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No Right Turns view on RFMF changeover

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Fiji: A small step towards democracy?

Fijian dictator Voreqe Bainimarama has stepped down as head of the military:

Fiji’s military strongman Frank Bainimarama has named a fellow 2006 coup plotter as the next commander of the country’s military forces.
Bainimarama, who says he is retiring from the Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) to run in democracy-restoring elections this year, named Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga to take over.

But while Bainimarama is out of the military, the military isn’t out of Fiji. They still have over fifty officers embedded in the public service to ensure they retain control, as well as a constitutional clause authorising further coups whenever they feel like it. And on that front, giving command to one of their most thuggish senior officers, who ceremonially burned a draft constitution which would have properly restored civilian rule, is not a good sign.
Fiji has a long way to go before democracy is restored – not just elections, but prosecutions, and a complete culture change (and downsizing) of the military. And there’s no sign at all of the latter happening.



8 thoughts on “No Right Turns view on RFMF changeover

  1. At the moment Mosese is saying all the right things to appease his former boss. He still needs time for the power he has assumed to sink in, then we will see which way he is going to go. He will soon realise that he is (not Bainimarama) the one with the power to decide Fiji’s future.

  2. ask yourselves this :
    why has Frank Bainimarama handpicked this man to replace him as Fiji military commander?
    Is it not because they are birds of the same feather?
    Any one who is expecting to see radical changes in the way the Fiji military conducts itself in the political life of the country is plainly naive.

  3. You don’t have to look far for a precedent. The same happened in Pakistan when the new military chief pulled out military support for General Musraf (or whatever his name is) and he had to flee the country. Went back from exile hoping stand for election but was arrested and charged.

    The possibilities of changing course is always there and power does funny things to personal egos.

  4. Thank god no ratu suckers are leading the military. MT is my man who will ensure that 2013 constitution remains supreme and there is no GCC THUGS coming back to fool the ordinary Fijians ever again.

  5. Fiji is still under thug rule. the change of command at the Fiji military does NOT change that.
    what part of this does anyone find hard to understand?

  6. Why Bainimarma still has 50 soldiers around him? The thug must be charged for treason.

  7. because for all his bravado Bainimarama’s ka tuba is open. it never closed completely since his casava patch dash

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