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South African private eye new police commisioner?

Like his announcement that Mosese Tikoitoga will be the new army chief, Frank Bainimarama has again taken to the airwaves to announce that the next Police Commissioner will be a South African. Is it General John George Fivaz, who was South African Police Commissioner from 1995 to 2000. He was appointed by the late president Nelson Mandela. Fivaz joined the police force in 1964 and holds a BAdmin degree, which he obtained from the University of the Orange Free State in 1976. In 2000 he stepped down to make way for a first black police commissioner. Fivaz has been running a private investigation firm.

The locals for the job were Ravi Narayan, Rusiate Tudravu and Mohammed Aziz. Sources at Police Headquarters say Aziz was dropped after his appointment had been leaked out. So locals fit only to police the streets of Fiji?


3 thoughts on “South African private eye new police commisioner?

  1. This might turn out as a blessing for the Police if this guy is half the professional that the last expatriate Commissioner was.

  2. The fact that his PI background is more extensive then his actual policing career should be concerning.

    If this appointment is legit is the idea here that the Fiji Police Force will now specialize in investigating the private lives of its citizens over upholding law and order domestically?

  3. Well, the best peoples for the best jobs must come from outside Fiji- since we dont trust our own peoples. What confidence does the PM have that the Bulk of Fiji has confidence in his leadership, if he doesnt trust in us first?. You painting the wrong message PM ….time to sack your unseasoned and bitter advisors if you wish to save yourself and any crediblity that might still linger under your fingernails.

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