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THE Fiji Public Service Association is keeping its fingers crossed that all Fijian voters will make sensible and democratic decisions at the upcoming general elections.

Your choice matters

Siteri Sauvakacolo Sunday, March 16, 2014

THE Fiji Public Service Association is keeping its fingers crossed that all Fijian voters will make sensible and democratic decisions at the upcoming general elections.

This was the message by the FPSA general secretary Rajeshwar Singh at the association’s AGM at the Novotel, Suva Lami Bay yesterday.

“You will be among voters who will select a new government in a few short months,” he said.

“Your show of support will reinforce FPSA’s vision in helping other stakeholders to build a society free from poverty, free from discrimination and free from injustice.

“We wish to achieve equality which trade unions have worked long to attain. Can this vision become a reality? Yes, if we can work hard enough to realise it.”

Mr Singh said the association had lost many of its members.

“We lost many of our members in 20ll, about 1000 plus and then in 2013 we lost 540 members again from the National Fire Authority and Airports Fiji Limited.

“Right now we have only 3119 members compared to the 4000 members we had in 2011


35 thoughts on “THE Fiji Public Service Association is keeping its fingers crossed that all Fijian voters will make sensible and democratic decisions at the upcoming general elections.

  1. @Keep the Faith

    Indigenous racists Fijians like KTF above will clutch to any straw to try and get rid of the current rulers and get their racist party sdl cum sodelpa back into power.

    Once in power, their racism will turn their ugly head.

  2. I beg to differ. While I don’t support the regime and acknowledge they are no saints, the issue is that the opposition is the same old same old. What have MPC, Mick, rajeshwar singh, dutt, Baba and others done for the people for the past 7 years. Nothing except make a few noises but nothing concrete for the people.

    Some even helped themselves and filled in their pockets like MPC, rajeshwar singh, dan urai.

    It may very well turn out to be the best of the worst and PM will be re-elected. I based this also from my conversations with a lot of people. PDP will not get 3000 votesd from its members. Its leader Sivo may be educated but is not dynamic. She is a follower.

    Rural fijians will not vote for SDL or sodelpa. How can you ask them to vote for you if you will take their lease money back. Also, it has been reported a number of times tat Ro Temumu kepa had an affair with someone’s husband.

    For FLP, I will not say much as we will just have to wait for MPC’s case at the end of March.

    NFP, we may see them win 1 seat after almost 15 years. Yes, just 1 seat.

  3. Rajeshwar Singh has made lot of money from FPSA. He must be investigated by Fiji Independent Against Corruption. He has coluded with MANOJ an Indian national and made money on maintenance work on several FPSA owned properties. Rajeshwar Singh had formed a company with Manoj namely Extreme Construction & Furniture where he was a silent partner. Manoj was only class 6 educated.
    Rajeshwar Singh made recently $40,000 from the purchase of a wooden building for credit union for $495,000 through Rohit of R Hooker. This building is opposite FPSA head office. It was in the markert for $410,000.

    Rajeshwar Singh is a corrupted person and will never leave FPSA.

  4. Krishna Dutt should retire and join his family in Australia.Your time is over Mr Dutt. You all have filled your own pocket when you were with FTU and government. They are better people than you around.

  5. Rajeshwar Singh has attended several meetings of PDP. He even left MPC who gave him the position of at FPSA.

  6. Khayium should investigate these unionists who have made money for themselves and forgotten of the interest of members.
    The members are getting nothing compared to what Rajeshwar Singh earns.

  7. Khayium should make a decree so that people like Rajeshwar Singh and others should not be in the position for too long. Some the unionists have been in the position for over 15 years. Once people are for too long in power their become corrupted as evident in various unions in Fiji.

    Fiji needs a major clean of the unions. Perhaps this is only possible by Bainimarma government.

    All the assets of unions must be properly managed as these unionists are abusing by giving contracts and making commission from contractors and putting members at unnecessary burden.

