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Making sure we never see the true state of the nation until it is too late.

Dissolution query

Nasik Swami Saturday, March 15, 2014

THE dissolution of the Public Accounts Committee is unsatisfactory and the government is not being truthful about its finances, says Social Democratic and Liberal Party leader, Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa.

In her response to the announcement by government that the current Public Accounts Committee had been dissolved as a prelude to the resumption of Parliament after the general election, Ro Teimumu said the committee played an important role.

“What the committee has been doing has been unknown to the public,” she said.

Ro Teimumu said the committee had an important role to play in terms of looking after the public accounts which is about government’s spending.

“We hardly have any idea but we are seeing the expenditure that government has in the past few years.”

She said the decision to dissolve the Public Accounts Committee raised some questions as to what the genuine reason for the dissolution was at this time when the committee needed to come forward with its findings.


4 thoughts on “Making sure we never see the true state of the nation until it is too late.

  1. The committee is unable to maintain its integrity with the shit that bainikaiyum has piled over the years. It is too heavy and smelly for them to handle! There will be a period of shit slinging after this when all will come to light. The truth cannot be concealed forever! The grave mess this regime has piled for Fiji to address in years ahead will slowly unveil itself. Who gave Frank authority to loan money from the Chinese? How was the money used? Was it all used for development purpose? What benefits did bainikaiyum get in the cause of obtaining funds from overseas donors? Is Fiji really accountable for the debts that Frank accumulated in the period he illegally held power and is Fiji legally obliged to pay? All public financial records will have to be disclosed for people to see the integrity of thugs who have been holding Fiji hostage over these years!

  2. We should learn from NBF saga where the boat was sinking and those who saw the leaks kept quite.

    All military officers and those part of current military government must not be voted to power due to hiding of salaries , annual expendtures , overspending and breaches of financial rules.

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