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“I will revive the sugar industry” said Frank…. 9 years ago…..

Sugar production targets down

07:05 Today


Taken from/By: Google Report by: Mika Loga

Fiji has not able to achieve its targets for sugar production and exports.

Director Sugar Viliame Gucake says, the four sugar mills are supposed to be crushing 4 point 2 million tonnes of sugar cane annually.

However, they’ve only managed a total of 1 point 7 million tonnes for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013.

On exports to the European Union, the country was to send 220 thousand tonnes of sugar annually, however for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, it has only managed 167 thousand tonnes.

Gucake says these were due to challenges particularly land issues under the ALTA lease arrangement that surfaced in 1997.

He says with a five-year plan in place to increase production it is hoped the country will be able to harvest 48,600 hectares of sugarcane in 2015.

The Government has allocated 8.4m dollars towards the planting of cane in 8,060 hectares of land.


8 thoughts on ““I will revive the sugar industry” said Frank…. 9 years ago…..

  1. I urge Indians to quit sugarcane farming.
    Indians if they remain on farms they will continue with girmit.
    Most of the Indians have only worked hard and stay in the same houses and no real progress.
    Why not one chinese is in sugarcane farming but they have made thousand of dollars?

  2. Bai wants Indian to stay on sugarcane farms.
    How many i Taukei plant sugarcane? Hardly 20 i Taukei farmers in Fiji.
    However, the P.S and top people are i TAUKEI.
    What a joke!

  3. I have said it again and again. The sugar industry is doomed. Let me repeat. With current production at less than half of pre-2006 levels, it only takes one sugar mill to process all the cane. Yet, we have 4 mills operating and the season is almost similar in length as a full production season. How on earth can FSC make profits? Everybody knows economics 101; if you make less money than you spend, you lose. The sugar industry is doomed!!

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