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We know for sure that this particular regime is unpopular among young people.

Fiji’s Sodelpa party urges young people to register for elections

Updated at  4:29 pm today

A political party in Fiji plans to start transporting young people to voter registration centres to boost youth enrolment for the elections.

The president of Sodelpa’s Youth Council, Pita Waqavonovono, says it’s discovered many young people have not yet registered to vote in the polls promised by September this year.

He says more than sixty percent of the population is estimated to be in the 18 to 35 age bracket so the young vote is important for those contesting the polls.

But Mr Waqavonovono says many don’t have the means to get to the town-based registration centres.

We’ve decided to actually start paying for young people to make their way down to town so we’re paying for buses to pick up young people and actually get them registered. This is the route that we now have to follow because we know for sure that this particular regime is unpopular among young people. I mean they’ve supressed the youth of this nation so many times.”

Pita Waqavonovono says Sodelpa’s also urging the Elections Office to go house to house to get people registered.

There are six registration offices around Fiji and 545,000 voters have registered so far.


6 thoughts on “We know for sure that this particular regime is unpopular among young people.

  1. This is true, young people hate Bainimarama.

    Regarding the fiasco in pulling together of Govt scholarship into one channel…ie no Ministry od Taukei Aff and no Multiethnis Aff Scholarships etc…….young people are suffering.

    A friend of mine is now studying at USP not knowing whether he will be granted a scholarship or not as he has been told that the scholarships have not been all sorted,….promised to be published in papers few weeks back but as yet the final recipients have not been sorted…..they are hanging in the air..waiting for EyeArse to sort out how to screw the Taukeis harder again via scholarship grants.

    It is making my friends and his mates fuming with Bainimarama.

    Good get the youths to register and while you are with them do discuss issues in Fiji that is hurting the youths and Fiji and how their choices at the polls can solve the corruption. mismanagement, lawlessness by the illegal Govt and Bai’s unaccountability (million dollars salaries etc), treason. murders, tortures, nepotism and the need to prosecute Bhai and his cohorts.

    Good luck.


  2. Vinaka Pita.I am Fijian Indian. My family will vote SOPEDLA. We are tired of false promises and the cost of living is so high in Fiji. We want long term peace in this country and will never support an illegal government. We hope SODELA will not be like illegal regime and support every citizen and give equal rights to everyone.

  3. Yes we must all learn to accept each other and look out for our common enemy..;like Bainimarama…he erodes away what is really important for everybody irrespective of race…..accountable democratic Govt, human rights and freedom of expression, equality under the law and the right to choose leaders and turf them out at the ballot box if we the public vote unanimously to do so.

    When I was born 60 years ago, differences between Indian and Fijians were big…I used to be scared of Indians…its stereotyping and vast differences in customs and culture….but now the gap has narrowed significantly. With all the developments around us that have forced us to mix, socializ,e work, study play sports and hang out together..its inevitable we will get closure. The future can only bring us together whether we like it or not. There are so many mixed marriages now….never saw that or heard about it in the 50s and 60s.

    Our common enemy now is military coup and BAINIMARAMA.

    Let us all vote for united parties and reject Bainimarama and his Party candidates.

  4. Manasa, your comments don’t make sense. First you said that we must learn to accept each other. Second, you spewed that 60 years ago the relationship gap between the Indians and the Fijians was big as you put it.

    If the above was what you meant, what does it mean to you when you see that same gap narrowing plus the vast developments that you have witnessed before your very eyes. There are so many mixed marriages. Isn’t that good for the Nations ?

    Use your bloody dick head before you write.

  5. Ameno reads his own meaning into everything he reads and the likes of him cannot grasp let alone understand what is being stated.

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