Electoral Decree by next week

17:06 Wed Mar 12, 2014


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Edwin Nand

The Electoral Decree will now be out by next week.

The regulations which will govern the September polls, were initially expected to be released last week.

Electoral Commission Chairman Chen Bunn Young says the delay is due to ongoing discussions with the Solicitor General’s Office.

“It provides for new things and as a commission when we look at it, the Decree has to bring about a fair and credible election. So we made our comments, and there was an exchange back and forth. They came back for clarifications, they asked why we were making this particular comment on this particular section. There was dialogue back and forth.”

Young also confirms there will be progress with the appointment of an Elections Supervisor by the end of this month.


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  1. Mr Young please make sure a caretaker Govt takes over from the illegal Regime to ensure dodgy use of Govt resources for political campaigns and unfair assistance by Bainimarama. Right now as PM he is making open and irresponsible use of official duties to proclaim and proclaim political policies using Govt resources and PM position.

    Its not only Election rules bit what the Govt should adhere to as they are the ones to be roped in as they have access to Govt resources and have clowns as heads of Ministries and in influential positions.

  2. Good Mr Young and there is no way the people of Fiji will be voting for the past ,now we have a new way which is plotted by Frank and there is no turning back.Goodby Temumu

  3. The illegal & treasonous regime and their cohorts get to bounce around and discuss the critical rules for the elections as if they’re the only beings that are going to be involved.

    Where, pray tell, is the public oversight component of this process because there is a major trust deficit with anything that Khaiyum and his cronies (like Bunty) touch.

  4. EyeArse makes laws at random without proper process such as reported in Fiji Leak “On 7 March Fijileaks revealed an e-mail that was sent to Suva Grammar School banning it from holding Christian prayers.

    Now, Aiyaz Khaiyum claims that the email from the Education Ministry dated January 28, 2014 on devotions and prayers in public and religious schools which purports to provide legal advice on the Constitution and Education Act is misleading and incorrect.

    The content was not cleared from the Solicitor General’s Office. The quicker we get rid of this illegal Govt the better we will be..this idiotic AG relative of Egyptian Morsi, thinks he will he wants to sneak in the interests interests of Muslims into a country where Christians are majority. He is illegally holding the AG post and displays all justifications for physical removal from power as his Muslim Brotherhood Morsi has experienced.

  5. @Macky Mackeral

    How can someone vote for the past? The past is history but people will be voting for a future government with current politicians or candidates.

  6. We read in the Fiji Times today (13/3)
    ‘PM: Fijians smarter’
    I agree but I don’t think that includes the PM.
    From his many public utterances since his takeover I must say I am not impressed with his intellectual prowess.
    I gather many others have made the same observation about him.

  7. The reason for the delay explains it all! Chen Bunn Young blames it on ongoing discussion with the Solicitor General’s Office. According to him –

    “It provides for new things and as a commission when we look at it, the Decree has to bring about a fair and credible election. So we made our comments, and there was an exchange back and forth. They came back for clarifications, they asked why we were making this particular comment on this particular section. There was dialogue back and forth.”

    Folks we can all see from this the effort they are putting in to try and make the election look credible! They already know that processes carried out to date do not follow proper democratic election procedures. It is the problem you wrestle with when you have a regime that wants to stay in power and blatantly influences election processes and commission that are supposed to be independent from its control. Is it really a free, fair and open election when you have a regime that is contesting the same election making up rules as you go along and demanding others to follow it without following it themselves? This is why the entire process is flawed and makes the election a circus more than anything else.

    The solicitor general might not be noticing this because of his closeness to this whole circus-like episode. However if he already knows, the fact that Chen Bunn Young is taking time to ‘DIALOGUE’ with him implies there is more behind the scene to it! One would rightly ask why has the challenge of making this election fair and credible become so huge overnight? Why has it taken so much time to discuss rules for the election? Is there something else going on that makes the electoral commission chairman and the solicitor general not see eye to eye?

    Elections are best left for an independent interim government to manage for the sake of credibility and fairness. The way Fiji is going about it is totally beyond rational democratic grounds. You have all the ingredients of a corrupt and dis-functional election setup that will not prove anything but rigging and foul play! The regime’s behavior speaks for itself and testifies this.

  8. the Electoral Commission is NOT independent. It is not operating as an independent entity. It is reduced to taking orders from the regime main boys like the Solicitor General who is nothing but a regime puppet. He is doing the bidding of the dictator and his right hand man Aiyaz Khaiyum.
    No credibility should be attached to the work of the electoral commission until it shows some spine.
    right now that is conspicuous by its absence.

  9. We read in the Guardian (12/3) under ‘Prince Charles letters: attorney general acted unlawfully,says senior judges’ that
    “Ruling in the court of appeal backs Guardian campaign to have letters to ministers released under freedom of information law.
    Three senior judges have ruled that Dominic Grieve,the attorney general acted unlawfully when he blocked the publication of the letters written by Prince Charles to government ministers.
    The ruling,led by Lord Dyson, the head of the civil judiciary of England and Wales, paves the way for the release of the letters which reveal how the prince lobbied government ministers to change official policies…”
    The ruling provides a good example of how an independent civil judiciary works.
    In the case under consideration the attorney general in England was found to have “acted unlawfully”.
    In Fiji the attorney general’s decisions cannot be challenged in court.
    I suppose we are to assume from that that the attorney general in Fiji is infallible.
    No wonder he is worshiped by some people in the Fiji military regime!

  10. Mack is a she, easily aroused by he bloggers. But no he likes her as she is smelly with Bai’s shit.

  11. Mack is the same pufter posting as Nabua Prick. His posts are basically nonsensical from being high on the fumes he keep breathing from Papa Pig’s rear.

  12. @ Ratu She.

    You really can’t do discourse analysis to identify that mack and I are two very different people???

    Hehehehehehe……………….. You blind little cock roach!!!

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