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“I encourage all members to vote.

Call for followers to vote

Nasik Swami Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THE country’s largest organisation representing more than 280,000 Hindus, the Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji, has called on its members to participate in the general election.

Sabha national general secretary Vijendra Prakash said they had been advising all their members to register to vote.

Mr Prakash said the Sabha had more than 190,000 members who would be voting for the first time.

“I encourage all members to vote.

“It is their right to participate in the upcoming general election and choose a democratically-elected government,” he said.

Mr Prakash said the September election was the only opportunity their members would have to elect a government that is recognised worldwide.

He said the Sabha had been talking to its members and educating them on the democratic process.

Mr Prakash said while inadequate resources were a challenge, the Sabha was doing all it could to assist the people in making a good decision.

“Wherever we hold our meeting, we talk to the people in the communities,” he said.


17 thoughts on ““I encourage all members to vote.

  1. Jyoti Khatri makes a very valid observation when she writes :
    ” The Republic of Fiji Military Forces is part of the State,however, following the events at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks,being the official ceremony for appointment of the new commander and the farewell of the former commander, there was a church service held and prayers offered in the Christian faith only.
    Is this a breach of the Constitution?
    Does the secular state principle of “neutrality” not apply to the Military?”
    What if it is a breach of the Constitution? Isn’t the Fijian military above the Constitution?
    Isn’t it true that no laws or principles apply to the Fijian Military if they don’t like it?
    The rules are made for others not for the Fijian Military. The Fijian Military is above the law.
    That is the way of the Fijian military dictatorship which is still holding power in the country 7 years after grabbing power unlawfully.
    So long as we remember this we would not find any mismatch between what the regime preaches and what it practices hard to understand.
    Jyoti Khatri clearly is aware of this contradiction that characterises the Fiji military.

  2. Is the Sanatan Dharm Prathinidhi Sabha of Fiji a religious organisation?
    Shouldn’t it confine itself to the religious needs of its members ONLY and let the members make their own minds on matters political?

  3. Sanatan Dharm and particularly it’s executives must keep out of politics. People like Vijendra Prakash, Dewan Maharaj are warned to keep our religion ( Sanatan Dharm) out of politics. The Santanis are well educated to make decisions.

    If people like Vijendra Prakash ( failed NFP politican) (sacked special administrator in the illegal regime) , Dewan Maharaj and others are free to resign and support openly and contest election.

    They should stop making political statements using Sanatan Dharm.

    These people have never done anything good for Santan Dharm to anywhere. They must resign and give chance to new people.

    Dewan Maharaj has used Sanatan Dharm to make money like printing calendars,printing flags, buying property and renovating at substantial costs and many more things.

    Dewan Maharaj has build his empire by corrupt means and hardly can speak coreect Hindi and

    They will punished for using temple for their personal agenda.

  4. Dewan Maharaj of QUALITY PRINTS and Vijendra Prakash are known thugs and fraudster. They illegally took the Nasea Temple In LABASA. They were legally challenged and the temple was transferred back to the original trustee. They had forged signature of the trustee.

    These two also sold a piece of land for temple which was donated to Sanatan Dharm in LAMI.

    These two should have been charged for fraud.

  5. Dewan Maharaj is a murderer. He had some years ago whilst drank killed a young man at Walu Bay while driving his van.The man had a very young family with two small children at that time.

    The guy paid the police and nothing happened to him.

    The family never got any compensation.

  6. The Kidney dialysis centre is owned by Dewan Maharaj. He has majority shares.I wonder how a non medical professional gets the approval to own such a facility.

    Dewan is very cunning and will put his money where he can make money.

    I thought such facilities should be operated by government. No wonder the excessive charges to the public for dialysis.

  7. this Dewan Maharaj fala who ever he is clearly has a very bad reputation.
    that’s the kind of falas who have thrown in their support for the thug rulers holding the country at gun point.
    they have one motive for doing so : get special favours from the regime to further their special interest.

  8. Anon
    Dewan is the owner of Quality Prints Limited. His business is located at Walu Bay. He was the one who was in the illegal government’s charter committee with John Sami of N.Z . In return Dewan got all the printing work for thousand’s of booklet in different language.
    He was booted out of the Sanatan Dharm recently. He made money for himself by being in Santan Dharm.
    I heard the bastard and daughter in law have kidney problem. Bro, when one cheat and make money in name of religion and temple this is what happens!

  9. I would like to add that Dewan is also the director/ shareholder of Sun Insurance Fiji Limited. They also corruptly bought cheaply the Ports Authority building located at Flagstaff which now is the head office for Sun Insurance. This happened under the illegal regime.
    All these must be investigated!

  10. Sanatan Dharm as a religious organisation has not progressed due to people like Dewan, Vijenrda Prakash and their group.
    In Fiji the problem is when people get a position they simply do not like to give it to others to manage. Their become like time members and abuse their position and the organisation never progresses.
    Just like what is happening by the current illegal regime who do not want to give power. I thought 8 years of rule is enough and economic indicators speak of their mismanagement and poor performance.
    Time for a change.

  11. I encourage some members of the Sanatan Dharm to take a good piece of guava stick to the backside of the executives of the organisation. the time for change will come sooner then expected!!

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