  8. Pacific Plumbing did work for FPSA and at the same time they did work at Rajeshwar Singh’s place at Vuncakee Road, Namadi Heights. All paid by FPSA. I have heard this is always the case with the contractors who do work for FPSA. Most end up doing work at several properties owned by Rajeshwar Singh.

    Rajeshwar Singh is highly corrupted person.

  9. Rajeshwar Singh owns a property in Momi Bay which was transferred and all legal work was done by Nagin of Sherani. All paid by FPSA. Conflict of interest as Sherani is the lawyer for FPSA.

    Rajeshwar Singh bought a property together with Nagin at Wilkinson Road last year. Four staff of FPSA were seen cleaning the property during working hours on this property. An interview with the staff will reveal what is going at FPSA.

  10. Rajeshwar Singh gave several work to Manoj an Indian national to do maintenance work on several owned buildings. How can an Indian National be given such type of work over the locals.

    Manoj acted as a middle man about two years ago to purchase of a property at MARTINAR , Nadi for FPSA. Manoj was paid $10,000 and Rajeshwar Singh got $50,000. This property was owned by Lakan ( sports administrator) brother who resides in Canda,

  11. How can Rajeshwar SIngh’s fourth wife Devika ( formely wife of taxi driver) is seen driving FPSA owned vehicle HC 300 – discovery.
    Isn’t this abuse of members resources!

  12. @ Adi Torika: You claim I am indigenous and racist. If I were indigenous and I have just attacked a statement of another indigenous person ie Thicko and HIS indigenous boss Bainimarama, please remind me how that would be considered racist?

    As to your other comments on political parties, I will leave you to continue with your naive fishing expedition.

  13. Do not worry all these thugs who have earned money the corrupt way will have it go the same way. In case of Rajeshwar Singh the fourth wife is waiting for him to die so she can go back to the husband the taxi driver who is eagerly waiting for her return with the property and money that Rajeshwar Singh indirectly from the poor workers of the country.

  14. Government should come up with a decree where the same unionists cannot be in their position for more then 3 years.
    When they stay for too long then they abuse the funds of the union and personally build their own empire as evident in the case of Rajeshwar Singh at FPSA,,
    A clean up of the unions is long overdue. This is only possible by the Bainimarma government.

  15. The unionists continue to use the resources of the union for political parties. Rajeshwar has attended many meetings of PDP using unions time and resources.Ask the staff at FPSA.

  16. Krishna Dutt your PDP will be washed out at elections. You have nothing to contribute to the country. You are for your self interest. Time is over for you and someone has rightly said you go and retire and spend time with your family.

  17. How much union funds has been abused by Felix, Dan, Agni, Rajeshwar and Krishna Dutt over many years. All of them are actively involved and using respective union resources for PDP.

    Can the government investigate these unionists? We need a clean up of the unions from these people and it is only possible by this government.

    Go Mr Khayium and get them.

  18. No wonder Nirmal Singh left PDP. He would not tolerate these unionists who have no brain expect filling their own pockets with union funds and having a good time.

    What they have achieved for their members?

    Only table thumbing but no results!

  19. I suggest if these unionists got guts they should leave their luxury and well paid jobs which they never work for and stand in the election.

    I challenge Felix, Dan, Rajeshwar, Agni and others to join PDP and use your own funds then bark.

    Stop barking from outside abusing union funds and resources.

    You all need to go to prison for abusing union funds and resources for too long.

    Clean up of union must be done by Bainimarma and Khayium.

    Unionists have been a hindrance to development of Fiji’s economy and human resources.

    We need new people to lead various unions.

  20. Nirmal Singh can tell the public who are the unionists behind PDP. They must be reported to A.G. so abuse of union funds and resources is stopped.

  21. How much has Nagin of Sherani & Company made money with FPSA?
    Why public tender is not called for work done by FPSA?
    Is it true that the land transfer at Momi Bay for Rajeshwar Singh was done by Nagin of Sherani.& company.
    Where did the money come from?

