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PM must reveal his salary to the people – Chaudhry


Publish date/time: 13/03/2014 [17:06]

Fiji Labour Party Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry is calling on the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to reveal his salary to the people rather than attacking other politicians contesting this year’s general elections.

Chaudhry said he is not bothered by Commodore Bainimarama’s comments that the FLP Leader is behaving like a chameleon after a confirmation that the Labour Party, SODELPA and the National Federation Party are talking about a possible coalition after the elections.

Chaudhry said the three parties will work together despite the differences in the past.

Commodore Bainimarama said the leader of the Labour Party who is well known for his chameleon behavior simply to stay in power at all costs is in bed with the very people he accused of being racist and corrupt only a few years ago.

He said it beggars belief that these old politicians can regard ordinary Fijians as being so stupid to see this alliance as anything more than a total sham.

Story by: Vijay Narayan


37 thoughts on “PM must reveal his salary to the people – Chaudhry

  1. Bainimarma and Khayium are each paid $1.3 million in salary. The salary is processed by Nur Bano (Khayium’s aunty).
    Why the salary cannot be processed by Ministry of Finance?
    Forgot about other benefits – V8 top of the range Toyota Land Cruiser – GP256 and not forgetting two 4 wheel drive always following etc etc.
    Bainimarma and Kahyium have earned about $10 million each in salary for the last 8 years.This does not include the FNPF contribution.
    An average person in Fiji earn about $120 per week.
    These two are the biggest thugs in the history of Fiji and must be tried in a criminal court law.They are robbing the nation.

  2. Another prisoner tortured TO DEATH in prison and officers blame the death on Dengue fever.

    Authorities here in Police and Military care less about human lives as they did to the elderly lady from CANADA VISITING fIJI

    A healthy looking Viliame Tawake before going to prison.

    Families of Mr Tawake said that the injuries on his face and body are inconsistent with what the Authorities are claiming as the cause of death.

    A CONVICTED inmate who died in his prison cell on Sunday 02nd of March and buried last Saturday 8th of March at the Nasinu Cemetry has been claimed to have been severely beaten due to injuries found on his body.

    The deceased Viliame Tawake, 38, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment by Magistrate Chaitanya Lakshman on January 18 this year.

    Tawake’s wife, Makarita Maria, told Fiji Times that what saddened her most was that those responsible for her husband’s welfare at the Suva Corrections Centre did not try to contact her when her husband was ill.

    “Sa rui rarawa valevu na yaloqu ni sega ni dua me bau qiriti au mai, ni ratou tukuna ni a kau i valenibula o koya,” Ms Maria said (I am so disappointed that the prison officers did not try and contact me because they said they took him to the hospital).


    Ms Maria said she was only notified of her husband’s death on Monday morning by three officers who visited her home in Raiwasa to convey the news.

    She said the officers told her her husband was taken to hospital on Friday and Saturday but was only given ORS and that he could have died of dengue fever.

    Claims received by Kacivaka Na Dina from his relatives said that the injuries seen on his face and body were inconsistent with what the Authorities are claiming to have been the cause of death.

    “The injuries clearly showed that Vili was severely beaten. They said that he died from dengue fever but he’s body was badly bruised and the family had to change his orange overalls with his body bits stuck to it”, said a family member who wished to remain anonymous.

    The Fiji Times reported the death in it’s Saturday edition where Ms Maria said her two daughters had visited her husband on a Saturday two weeks ago and he appeared fine.

    The family members are still waiting for the post mortem report.

    The photos supplied below shows assault marks on the deceased, Viliame Tawake’s face

  3. hahaha mahen takes the cake. first reveal how much collected from donations and where funds from india originated, you $3m chor. do not bullshit money was for you. you raised money under false pretences, in the name of coup victims and poor farmers. nobody you used trickery. you used us. we did not vote for you to go with begging bowl in hand to line your pockets. your family already wealthy you selfish pig. you betrayed indian community by cunningly posing as saviour while feathering you nest. you are a shameless bastard. Chaudhry khandan (clan) is a haraami khandan.

  4. Why doesn’t MPC reveal the salary himself of PM as he was minister for finance.

    While I am not a IG supporter, I do agree that MPC should rest and the best place for him to relax is at naboro hotel.

    This guy fooled the indians. He supported the coup. Said LQ is racist and is now buttering Sodelpa.

    I hope people will not forget nor forgive this coniving chor.

  5. Chaudhry was elected democratically by the people of Fiji.He has the mandate to speak on behalf of the people. Bainimarma and Khayium are illegally doing everything in Fiji for last 8 years. These two should be in prison.Who gave the mandate to ran the country?

  6. Chaudhry was gifted by the people of India.The money was never for the people of Fiji.Get this verified from Indian authorities and solve the problem once for all.

  7. What is the national debt now and in 2006?
    Now the national debt is $ 7 billion.
    The country’s economy is all time low with no quality foreign investment.
    12,000 young people remain without job whilst thugs earn over million dollar.

