fiji.

    Actually he is the only person who gave some credence and respect to USP in the last 7 years and for that he got fired. Good people in this world are not wanted. it i unfortunate they have to fight their way rather than being embraced – Mandela/Gandhi/Aung San Suu Kyi. While some may argue that Wadan is not in this league but at least he is there.

  22. Its seems kainoqu is blinded.

    The analysis as highlighted above is flawed. Maybe, your major was not statistics. The learned prof has erred in his analysis by ignoring the basic tenants of statistics. His sample size for FLP govt does not meet or satify the requirement. If for arguement sake that one year a bad year for no fault of his say we had a cyclone, would you say that he performed badly.

    Secondly, anyone familiar with statistics will tell u that you have to remove the outliers. In this case the GFC. With the exception of Aust which relied on demand from China most countries contracted. This is a fact. So m surprised that a learned prof could ignore this basic fact unless he had an agenda.

    Maybe, the prof would like to rebutt.

  23. Its not statistical sampling you idiot! Its the economic indicators that Warden is going by. Grow up and have some sense of the issue being debated and stop wandering off to your narrow statistical sphere where you lose hold of what is being talked about. Its the economy stupid!!!

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