  22. How much money was made by unionists like Felix and Rajeshwar Singh when they were in the board of FNPF.

    Felix Anthony and Rajeshwar Singh were instrumental in the funding of FNPF fund into Momi project where members of FNPF continue to loss million of dollars.

    Both made million of dollars in this failed and over budgeted project as they were paid bribes by contractors to get it going!.

  23. union leaders in fiji as a rule can no longer be regarded as champions of the working class and the power and downtrodden. Most of them are trade union aristocrats who caricature the capitalists and the private sector CEOs.
    they are a far cry from the trade union leaders who originally fought for the rights of the workers and the poor.

  24. Anon

    You are true. The unionists hardly fight for the rights of workers and the poor.They are simply having a nice time with huge salary, driving in 4 wheel , overseas trip, etc. The members have not got NOTHING from the investment in properties by using members fund.

    However the unionists collude with contractors to make more money.

    Their has to be a really clean up of the unions in Fiji. All these old unionists who have spend their life in union must be removed.

  25. I wonder what are the qualification of Felix, Rajesh, Agni and others.
    Is it justified for them to earn such a huge salary and benefits with the qualification they have?
    The members must have better return from the unions especially from the assets they own.
    The government must look at the activities and assets of the unions as their is no proper independent accountability into the members assets..

  26. Why Rajeshwar Singh did not invite Mahen Chaudhry to be the chief guest?
    It would be interesting to know the reasons!

  27. Whatever Chaudhry is the one who build FPSA and was a fighter for the workers and poor.

    What was the reason for Krishna Dutt to be invited when he never contributed anything towards FPSA!

    FPSA or Rajeshwar Singh seems to be actively involved with PDP where Krishna Dutt is a member.
    This is against the decree and does not allow unions to be be involved with political parties and must be investigated by the government.


  29. 3 men in custody for alleged rape and robbery of tourist

    Three men who allegedly raped a tourist in Rakiraki last week appeared in the Tavua Magistrates Court today.

    Jale Fatiaki, Pita Natekuru and Ilaitia Nalawa charged with rape, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery have been remanded in custody.

    The three are between 21 and 32 years of age.

    It is also alleged that the three robbed the couple who were in their room around 11pm last Monday.

    The matter has been transferred to the Lautoka High Court where it will be called on the 1st of April.

  30. Why did the Police fail to investigate and charge those responsible for the torture of highly publicised escaped prisoners and recent torture to death of locked up prisoner as Narayan says below:

    Fiji Times

    Police probe own
    Shayal Devi
    Monday, March 17, 2014
    SOME police officers in Lautoka are under investigation for allegedly assaulting a minor who was taken in as a suspect in a theft case.
    While ordering a full scale investigation into the alleged assault, the Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan warned there was no room in the Fiji Police Force for officers who abuse their powers.
    “I will not tolerate any of my officers taking the law into their own hands,” said Mr Narayan.
    “I take all complaints against my officers seriously and in the event where there is a criminal breach, they will face the full brunt of the law.
    “In cases where police officers breach the procedures and practices they will be dealt with severely internally through our disciplinary process.”
    Mr Narayan said the uniform a police officer wore did not gave them unlimited powers to do as they pleased and they must work within the confines of the law.
    “I will ensure all police officers uphold the law and a full scale investigation in the alleged abuse has been ordered.
    “Incidents such as this are the reason why I had re-established the Internal Affairs Unit to investigate such matters against our own officers,” he said.
    The police force’s Internal Affairs Unit was re-established to deal with complaints against police officers

  31. the police can only act “boldly” against a minor and ordinary civilians who have no political clout. they are no show when it comes to taking action against regime thugs.
    in fact they are now only doing the bidding of these thug rulers as the arbitrary arrest and persecution of the union people show.

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