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Franks Candidates are all cronies promoted by Frank into cushy jobs.


Rumor has it Frank has a problem where many of his proposed Candidates are District Commissioners or senior civil servants who have to resign from their positions without any guarantee of being reinstated after the election.

All his likely cronies have been appointed to positions of power that they are loathe to give up.

PS there is no redundancy or golden handshakes for those who resign.


27 thoughts on “Franks Candidates are all cronies promoted by Frank into cushy jobs.

  1. There are many in the Muslim Brotherhood to choose from. He should also try selecting his family members and find out the acceptability of his famous nepotism on the public.

  2. birds of a feather flock together. so it is with the commodore and his cronies. all the people in top jobs owe an aligance to the commodore/dictator for installing them in those positions. they know if the dictator goes they will have to go. They are not in their positions on merit. They have no choice but to stick with the dictator.

  3. No wonder the Permanent Secretary’s are paid a salary of $260,000 per month to entice them to contest the election.

  4. Most of the Muslims are in top posts making money for 8 years. Get them to contest the election under Bai/ Khayium.

  5. DON’T forget Rajesh Chandra the VC at USP . He is not Muslim but he is a Bai/Khaiyum crony.
    He is already “President” as well at USP . He could become President of Fiji after Bai/khaiyum party win the “democratic” elections.
    The slimy fala would not love anything more.
    He is only about being perched in exalted positions.

  6. The total thing is a farce. This human rights abusing thug and dictator should have been removed long ago. We still can’t even find out how much he is paying himself through Khaiyum’s aunt? Can ANYTHING be more corrupt than that?

  7. It will be funny if Baini attempts to woo these people from their high paying jobs. Imagine quitting a $260,000 per annum pay for peanuts paid to politicians! I doubt these guys will move. And since Baini is no more in the Army, his powers maybe very limited now as he can no longer give out threats as he used to do.

  8. All post here by Tom, frozen and annon are by the same person.

    Coup 4.5 and this blog has been caught with its pants down with bullshits over the past month.

    M not a IG supporter but the opposition will lose credibility be such posts and entertaining racists comments like above.

    Also, the how can you say the PS are getting $260k per Month. They don’t get per year but the Max is $220km

  9. “SUVA (Fiji Sun): A University of the South Pacific academic has been sacked by the university after it invoked a new ban against staff being elected into political party leadership positions.Assistant law lecturer Lynda Tabuya, who is also the union-based People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Suva branch secretary, told the Fiji Sun newspaper that she had informed the university of her election as a PDP office bearer last year and it had no problem with this.But a month ago, the university said it had a new policy which would not allow university staff to “hold official positions in any political party”.After this, Tabuya was told to resign or face the axe. When she did not resign, the university sacked her.USP’s Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education, Dr Akanisi Kedrayate, told the Fiji Sun that staff had to choose between working for the university or a political party and that nobody had been forced out.This is not the first time that USP management has clamped down on freedom of expression and association.Last year, Professor Wadan Narsey was invited as chief guest of the USP Journalism Students Association to celebrate UNESCO World Press Freedom Day, but was removed from the programme under instruction from USP management after penning a speech saying that “the Fiji regime’s decrees, public stance and prosecutions of media owners, publishers and editors, have effectively prevented the media from being a ‘watchdog’ on government”.”Some media organisations are propaganda arms”…”

  10. Billy

    The P.S for Health Eloni Tora is getting $260,000 as I work at the Ministry HO.Despite being paid $260,000 the health system is all time the worst.The staff morale is low as they are paid very low salary while P.S gets huge salary for doing nothing much at the ground level.

  11. USP should be a place where democratic rights and principles should be taught. Rajesh Chandra is himself an ally to the current illegal regime.He has spoken in favor of the thugs so many times whilst not allowing his staff and students to openly practice democratic rights. I wonder what is taught at USP.

  12. The people of Fiji should be proud of this lady Ms Tabuya. She is educated and has got the guts to do what is right that is to express her views. Now even an institution like USP has become a place where their is no FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.I will vote for you madam.Keep the fight with opportunists like Rajesh Chandra.

  13. Rajesh Chandra should be investigated for recruiting Jai Kumar husband of Premilla Kumar -CEO for Consumer Council. Jai Kumar posts was not advertised in the media. Jai Kumar was sacked for corrupt dealing in his last job. I heard the link for him to get the job was because Rajesh Chandra is f— Premilla.This is how the network in Fiji works. Even Premilla got her job at Consumer Council because of Swani Maharaj of Lautoka ( cousin of Jai Kumar) who was the chairman of Consumer Council. This is how in Fiji thugs get into job without having relevant qualification.

