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Believing you own lies….”I will win all 50 seats!” “No coalition!”….. No ones opinions other than mine are important ……I want to remain a Dictator says Frank.

No coalition

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Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says his political party will not go into coalition with any other party after this year’s general elections.
He is aiming for a clean sweep in the 50-seat parliament.
Mr Bainimarama said winning all the 50 seats would make things easy for his party to deliver much-needed service to the people.
“We know that when we have opposition in Parliament, they will always go against any positive move made by the Government,” he said.
He said that his party would have a totally different manifesto.
He said this UFDF coalition just wanted to remove him from leadership and also the reforms that his Government had put in place.
This, he said, would be very difficult, especially when the Constitution clearly stipulated that any change in legislation would require three-quarters of votes in parliament and also the support of three quarters of the people after a referendum.
Ro Teimumu Kepa, SODELPA’s leader, in her maiden speech said: “We look forward to taking him on in a free and fair election and subjecting him to a resounding defeat.”
The PM welcomed this comment and said it had made him more determined to contest the elections.
He described this coaltion as a marriage of convenience.
“This marriage of convenience and without any principle by the NFP leader and his officials is a direct affront to the founders of NFP (AD Patel, Siddiq Koya and James Madhavan) who always pushed for a common roll, fought for the rights of all Fijians under the notion of common and equal citizenry and the principle of ‘one person, one vote, one value’. They have lost their way.
“Of course the leader of the Labour Party, who is well known for his chameleon behaviour simply to stay in power at all costs, is in bed with the very people he accused of being racist and corrupt only a few years ago,” Mr Bainimarama said.
He said his party would be formed soon and work had already started on the registration of names for the registration of the party.


14 thoughts on “Believing you own lies….”I will win all 50 seats!” “No coalition!”….. No ones opinions other than mine are important ……I want to remain a Dictator says Frank.

  1. This fuckwit should stop his campaining and first get refistered. That is the rule and should apply to everyone…..and while at it disclose you salary dimwit…. you are not above the law, and your time is comming

  2. Isn’t he lucky. He gets to monopolize all the state-funded media houses (like the SunK & FBC) to run riot with his criticisms and laud his illegal and treasonous pillaging over the last 7 years, while other parties have to jump through hoops to get a right of reply.

    His monotonous spiel in the native tongue on radio yesterday was quite an assault on the eardrums and he was not questioned once by the host. Instead the host gave Bainimarama free reign over the airwaves in which to badmouth the competition like a whiny, insecure little girl.

    But as stated earlier the regime can no longer control the conversation as they now have to resort to reactionary rebuttals to the ideas put forward by others. And that is simply because he has no new ideas of his own available yet to the public, but he will instead revert to his ‘legacy’ (read: phuck-ups dressed up as the best thing since sliced bread) of 7-8 years of tyranny and oppression.

  3. Win all 50 seats… sure Bai….in your dreams… watch the POWER OF THE PEOPLE and get ready to face the truth

  4. This fool is sounding more and more like a deranged psychotic dictator. No wonder they all end up the way they do.

  5. A dictator never likes any form of opposition.
    Frank is a dictator
    But he knows he needs to pretend to embrace democratic governance to survive in today’s world.
    But we need to remember – especially on election day – that a leopard does not change its spot.
    Frank will always be a dictator.

  6. Keep on swanking Papa Pig, reality will hit you like a ton of bricks. Unless of course you rig the election there is no way in hell your party will win 50 seats.

  7. Thank you dear leader for your encouragement and fight against the forces of evil who want to voice their negative opposition in front of the parliament. You only have to watch the broadcasting of question time in the Australian and NZ parliaments to understand how vicious these opposition politicians can be. They pretend that it is all checks and balances and scrutiny of their governments, but what it really is is obstruction of the law making process. In our new Fiji we don’t need this, we want our beloved leaders to be effective and efficient and this can only be achieved by casting our vote for the WALF party soon to be announced.

  8. A murderer and torturer has no place in the honorable office of a prime minister. For Baini to be harping every so often about “my government” is stupidity at it highest level. You have no government baini, no one elected you, you betrayed the people of Fiji by using the military for your own benefit. Remember, the truth will always prevail regardless. And as the Word says, what you sow, you shall reap. Waraka, namaka.

  9. I am not a chief but i don’t really mind the request SODELPA request to reverse the rental distribution.Our chieff is not a well to do guy but he is obliged to call the people to meetings and host them out of his pocket and his time. He feels obliged to lead by example when it comes soli and costs. Its not easy or cheap exercise to keep a group of people tight and moving together. I help him as much as i can as i know that.

  10. Totally agree with Dreu.

    It is not an easy task to lead a group of individuals.

    You have to make huge sacrifices of your time, money and other resources.

    And whenever there is a soli the Chief is expected to give a substantial amount if not the highest.

    Managers, etc in private companies get company cars, allowances, and provisions in their budjets to cater for their leading roles.

    So I don’t mind having my Chief allocated more from our lease moneys to help him being my Chief that I will be proud of.

    After all I never sweat for any of that money.

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