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More Fluf and Honors for the Dictator

Bainimarama promoted to Rear Admiral

By AVINESH GOPAL Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update: 5:18PM FORMER military commander Voreqe Bainimarama has been promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral on his retirement.

As Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau made the announcement a short while ago.

The promotion recognises the Prime Minister’s 39 years of distinguished service in the RFMF and his contribution to the nation, an Information Ministry statement said.

“I would like to thank Rear Admiral Bainimarama for that service and wish him well in civilian life,” said Ratu Epeli in the statement.


4 thoughts on “More Fluf and Honors for the Dictator

  1. Only in Fiji eh – where one is no longer (supposedly) a member of the armed forces, can one be bestowed with a ranking like Idi Amin used to hand out to himself.

    This week hmmmm … perhaps I can be Rear Kernal ? Next week, I will become Field Commandant. Yes! Thats it – call Sergeant Thicko in here NOW !

    Woilei – this just goes from the blimey ridiculous to the crickey what next scenario !

    Well for one thing, the Nation of Fiji is no longer being fooled.

    Taxi !

  2. Fiji has truly become a Banana Republic. This kind of nonsense is a hallmark of of such a State .
    You don’t have to earn an award or a higher ranking You can get one if you suck up big time to the dictator. And of course the dictator can ACQUIRE whatever award and titles he wants to.
    That has become the way in the Banana Republic of Fiji.

  3. Another way of stealing more money – promote himself to Rear Admiral and award himself an increased pay without merit! All done at the acquiescence of the corrupt civil service who have all been given a pay rise too without merit. Fiji tax payers are really being taken for a ride! The ransacking of the public purse by this Bainikaiyum administration just keeps happening as if there is no tomorrow for Fiji!

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