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What! ………..No promised weekly poll from the Fiji Sun this week.


22 thoughts on “What! ………..No promised weekly poll from the Fiji Sun this week.

  1. Fiji Sun has never been an independent newspaper. It is owned by C J Patel and with Ajit ( Sri Lankan) the main boy at C J Patel and being chairman of FIRCA, FNPF and the person behind bringing Sri Lankans in Fiji.
    For these reasons Fiji Sun has become the mouthpiece for illegal regime.Fiji Sun has no media ethic and so does it’s journalist.
    CJ Patel group of companies must be investigated for evading tax as Sandeep Patel resides in Sydney and gives direction. This is how these Guji’s have made money in Fiji.
    C J Patel acquired Rewa Dairy through Nur Bano ( consultant for restructure) and paid Khayium to buy Rewa Dairy. It is interesting to note that Rewa Dairy now enjoys duty free entry of powered milk while other companies pay 32% on importation.

  2. Can Fiji Sun tell the people of Fiji how much money they have earned from Government since 2006 for government advertisement?

  3. Bainimarma’s salary – $1.3 million , per day $3620
    Khayium’s salary – $1.3 million, per day $3620

    Got about FNPF contribution each of them get ??

    Average salary of a worker in Fiji – $16.80 per day.

    Can Fiji Sun do investigate journalism on these two thugs?

    Forgot about the other fringe benefits! vehicle etc etc

    Kickbacks from chinese contractors??

  4. Thank heavens.

    There are only a few ways you can propagandize the lie that Bainimarama has already won the elections before people start waking up to the swindle.

  5. The only true survey is the Ghai Commission Constitution where the constitution formulated from wide consensus of the community, 7000 genuine submissions submitted with the report which so you can read, overwhelmingly rejected the regimes ideas on what kind of Fiji they wanted

  6. People of Fiji wake up to the reality what is happening by Bai and Khayium.They are simply filling their pockets.

  7. Fiji Sun can do some fair reporting.
    Advise the people of Fiji what was the national debt in 2006 and what is it now?
    Do some investigate journalism.

  8. “” 50% live below poverty line during Bai’s rule! “”

    At least that’s better than the 60% before, but still room for improvement.

  9. “” Average salary of a worker in Fiji – $16.80 per day.””

    Are you talking about the average of 100 lowest paid workers in Fiji?

  10. The res no question about salary Frank has proved himself to the people He deserves to be paid more than these thugs are anticipating

  11. What is all this promotion to Rear Admiral for???? Sounds all comical for a tinpot dictator in a dilapidated Navy of a poor country which can hardly afford to look after its starving jobless squatter populations. A murderous, lying, treasonous, torturer..adds more medals on his chest for self pride…has never been to a conflict engagement …and only conflict experienced was escaping from assasin attackers into a cassava plantation badly soiling his trousers.

    Bainimarama promoted to Rear Admiral
    Fiji Times
    Saturday, March 15, 2014

    Update: 5:18PM FORMER military commander Voreqe Bainimarama has been promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral on his retirement.


  12. Mack

    Bainimamrma is nothing more than a thug and has committed treason.He did the coup not to clean but to fill his pocket. Is the daughter really qualifed to be the CEO for Fiji Sports Council. How much was she paid for the renovation of ANZ National Stadium?

  13. Why the PS are getting over $220,000 per annum when half the population are living in POVERTY.

  14. Premilla Kumar was siting next to AG. wearing “green” color.She is trying to please him with the Muslim green color on consumer day. Did AG see her fingers? Even man do not have this type of fingers.Did you see the make up!

  15. Bainimarama promoted to Rear Admiral. Is it because he collected all that stuff in his rear when he made the cassava patch dash?
    The farce continues in the dictatorship.

  16. It is so sad that people are just in the common interest of degrading one another.If we want a good, better Fiji, than let the people decide when we all vote.Let Frank finish his term and will see, how good and worse the next government be.

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