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We can now go to the Commonwealth Games.

CMAG partially lifts Fiji’s suspension from Commonwealth

Updated at  6:51 am today


The 43rd Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group meeting in London has announced that Fiji’s full suspension from the Commonwealth can now be changed to suspension from the councils of the Commonwealth.

The move means Fiji can once again participate in a range of Commonwealth activities, including the Commonwealth Games.

In a statement, CMAG says the decision was in recognition of progress made in Fiji towards holding national elections by September.

The group welcomed the promulgation of a new constitution, the enrolment of more than 540,000 voters; the establishment of an independent Electoral Commission; and the commencement of a dialogue between the Commission and political stakeholders.

CMAG also looked forward to the early appointment of a Supervisor of Elections and the issuance of an Elections Decree and the legal framework for elections.

The group also stressed the importance of continuing improvements to human rights, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms, including of the media, expression, association and assembly.

It also encouraged Fiji to invite international observation of the election.

The Group also welcomed the relinquishment by Frank Bainimarama of his role as Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group further reaffirmed its commitment to Fiji’s full reinstatement as a member of the Commonwealth, through the restoration of constitutional civilian democracy following credible elections later this year.



7 thoughts on “We can now go to the Commonwealth Games.

  1. The British High Commissioner to Fiji tells us that the Crimean referundum to be held on Sunday will not ” be free and fair. The vote will be illegitimate.” (Fiji Times 15/3) He questions ” How can a ballot held in the shadow cast by the presence of armed Russian troops, in a region under military occupation, be anything else?”
    I agree.
    By the same token how can a country which is under a military government which installed itself in power after the armed military overthrow of the lawful government be trusted to conduct a free and fair election?
    The ballot in Fiji will be in the shadow cast by the presence of the military regime, won’t it?
    Shouldn’t the international community have required an interim civilian administration takeover the preparation and conduct of the elections to give it a better chance of being credible?
    Just thinking aloud because I am aware “the international community” does things quite selectively.

  2. “” Shouldn’t the international community have ‘required’ an interim civilian administration takeover the preparation and conduct of the elections to give it a better chance of being credible? “”

    Now that has to be the dumbest statement of 2014 so far !!!

    Does this idiot really think it’s the job of other countries to tell Fiji what to do with respect to an election when it’s population have made no objections. Obviously thinking out loud from his ass.

  3. The international community has paid no attention to the call made by many civil society groups in Fiji for an interim government to takeover from the military government to ensure the election is free and fair.
    The international community just wants an election to take place . That is the kind of superficial commitment to democracy we have come to expect from the international community.
    Many fancy conventions and protocols and declarations but no real spine and no moral compass to ensure parties stick to them.

  4. what rajend naidu says makes very good sense.
    Crimea is under siege by the Russian military – so no free and fair and legitimate ballot can take place there as the British HC has stated.
    Fiji is still under siege by the Fijian military regime which grabbed power in a coup. So no free and fair ballot can take place under it.
    that’s fairly simple and straightforward.
    Only a dumb ass will fail to understand that.

  5. Obviously Anon you can not read. There’s one hell of a big difference between someone giving an opinion that a free and fair election can not take place under such conditions than an idiot suggesting other countries can ‘REQUIRE’ it to do so.

    Think about it otherwise you just make an idiot of yourself, as RN.

  6. stop being an idiot and look what “REQUIRE” means .
    “other countries” and international bodies are always requiring countries to conduct themselves according to acceptable norms of international behaviour and in accordance with the international protocols they have ratified.
    Russia is being required to do that by the international community. It of course is not heeding the call.
    In the case of Fiji with regard to requiring an interim government to take the country to elections such a call has not been made. by the international community.
    Why not?
    Idiots need not bother to answer.

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