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Coup 4.5 is today able to release the names of potential candidates for the September elections.

Revealed – SODELPA’s list of shortlisted candidates

Hot on the heels of a fiery speech by the new SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, Coup 4.5 is today able to release the names of potential candidates for the September elections.

SODELPA had earlier this year put out an advertisement calling for people to apply. We are told close to 200 applications were received and from there came a shortlist of 69 candidates.

Under the current arrangement, Fiji’s new parliament will have just 50 seats so the party will have to cull 19.

Key points to note: Tui Cakau Rt Naiqama Lalabalavu’s name is on the list, just five Indians have applied, Mick Beddoes, whose GVP party is now defunct, is an applicant as is youth leader, Pita Waqavonovono.

George Shiu Raj (Former MP)
Nanise Nagusuca (Former MP)
Emosi Toga (Former NLTB Employee)
Iosefo Nainima
Isimeli Bainimara (Former Diplomat, Sacked in 2007 in Clean-Up campaign)
Pio Tabaiwalu (Sodelpa GS)
Losena Salabula (Former MP)
Mick Beddoes
Frederick Work
Joseva Ceinaturaga
Ratu Save Komaisavai (Lawyer)
Ro Teimumu Kepa
Tomasi Vakatora (Former ATH CEO)
Mere Samisoni
Mikaele Leawere
Ratu Tuakitau Cokanauto
Gavidi Nawaqeasaga
Sitiveni Rabuka
Marika Lewaqai
Peniana Ralulu
Orisi Seriutanoa
Niko Nawaikula (Lawyer)
Mitieli Bulanauca
Lotawa Bigivitu
Savenaca Narube (Former RBF Governor)
Simione Rasova
Emasi Qovu
Anare Jale
Ratu Yavala R
Malakai Tuiloa
Tupeni Baba
Rt Inoke Bokini (Tavua Chief)
Rt Vili Qomate
Paula Nakabea
Rt Sela Nanovo
Filimoni Vosarogo (Lawyer)
Jo Dulakiverata
Colonel Saimoni Vatu (Left RFMF before 2006 coup)
Rt Peni Volavola (Former Suva mayor)
Rt Isoa Tikoca (Re-called PNG High Commissioner)
Setoki Galuvakadua
Jolame Uludole
Parayame Cakacaka (Retired Teacher)
Sushil Sudhakar
Deo Narain
Susheel Dutt
Pita Waqavonovono
Ratu Jone Bouwalu
Byron Kwan
Are Wakowako
Pateresio Nonu
Murray Isimeli
Geraldine Varea
Monifa Fiu
Albert Miller (Sports Administrator)
Waisele Serevi
Joe Rodan (Carlton Brewary Executive)
Maciu Bolaitamana (Travel Agent)
Viliame Seruvakula
Fay Volatabu
Laisa Taga
Vani Catanasiga
Epeli Lagiloa (Rugby Coach)
Tevita Koroi (Former FTA President)
Kelemedi Naidiri
Kiniviliame Kiliraki
Peceli Rinakama
Tukana Bavoro (Sacked FBD MD)
Netani Rika


20 thoughts on “Coup 4.5 is today able to release the names of potential candidates for the September elections.

  1. Add the young fresh minds like Filimoni Vosarog into the leadership level and you will win this election outright. Guaranteed.

  2. Bai must be living in fear of loosing the election. No wonder he is using government resources for his political campaign without first handing over government to an interim body and forming his political party.

  3. Most corrupt government in the history of Fiji- Bai/ Khayium. Both earn over $1.3 million in salary.

  4. Definitely some good people and some not so good. But I say, let the campaign start and let the people decide whom they elect. As long it is the people’s choice, it is okay.

  5. Pls remove Savenaca Narube’s name as its not correct.

    He is more smarter than to join the list above when he can be the leader.

  6. Ro Teimumu being a woman and mother is a game changer in this political scene as well. There is too much machoism, patriarchy, testosterone and one one-upmanship in fiji politics from across the ethnicities. Just brings its baggage of cliques, business interests, old boy mentality to the search for solutions for the common good. A woman can be catalyst to providing space for a new kind of discussion to take place.

    So Chief she is but I think the woman is also a plus maybe even more so.

  7. Tauwakitau cokanauto, vanua kece ga o cakacaka kina o vaka lusia. ,o sa baci via tu mai qori na vei digidigi, o. Iko o karua ga. Kei tamamu kei tuakamu o epeli nailatikau. Useless incompetent piece of. SHIT

  8. I am very disappointed that my name (Are Wakowako) is included in this list of potential candidates. This is unfair and a form of intrusion into my own privacy. Please be informed, I do not have the slightest intention to contest the 2014 election and never will contest any future elections. I’m no beneficiary of the present government neither will I align myself to any political party. Please remove my name from that list. I’m very disappointed.

  9. I was disappointed to note my name in a list of candidates to contest the 2014 general elections under SODELPA’s banner in this blog. I do not favor any blog and request that my name be removed from that list. I am not a direct beneficiary of this government neither do I align myself to any political party.

    I played my role in three general elections in 1992, 1994 as General Secretary of the General Voters Party (GVP) which partially became the United General Party (UGP) in 1999. My party entered into a coalition with the SVT party and twice formed the government after two successive general elections in 1992 and 1994 with partial victory in 1999 when FLP successfully downed NFP and SVT. My role as party secretary was vital. Party members vouched for my skills as a charismatic political campaigner with an absolutely engaging personality and one who displayed substance and style with originality and force. For that critic who doubted my worth as per comment above, I challenge that pseudo character (Radi) to contest the 2014 election and see whether he or she can experience the same elation.

    Perhaps the person(s) who put up my name may have aligned me to the minority community of Melanesian descents. If so, please be informed, I’m no longer a member of the Melanesian community. For the past six years, I have developed closer relations with my authentic biological paternal ethnic itaukei family and am enjoying the new bond though I harbor deeply an affinity with the Melanesian community to which I owe my humble beginnings. I’m not able to represent their interests neither do they need my services anymore. But now that every Fiji citizen is a Fijian, we must uplift the nation’s interest above narrow sectional interests.

    For the record, I have decided to use whatever time I have left – God willing – to spread the Gospel after experiencing a recent transformation that truly impacted my life. I prefer to be a spiritual campaigner for peoples’ salvation than to campaign for political party membership. I pray that the right party wins to take the nation forward. My family’s five votes will be cast with propriety when polling begins.

  10. @ AW

    Good to know that you’re strongly devoted and involved with your Church and campaigning strongly for people’s salvation.

    Blame those who came out with the list – and the unreliable Coup 4.5.

  11. Those who are willing to be part of our forthcoming election should be a role model to our community,kaila so na yaca e tiko ena canditate listing sara dui kilai ira toka ga ena nodra malumalumu ni lasa i tuba, qai ra vi vakalolomataka tu na nodra bula ena i rogorogo kei na i rairai kaila!kaila! Sega tiko madaga na sau ni madrai sa dri yani

  12. O ira ex army era sa tu qo ena Sodelpa, qo o ira na military loosers, levu ga na viavia rogo, ni tovolea mo ni dina ena ka lalai qai ni lai dina rawa tu vakacava ena ka lelevu?? Ni sega ni madua???

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