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While he keeps getting paid under the counter by Auntie Nur he has no right to claim he is being transparent and not hiding his earnings.

Bainimarama calls claims lies, says gets less than some public servants

The Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, yesterday refuted claims he receives $1.2 million salary a year. He said some politicians had been going around, spreading lies about him and claiming that he was earning $1.2 million for being minister for several ministries. He is Minister for Itaukei Affairs, Public Service, Information, Finance, Lands and Sugar. Yesterday he clarified his salary during a talanoa session at Kalabu High School. He was there to open the new telecentre. During the talanoa session he said that some politicians had been going around telling the people that he was getting a salary of $1.2 million. He said this was a lie.


27 thoughts on “While he keeps getting paid under the counter by Auntie Nur he has no right to claim he is being transparent and not hiding his earnings.

  1. He holds the key to the lies spun around him. If he does not want the lies, the best thing to do is publish all his earnings and assets since he illegally took over. That will settle the matter once and for all! He should not blame others but himself for this furor. Tell the illegally contracted accounting firm of Aunty Nur to publish all!

  2. But wait – when he finally “reveals all” , do ya REALLY think he will tell the truth ?


    He doesn’t know what the meaning of this word is, so mired down that he has become in untruth’s and whoppers he now believes is his ‘truth’.


  3. Frank Bainimarama is the biggest liar we have had in our post independent history. It ‘s a lie that he is”the Prime Minister”. He is the usurper. He is a con artist masquerading as “the Prime Minister”, He is the “Thug Ruler” of Fiji.
    Blaming others has become a habit for him.

  4. Are the people of Fiji entitled to know what their Prime Minister – even an illegal one – is getting by way of salary?
    That is the question.
    Now the accompanying question is why has the salary not made public?
    what kind of transparent, accountable governance is that?
    when he carried out his “clean – up” coup didn’t this scum promise a clean, corruption free government .
    that clearly has not happened, has it?
    what a liar!

  5. I know why “the Prime Minister” is not revealing his salary : It’s a private matter!
    The public have no right to know how much he is thieving.

  6. Listening to tagivetaua 2000fm in Sydney this morning , I can sense that tagivetaua and sakaraia Vuki are two cock sucker of bainimarama….

  7. Tagivetaua , Vakaevei mo dou veitauri kau mada o iko, s vuki, Rarasea kei Ratu rala… Dou sa vakabauti bainimarama tu vakacava? Dou mataboko tiko beka, o koya Na daulaba, coup maker Ni 2000, and has blood in is hand..

  8. I cant see why all this people are talking eel about Bainimarama, when it has been proved that they are all liars, everything spurted out by this thugs against Bainimarama are liars.Words cannot defeat the actions of Frank meaning the service delivery to the people which this man has given,surely all the votes will go his way no matter what you say or think

  9. All the assistance such as free education etc,etc is a borrowed money, our children and we enjoy now, but who will pay with all this loan money in future … The bottom line is that bainimarama is a thief, lier, murderer and the list goes on….

  10. Bainimarama reveal your salary and allowance received from.2007 to 2014. Including the 200k leave pay you stole chor.

  11. For you people supporting bainimarama/khaiyum regime.. What this two thugs are they doing is to get support from vulnerable people such as you so that they can justify the crime they committed and get away with it until they die…. What we anti regime wants is for this two thugs to be arrested and taken to court and locked up for life or rot in jail…

  12. If it’s proved he is actually earning $200,000 per year all the dumb haters are going to love the man

  13. The fucken dickhead pm of Fiji is not qualified to be pm, can’t even speak properly on tv and radio. Sa laurai I tebe Ni gusuna Na lasu kei Na lawaki ca……

  14. Mack people hate Bai because he is an illegal pm who has been rooting your arse, no wonder u cannot tell right from wrong.

  15. To the people of Fiji , during my term as commander , I will make sure that election is free and fair and I will make sure that the election office carry out their duties deligently and not listening to this conman lawyer and attorney general aiyaz khaiyum. It was brought before during on our defunct military council the influence of khaiyum on bainimarama mindset, but I will make sure that this election will be free and fair. May god bless Fiji

  16. Bainimarma and Khayium are hoodwinking the people of Fiji. The two are biggest white collar thug in Fiji and must be prosecuted.
    It is simple why these two cannot declare their salary?
    Why aunty Nur is processing the pay?
    How much is aunty Nur being paid since 2006?
    Who much aunty Nur was paid for the restructure of Rewa Dairy? $500,000 for a simple report?Why was not a public tender called?
    How much much was Khayium paid for this?
    Why they are using government resources for their political ambition?

    Wake up people of Fiji and say remove the thugs.

  17. Lighten up people. Bai is so deluded he believes his lies are true as blue. Even the Military believes his lies. Its as if Bai and the Military,the cronies are all hypnotised by ASK and the muslim elites, CJ Patel with their Sir Lankan mobs, Tappoo etc.Dont rule out that theory.

  18. Bainimarma and Khayium have Swiss bank account.
    This is where they were paid commission for the purchase of Fiji Airways aircraft.
    How much china railway pay for the road works as commission?
    How much chinese paid for prime land next to Garden City to Bai/ Khayium?
    Why public tender was not called for the land next to Garden City?

  19. I work for the judiciary. Sri Lankans judges and magistrate are having holiday in Fiji.In the weekends they get together and are having nice time on resorts and hotels with their families.
    Most civil cases are pending for judgement for over two years. They deliberately make delays to justify the extension of their contracts.
    Why can’t they make quick judgement?

  20. @ Brigadier of Crooks Mosese Tikoitoga –

    The problem is that you stand for the wrong constitution! You are protecting a constitution that gives immunity for thugs and criminals and power for you to overthrow government. Who said for you to be the guardian of Fiji’s democracy – Frank and Kaiyum? Don’t come and con us with your lies about holding free and fair election!

  21. you thugs from the Fijian military can never be “the guardian of Fiji’s democracy”. you lot are like Ali Baba and his band of thieves.

  22. So be it but we will do away with selfish people like Temumu and remember Frank has just been promoted to Admiral of the Fiji army a reward for his commitment and vision

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