  8. There are some mad people here justifying money was given to mahen. people are starving in streets of India. you think indian govt will give millions to one individual? No way. Such an obscene sum of money can only be obtained though deceptive and corruptive means. Even so, what is so special about mahen? Why should he be the only one to receive the money – from india of all places? was he the only one who suffered in the coup? what about others who suffered more than him? what about others who are poorer than him? If money was for mahen, then all this time he was using people to enrich himself and his family while giving false impression he was fighting for people. . The greedy pig not only took from the poor and starving of India, he also denied poor and destitute in Fiji. what a shameless bastard. As they say in hindi asli neech khandaan (really low down family ).I hope he rots in jail.

  9. Why cant this chor TELL us how much Frank was getting as interim PM and chor as Finance Minister – that would be the first step for us but for some reason these chor bastard is not saying a word about his salary – maybe he was getting huge amount from Aunty bano as a reward for joining Fran;s cabinet

    Ignore the chor for his rantings! If I were him, I would make out I have got heart attack and hide in australia, for Frank will send him to naboro hotel to be massaged by the sex-starved boys inside

  10. The biggest fear of Bai and Kaiyum is revealing their salaries. They know people will be really unhappy with the high salaries they are paying themselves. The biggest thieves in the country.

  11. if you took Bai and Kai’s weight before the coup and you take it now you will find they have grown fat on the public funds they have pinched.

  12. People lacking in transparency are NOT truthful people. In this day and age- character matters more then just Policy.

  13. I am paid much less than PS of all our Govt Ministries,is that okay with you, even though I have committed my self to so many other roles in order to reschedule our new way forward which should be about delivery to the Fijian people.I hope you have read me loud and clear………Roger that

  14. In his letter to the smh (14/3) Mark Porter tells us
    “Elizabeth Farrelly’s article (smh 13/3) leads me to ask how we have arrived at this point where principled politics has become an oxymoron.It is easy to accuse our politicians of being hypocritical and unprincipled. However, we only get the politicians we elect, and God help us, they are the ones we deserve. They hold to us a reflection of what we have become”.
    What Mark says might be true for a democracy where the people get the politicians they elect and probably deserve.
    That clearly is not the case in a dictatorship where the people do not elect the politicians. The politicians impose themselves on the people and self-appoint themselves as their rulers and govern them without their consent.
    Clearly in such a case the people do not deserve the politicians they get. They have to suffer such politicians who do not lend themselves to any democratic accountability, transparency and public scrutiny. They rule by decree and ride roughshod over the will of the people.
    Any example of this kind of rule and this kind of politicians come to mind?
    (Aside : A question for Mareko Vuli of Sydney. Have you noticed any of the current crop of un- elected politicians on a gravy train ride for the past 7 years?
    Perhaps not. It is not uncommon for people to see only selectively. Thus Mareko Vuki has apparently only noticed the politicians who were taking a ride on the gravy train in the past.(Fiji Times 14/3). Somehow he has managed not to notice the gravy train ride on which the present lot of un- elected political leaders have been on for the past 7+ years. I wonder why?

  15. @Macky Mackeral

    Those words uttered by a serial liar like Papa Pig is worth shit. Evidence of the amount he receives as salary all these years is what is required to put that allegation to rest. Not too difficult to do unless he has got something to hide.

  16. Mack someone should sink some really big stuff in your mouth. Do you hear that? Say yes sir!

  17. @ Ratu She.

    First you guys get your evidence of my man VB being paid over $1 million.

    You guys made so much noise on this so the onus is on you.

    My man has made it loud and clear that he is paid less than PSs while at the same time being responsible for alot of Ministries so Fiji can use its monies on the poor of this nation.

    My man VB cares for the poor and has come up with schemes like free education, free bus fare, food voucher assistance for the elderly poor, etc to help the poor of our nation.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  18. nabua arse what evidence are u talking about? The thief is not being paid through the treasury.

  19. why can’t Bainimarama reveal the salary if he is honest?
    well that’s the problem, isn’t it?
    the man is not honest
    he is dishonest.
    he is a liar
    he is a thug.

  20. @Macky Mackeral aka Nabua Prick

    The people do not need evidence, its Papa Pig who needs to provide evidence because he is the one pocketing public fund, more so when is paying himself. He was never elected to the post but acquired it by force.

    So get your fricken idea together.

  21. Ratu ass your words doesn’t make any sense at all,those elected few would not go back to their positions as elected people because the outside world has seen the truth and have endorsed Frank and his ideology

  22. A sure way to corroborate Frank’s salary is for someone to leak his FNPF contributions and balance, and salary slips after he came into power. Come on man, some one just do it under anonymity, we will not bother tracing it!!!

    Otherwise he can easily get his pufter PS Finance to fabricate his salary slip and get the banks to use client confidentiality to withhold information from queries with his banks. Similarly he will force the incoherent and incompetent FNPF execs like CEO – Taito or GM Nagataleka to shield any information.

  23. @ Ratu She.

    First you guys get your evidence of my beer V,B.

    You guys made so much noise on this so the shout is on you.

    My beer has made it loud and clear that it is paid less than PiSs while at the same time being responsible for alot of Ministers so Fiji can use its cronies on the poor of this nation.

    My beer VB cares for the poor and has come up with schemes like win free education, free bus fare, food voucher assistance for the elderly poor, etc to help the poor of our nation. Collect 50 empty cartons.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever beer. Viti Bitter

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