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Eager to start campaigning……… but cannot until the rules are set

Fiji’s Sodelpa leader unhappy party unable to start campaigning

Updated at  7:33 am today

The newly-elected leader of Fiji’s Sodelpa party says it’s frustrating that her party is unable to start campaigning immediately due to the lack of rules for this year’s elections.

Ro Teimumu Kepa was elected to the leadership and presidency of Sodelpa with full party support after other candidates withdrew their applications.

She says she has gratefully accepted the role, but it’s difficult to gain any momentum because there’s been no word on when the electoral commission will release the regulations for September’s promised elections.

“We’re still waiting for them to bring out the act. They’re telling us that it’s in the drafting stage and it should have been brought out at the end of last month and we’re still waiting. So it’s very difficult for us to do anything mcuh because we don’t know what rules and regulations they’re going to put in place for us to work within.”

The newly-elected leader of Fiji’s Sodelpa party, Ro Teimumu Kepa.


6 thoughts on “Eager to start campaigning……… but cannot until the rules are set

  1. that’s been pretty much the norm since the takeover over 7 years ago : make the rules as you go along on the whim of the dictatorship.
    what’s new?

  2. The restrictions placed by the absence of rules on campaigning is so unfair. The illegal PM however continues to campaign while on official pay using Govt resources,,,asking children in schools to persuade parents to vote for him, tells adult audiences to support him in election and all the staged events like the publicity gimmick of military parade we just witnessed,

    One rule for the citizens and another for the dictator. He still has no party, has not declared his assets, has not named his party candidates but he is already campaigning Govt funded .


  3. Poor excuse for not getting their act together, have they been stopped from campaigning, no.

  4. So far Ro Teimumu has been saying the right things and accepted the job and challenge to oppose bai in the upcoming election. My advice is to get her communications line running to the overseas countries and international organisations to make them aware of her position now and her role in presenting a credible opponent to the dictator in the september poll.

  5. SODELPA, you just start with your campaigns, visit the villagers and listen to what they would tell you in regards to development that you and your party promised them in the 2001 elections. You and your party failed them miserably and with you leading the party this time, visit them, grog and they will enjoy the “powder” with you..

  6. Leaders will just turn the constraints into opportunities. You only need to make yourselves available to peoples. It would be good to hold talks of strengthening institutional arrangements and there are so many people who also spend time and resources and thinknig through the future of our Fiji and it would be beneficial to hear what people have in mind for the sustainance of our beloved Fiji.

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