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Swing voters wait to decide

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In the latest SUNPOLL it was reported that  the number of undecided voters unfamiliar with political parties dropped from 70 per cent to 50 per cent. This could be due to several reasons. Firstly, political parties like the People’s Democratic Party, Fiji Labour Party and National Federation Party have been been more visible through their weekly Fiji Sun political columns and conducted more public events with media coverage. One of the other reasons could be that the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has yet to announce the details of his political party. The term ‘swing voters’ is more common to the complex and unforgiving political landscape of the United States of America. These swing voters will be making up their minds in the next few months. It is imperative that parties offer clear choices. Dr Wadan Narsey and Nemani Delaibatiki offer two summaries of how Fijians will think (or how they could think) when it comes to voting choices. One commentator, William G. Mayer defined the swing voter concept. ‘‘In simple terms, a swing voter is, as the name implies, a voter who could go either way: a voter who is not so solidly committed to one candidate or the other as to make all efforts at persuasion futile.’’

-The writer is a managing editor at the Fiji Sun. Feedback:  josuat@fijisun.com.fj

26 thoughts on “Swing voters wait to decide

  1. Can Bai engage himself in public debate with other political party leaders? Probably not as he will expose his stupidity.

  2. Are you guys mad? In the US, it might well be true that swing voters decide the election outcome, in Fiji it will be Khaiyum, one way or the other.

  3. Its not about speakers but votes,come September you will be disappointed when Frank beats all those cheats of the past

  4. Anything coming out of The SunK is to be treated with scepticism.

    For instance this sentence just captures the whole farce of their polls:
    “Firstly, political parties like the People’s Democratic Party, Fiji Labour Party and National Federation Party have been been more visible through their weekly Fiji Sun political columns and conducted more public events with media coverage.”

    Crunch time is approaching isn’t it SunKies and the writing is on the wall? Thus they will use everything they can offer to up their circulation stats before their umbilical cord to the national coffers is severed.

  5. The only way Bai will win is by rigging.If he got guts then form an interim government to take Fiji to election.
    Khayium will rig the election.

  6. i taukei will vote for SOPEDLA. Hindus will vote for FLP/ NFP.
    Bai will get Muslim votes as this community is the one who have greatly benefited from the illegal regime.

  7. People of Fiji do not want KHAYIUM. He is the destroyer of i taukei.
    He must be taken to court and charged for treason.
    The Bai/ Khayium constitution is illegal. It does not reflect the wishes of the people but has been pushed on the people of Fiji.

  8. Fiji Sun and it’s staff be aware we will destroy your business because you are giving false information/ news to the people of Fiji. You should be independent .Bainimarma will not be there for life!

  9. Mack

    Tell your thug leader Bai if he got the guts appoint an interim government and have a free and fair election.

  10. Mack

    You are dreaming people will not vote him. Bai has no guts to have a free and fair election. He has committed murder, and treason on his people.

  11. As EyeArse’s ban on prayers in Govt schools bite against Bainimarama’s approval leading to election, how the Fiji Sun is doing fence mending by reporting Bhai’s prayers with school kids:

    PM Prays With Kids

    MAIKA BOLATIKI. Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday recited a prayer to the students of Kalabu High School and called it “A Prayer for Fiji.” This was the same prayer given at the presidential assent of the new Constitution last September, he said. “It is a prayer that can be recited by every Fijian irrespective of […]

    This is political propaganda and damage control against the uproat against EyeArse’s ban on prayers in schools..who on earth is he a Muslim banning prayers in Fiji where Chriatians are majority??



  12. Bai and Khayium must be tried in the International Criminal Court of Justice.All their and family assets must be frozen. Bai and Khayium have account in Swiss Bank and Malaysia where they have been paid for the commission on leasing of Fiji Airways aircraft and other commission.

  13. Why Bainimarma and Khayium cannot declare their salary of $1.3 million?
    Why the salary is processed by Nur Bano ( aunty of illegal AG Khayium?
    Why the PS are paid over $220,000 when other civil servants are paid so low?
    Is the illegal regime really transparent and accountable to the people of Fiji?

  14. Bainimarma will rig the election. Otherwise another coup by Bai! Bai cannot win fair and square.

  15. In my conversations with indians, particularly the hindu majority, they say they will vote for the current govt as MPC/flp misled them.

    Frank gave them security and stability.

    How can sodelpa and flp work together when they were at each others throat.

    All hindu businessmen will vote for frank and fiji is dominated by hindu business people. Not muslims or others faiths.

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