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To get the news out SODELPA pays $1500 and Frank get to reply for free.

Fijileaks understands SODELPA had to pay $1,500 to Fiji Sun for Kepa speech to be published in full in the paper; how much did
Bainimarama or his supporters pay for his two statements?



12 thoughts on “To get the news out SODELPA pays $1500 and Frank get to reply for free.

  1. The difference is SODELPA was advertising a Political speech aimed at winning the hearts and minds of voters and the PM’s reply was the result of a journalist search and interview for answers in regards to SODELPA’s paid advertisement.

  2. I have said this before and I say again :The Fiji Sun is a regime golli newspaper. It has no regard for upholding a central plank of good journalism which is fair reporting.It is a bias newspaper. It is a newspaper engaged fulltime in a propaganda campaign for Frank Bainimarama’s military regime and for his reinstallation as the democratically elected leader of the country. At the present time it is of course common knowledge that Bainimarama installed himself as Prime Minister after his fictitious “clean – up” coup of 2006.

  3. Papa Pig had made countless speeches aimed at winning support for his yet to be formed political movement, and while still a public servant at that.

  4. Bai is using taxpayers money to buy votes and break laws of the country with his side kick Khayium..Fiji Sun has never being independent but the people know that government gives all it’s advertisement etc to Fiji Sun.Fiji Sun connection is through Ajit Kokodaga Sri Lankan born and who sits on several board as chairman.
    Bai/ Khayium are most corrupted and both are filling their pockets. Both want power and fame.

  5. Fiji must have an interim government which comprises of apolitical people then only free and fair election will be held. Khayium has already planned the rigging of the proposed election.

  6. Bai/ Khayium have been illegally running the country for 8 years. Only when the election is around the corner they give free education which are peanuts to the people to win votes.Fiji has no money but is running on debt now over 9 billion.
    Can the regime tell the people of Fiji through Fiji Sun how much money has been borrowed.
    Is it true the debt is $ 9 billion.
    Can the political parties get an independent view of the economy.

  7. Rajend Naidu. Its bigger than just a one sided Fiji Sunk newspaper. Its about CJ Patel and Sandip securing its trading strong-hold in Fiji by getting in return favors beyond and in front of other business bidders. Look at what they have secured since 2006. They have also pushed the Sri Lankan work force into Fiji. This is TRUE

  8. Look at the Price of Rewa (Fiji) Butter which is owned by CJ Patel. Its beyond the reach of middle class workers so you can forget the lower class workers. And where is the Commerce Commission, Yes DR. One Eye pulling his dick as usual

  9. workers of fiji unite to fight capitalist exploiters like CJ Patel. Start by not buying the Fiji Sun.

  10. @No Vote Bai
    Of course CJ Patel the owners of the Fiji Sun are self-serving scoundrels. That’s why they are backing the Bainimarama dictatorship :To further their vested interest. The Fiji Sun is an ideal medium for them to do that. Curry favour the regime and get special favours from the dictator and his regime. This is what CJ Patel has been doing I have no doubt. But it is for people who know to reveal the tentacles of this capitalist enterprise in the economic and political life of the country. what are the linkages ?

  11. I hope Tikoitoga is watching the lies of baini and kaiyum. I also hope he does not have the same mentality as those two. Before everything that is native Fijian fades into oblivion, you Tikoitoga should make a move and stop this corruption. Be a man for the Fijian people.

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