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PM to soon begin the process of gaining 5,000 signatures

Publish date/time: 12/03/2014
Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will soon begin the process of gaining five thousand signatures to register his political movement.

Commodore Bainimarama made the comments while opening a new telecentre at the Sila Central High School today.

He reiterated that he needs to register the political movement he is forming to contest the general elections.

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“At the election you will have a clear choice between my vision of a better future in the new Fiji we are building together or a return to the Fiji of old. The future versus the past. It has become very clear in recent days that some people want to drag us all back to the past.

To reinstate the privileged elites in Fiji and take back the power, I was determined to give to ordinary people. It is too late. Ordinary Fijians can see both the logic and the justice of everyone getting an equal and fair share.

Ordinary Fijians are smarter than that. They saw clearly what happened in the past even if they did not feel free to speak out.

They saw some elites abusing the process and enriching themselves. Giving back the power to the elites isn’t going to happen.

People want their leaders to command respect because they have earned it. Because of the mana that comes with their high standards of personal conduct, their morality and their care and love for their people.”

Story by: Watisoni Butabua


24 thoughts on “PM to soon begin the process of gaining 5,000 signatures

  1. When will Bai stop using government resources for his campaign? He should appoint an interim government with apolitical people to have a free and fair election. With the current trend it is not likely to happen.

  2. Bhahineemaramah said:
    ” I was determined to give to ordinary people. It is too late. Ordinary Fijians can see both the logic and the justice of everyone getting an equal and fair share”.

    What??..you liar!!…..”can see both the logic and the justice of everyone getting an equal and fair share”. not everyone UNDER YOU DICTATORSHIP NOT EVERYONE IS GETT AN EQUAL AND FAIR SHARE…you are paying yourself $1.2+ millions in salary paid out by Bano and not through normal Govt agency pay office…and not telling the tax payers how mush you are being paid.

    You are a one hell of a fraudster, a thief an unaccountable crook a murderer, while most of the working citizens are paid and live under poverty levels

    Bhai, you cannot be trusted. You need to be locked up in Naboro for your crimes.


  3. Who is bai to tell us what we should have as our government. The arrogance of the man to say certain things isn’t going to happen. Is he going to ensure that by force? Something looks fishy with the way he talks as if there is still some command he pulls with the power that be. This man is selling his race to fill his pocket and save his ass.

  4. Maate. I don’t think the voting populace need any more convincing via a manifesto! They’ve had 7-8 years of living experience of your thug rule which has rendered such wonderful things like increased poverty & hardship, censorship, threats, intimidation, deaths of innocent civilians, treason, no rule of law, dengue, leptospirosis, no water, no electricity, vote-buying gimmicks & freebies that taxpayers will inevitably pay for, loans left, right & centre, rampant graft & corruption by them & their easy access to the national coffers — and the list goes on.

    Yeap. No need for a manifesto as its already been said AND done. Anything else the illegal & treasonous regime offers that deviates from the reality on the ground will be classified as Grade A bullshit.

  5. What he is saying would have made sense coming from someone else rather than Papa Pig who has enriched himself, his family, friends, and supporters thus creating a new elite.

    But the people will decide and not him.

  6. Bainimarama you do NOT command respect of the people.
    The people fear you because you are a thug military ruler
    If the election is a free and fair one, the people will NOT vote for you.
    Your fellow thugs, and regime beneficiaries and apologists will vote for you
    so that they can continue to have their hands in the pie.

  7. This will be a clear and well defined list of traitors to the nation. People who support a treasonous coup.

  8. Does Frank seriously believe he is the answer to Fiji’s problem after all the mess he has created on his own life and on the life of Fiji’s people? I cant help myself but laugh when I try to answer this!

  9. Yes JOE the problem is you are not leaving in Suva to witness it .he is been moving around freely everywhere but believe me it is not fuck around,.he has no time for that because he is too engaged with service delivery to the people and the people just cant wait for election any longer

  10. His 5000 signature will cum from all the Chinese he let in the country in the last 7 years and given Fijian Passport .

  11. @Macky Mackeral

    You get aroused by any criticism of Papa Pig. In such a state you speak through your rear end and make no sense.

  12. Rt she Of course I get aroused when I hear you talk, All the people of Fiji are patiently waiting for Frank to form his party.Absolutely he has the people vote

  13. one easy way for the fijian dictator to collect the 5000 signatures for his election masquerade is to arrange a ruby match between the army and police and get all the spectators to sign as the enter the stadium.
    After all the army and police are under his thumb . He should have no problem in getting them to sign.

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