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Fiji Sun Poll week two.

PM still leads race but SODELPA overtakes three other
political parties in latest Fiji Sun Poll


The Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, has polled strongly again as Preferred Prime Minister for the second week running.
The second Fiji Sun weekly poll till February 28 has him still in the high 70s although he dropped three points.
The other significant result is that the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) has overtaken the other registered political parties as the preferred political party. But its new leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, the Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi, scored less than one per cent as Preferred Prime Minister.
SODELPA’s rating jumped from one per cent to 14 per cent. The People’s Democratic Party also improved their rating from eight per cent to 13 per cent. But the Fiji Labour Party dropped from eight per cent to seven per cent and the National Federation Party also slipped by one per cent to two per cent.
Eleven per cent would not vote for these parties. The number of undecided voters unfamiliar with political parties has dropped from 70 per cent to 50 per cent.
SODELPA’s change in fortune is indicative of its increasing activities in recent weeks. It appears to be well organised on the ground with the formation of its youth and women’s wings. It has also intensified its cyber war to try and win young voters.
PDP’s strong polling defies reports of internal power struggle between the militant trade union bloc and the more conservative membership.
It’s early days yet and more polling is required before we can see a trend forming.
The parties will undoubtedly target the undecided voters or swing voters who will decide the outcome of the general election. The 50 per cent is high and these are people probably waiting for the launch of the PM’s party.
The weekly Fiji Sun Poll is conducted by Razor marketing teams. Six hundred eligible voters are being polled weekly, 300 in the Central Division, 200 in the Western Division and 100 in the Northern Division.
The polling team targets ordinary people passing through bus stations and market areas to get a range of opinions from both urban commuters and from people travelling into town from rural areas.


6 thoughts on “Fiji Sun Poll week two.

  1. The 800000 people of Fiji have real power

    the dictator got no support

    don’t bull support poll to support a scam

    where is real support go and ask any man or his dog

  2. Let us NOT forget Frank Bainimarama appointed himself Prime Minister after illegally taking over the Government of Fiji.
    He is the Emperor with the Golden Garment
    Thinking people know that.
    Only the intellectual imbeciles in the Fiji Sun don’t.

  3. No doubt that Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF will win the election. Does anyone really believe that we have a choice here?

  4. An insanely lame attempt by the SunK to inject a bit of dramatic flair in the lead up to the farcical elections. And still they ride on the vain hope that their polls are credible.

    Meanwhile as expected, Thicko gives the game-plan away. Despite the overzealous and wildly extravagant propaganda infused handover ceremony this week to signify the separation of Bainimarama from the RFMF, the reality is that Bainimarama remains in control of the armoury and the foot soldiers and does not trust the police force to carry out this role as is standard

    ‘Bai Kei Viti’ my ass. The only fence of protection that the RFMF erects for the nation are those that chain them and only them to the national coffers for their selfish wanton gluttony fests while the people suffer from dire hardship and dengue (only JUST pronounced as an epidemic). Hanging bellies, puffed cheeks and heavy jowls from all corners of the RFMF top brass were not hard to miss during their farcical ceremony — a classic sign of ill-discipline and excess.

  5. “Hail the chief” headline in FT which is increasingly becoming a cheerleader for the regime as well falling in with other media who suck up to the regime for business favors. The comments were attributed to ms bishop who I now view with very low esteem. Such comments are unbecoming of a democratic rep who seems to be lapping up to the regimes twists and turns however obviously disengenous they are.

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