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How Single Day Poll Works

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Subject to the electoral decree, Leyraud gives commissioners poll briefing

ROSI DOVIVERATA suva The Electoral Commissioners on Wednesday were shown a mock set-up of voting procedures expected to take place on polling day. European Union electoral consultant working with the Elections Office, Jerome Leyraud took the commissioners through the step by step process. Subject to the Electoral Decree that will be released next week, the following are some highlights from what we can expect during the single day poll.

– Polling stations to open at 7.30am

– Polling stations to close at 5pm –

The presiding officer is in charge of the overall running of a polling station

– The ballot boxes are expected to be translucent

– Ballot boxes are not to be left unattended, but to remain in the visual custody of the presiding officer

– After voting and counting, the ballot boxes are sealed and taken to the tallying centre

– At the tallying centre, the results from the polling station are uploaded by two officials (blind double entry)

– Police officers are to remain outside the polling station unless they are required by the presiding officer

– Voting is done manually at the polling station

– Counting is done manually at the station

– The media, electoral observers and party agents can stay in the polling area but a distance away from the area of verification and voting

– A national list of candidates will be made available to voters if they wish to review it

– Any discrepancies, if unsolved at the polling station will be recorded by the presiding officer and taken up with the Electoral Commission

– Copies of the protocol can also be scanned and put up on the official Elections Office website

– Results will be announced by polling stations

Possible bottlenecks:

– Finding the right name on the roll

– Depending on the size and design of the ballot paper, voters may take some time to make their choice

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6 thoughts on “How Single Day Poll Works

  1. Fiji must have an interim government to take Fiji to election.
    The election will otherwise will be rigged by Khayium.

  2. What is the position of the electoral commission regarding Bainimarma using government resources for his campaign?
    This cannot be allowed in a free and fair election.

  3. This seems back to front.

    The electoral commissioners who are already privy to the illegal & treasonous electoral decree are being stepped through a rudimentary process of elections — notwithstanding the fact that there will be far more pragmatic logistical complications that may not allow for the rigid 7:30 – 5pm opening times of polling booths.

    The regime and their crony commissioners need to be mindful that once their sham decree is out, there is no time for a second edit that only lends suspicion to their ineptitude (especially as they’re all inexperienced in electoral matters) and it is ultimately in their interest to let all stakeholders feed into the process and provide feedback.

    Having some expert from Europe who comes from a completely different context does not validate this process for voters either. It merely signals the ‘support’ of donors who will walk away from these elections with the sole objective of ensuring that their funds were used appropriately.

  4. @Dreu

    “” Where is the electronic voting machines to do the counting in this process “”

    Uh, nobody ever said there would be electronic voting and the consensus of those blogging seemed to be against any form of electronic system to vote.

  5. Free and Free Elections…? How was our elections in the past run..? Did an Interim Government was took us to Elections during the days of the Alliance reign ? Did SVT do the same, than came SDL …NO ! They were doing exactly the same thing as this current Government and they were enjoying it. Why the crying now !

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