  14. What must be running through the heads of these free loaders who were inserted there through favor and not merit. Their biggest concern is to weigh out what could the possible outcome of the election be. Since the chance of bai winning is getting slimmer by the day it is possible they will be out on a limb and out of the lucrative post acquired through illicit means. If they cross the floor now they could have a slim chance of remaining. Caught between a rock and hard place. Thats what you get when you are involved in trickery and treachery.

  15. SBS News 11/3 6,30PM
    A journalist put it to the newly installed Prime Minister of Crimea that he was merely a “Putin puppet”.
    And journalist in Fiji got around to putting it to the many puppets of Bainimarama that that was what they were?
    So much for asking the hard questions.
    It’s just not happening in Fiji under the Bainimarama military dictatorship, is it?

  16. “” Ms Tabuya should take legal action against USP and get her remaining contract paid “”.

    Would you want your children being educated by a lecturer or teacher who is not dedicated to the job they are being paid to do but is more concerned about furthering their political career?

  17. @ Billy

    You are grossly mistaken. Tom, Frozen and Anon are not the same person. Even if they are, what has it got to do with the issues. So stick to the issues please. As anon above confirms, Eloni Tora is paid $260 grand per annum but the Health Ministry is in shambles. Couple of weeks ago it was reported that over 900 diabetic people had amputations for 2013 alone. This is unbelievable for such a small country as Fiji. Is this the only thing the doctors know? What are they learning at FSM? A friend of mine was due for amputation two years ago. He decided to seek treatment in the US. Guess what? They gave him some tablets and he is still walking on both his legs today. He would have been a casualty of this sick medical system had he not gone. And this is just a small example of the very poor state Fiji is in because of this stupid dictatorship.

  18. So the fact that Fiji has such a high percentage of diabetics is the governments fault, nothing to do with the way these people lived before this government took over in 2006.

    If things were so good before this government would not have to be sorting this type of problem out now. No doubt you also consider the state of the roads and bridges totally this governments fault as well.

  19. The hospitals in Fiji has become a dead bed for patients. The amputation last year was 938. I am sure that most did not need amputation but people do not have choice and consent to such action by inexperienced and poorly qualified doctors from FSM. Now medical degree is very easily available at the two universities.
    One will hardly find good doctors available in the health system as good doctors migrate because of poor salary whilst P.S for health is paid $260,000. This is the Fiji we are staying.

  20. What about Rajesh doing work for Bai/ Khayium!He should be terminated too. Rajesh spoke at various forum about the illegal regime.

  21. I don’t have any words to express the mess Fiji is in………its worse than the sewer! Regime supporting academics and all civil servants cum aspiring politicians are swimming in the sewer with Frank, Kaiyum, Gates, Shameem, Tikoitoga, with the entire community of coup apologists and beneficiaries. I picture that mess and can’t find words to explain it! Fiji has totally lost it.

  22. Someone had printed a list of Bai’s candidates in one of these blogs but I can’t remember which one.

    Can someone put the list up again please.

    I am sure some would be contemplating an about turn and it would be fun seeing them do their disclaimers.

  23. Rajesh Chandra must be removed as USP VC if the USP is to regain its status as the premier regional university. Under Rajesh Chandra’s bum sucking leadership the USP has become a puppet of the Fijian regime.

  24. @ Anonymous

    Don’t attempt to defend Baini because the problems we face today are his own making because he took over the country’s leadership by the barrel of a gun. You try and justify that diabetic patients are to be blamed for the way they lived before 2006. Sure enough, they did something wrong, that’s why they ended up at the hospital. And the only solution these doctors know is amputation; isn’t there any other alternative treatment? If my friend who went to the US was cured without amputation, what are these doctors doing? A relative of mine passed away three years ago at the CWMH. After pestering the doctors for her diagnosis for sometime, one of them came to me and said, I’m sorry to tell you, but this is the truth, we just have no money for her treatment. Now you want to justify the pathetic conditions of our roads. It has gone from bad to worse to unexplainable. In 2006, baini had said, he will fix both the roads and the water problems. None of these has materialized. Water problems continue every day despite the country facing flooding almost continuously. In other words, baini is a liar of the worse kind, second only to satan.

  25. even usp is run by muslim! Ikbal Janiff is the USP Council Chair. Cant other member countries see this?

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