South African police commissioner tipped for Fiji

Updated at  7:15 am today

Reports from Fiji say its new police commissioner is to be a South African.

FBC News reports the prime minister Frank Bainimarama revealed this during a talk back show yesterday.

He says the candidate is still holding discussions with members of the Interview panel.

Mr Bainimarama says he has returned to discuss the appointment with his family and when he is ready he will inform them on taking up the post.

The broadcaster reports the candidate served as the South African Police Commissioner under the late former president Nelson Mandela

2 thoughts on “

  1. Ravi Narayan start packing. Bai / khayium will never give this post to an Indian and in particular to a Hindu. If their was a Muslim acting as commissioner then he would have got the commissioner’s job.

  2. 44 years after independence the banana republic of Fiji still needs an expatriate Police Commissioner. Fiji should in fact go back to being under another period of colonial rule to relearn how to run a country properly.
    Ps: I have nothing against the Polcom from South Africa. I am sure he is a very capable bloke. Because there you can only get to be Polcom on merit. You don’t get installed by virtue of being a crony of the military commander.

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