Party AGM

Nasik Swami Wednesday, March 12, 2014

THE National Federation Party is preparing for its AGM in a bid to streamline its stand.

Party president Raman Pratap Singh confirmed the AGM would be held at Nadi Sangam School on March 29.

He said the AGM was necessary under the party’s constitution to pass major decisions and appointments.

“Over 500 people including members from all over Fiji are expected to attend the meeting,” he said.

He said the party’s manifesto would also be unveiled at the meeting.

3 thoughts on “

  1. The NFP has lost its way.

    It’s no more a party for all people of this great nation.

    Join my man VB – for he care for all races – young or old – big or small – rich or poor.

    Come and make a difference with my man in building a new and better Fiji.

    VB my man – Fiji best ever PM.

  2. Nabua Prick
    your man VB has not build a better Fiji
    he has build a caita Fiji
    that’s why so many of the country’s best minds are phucking off
    that’s why you have a collapsing health service among other things
    but you can’t understand all this because you are a no brain fala

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