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Amnesty’s Grant Bayldon says it will make submissions on a range of human rights issues in Fiji.

Amnesty to put Fiji torture video to UN Council

Updated 5 minutes ago

Amnesty International says the Fiji government’s apparent failure to investigate a filmed beating of recaptured prisoners will form part of the watchdog’s submission to the UN on Fiji’s human rights record.

Fiji is due for review at the Human Rights Council in October as part of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review process.

The system gives all member countries a chance to show the steps they have taken to meet their human rights obligations.

Amnesty’s Grant Bayldon says it will make submissions on a range of human rights issues in Fiji.

“That does include brutality by security forces that has gone uninvestigated and sadly the torture video is not an isolated example. We’ve documented prior to that a number of cases of security force brutality and torture of recaptured prisoners which have gone uninvestigated.”

Mr Bayldon says Amnesty is calling on the Fiji government to take the process seriously and carry out the recommendations made.


12 thoughts on “Amnesty’s Grant Bayldon says it will make submissions on a range of human rights issues in Fiji.

  1. Don’t count too heavily on the UN doing anything against the Fijian regime that has perpetrated the human rights violations. The UN too is guided by its own vested interest. In this case using the Fijian troops for peace-keeping in troubled spots around the world.

  2. The behaviour of the regime is consistent with what you would expect from a military dictatorship.

  3. Thank you Amnesty International for raising Fiji’s dehumanising treatment of its people under Bainimarama’s control…he actually had publically announced that he stood by those in the video brutalising the prisoner meaning that no punishment will be dished out to guilty officers torturers…the buck stops with Bainimarama.


  4. Amini T you too right.
    Pro-democracy political parties (Coalition of parties) should take out paid advertisements in the local newspapers and media reminding people of this total disregard for the rule of law by Frank Bainimarama.

  5. Amnesty’s Grant Bayldon - Shut the Fuck up and focus on many more serious issues where many have died. says:

    Who the hell is Amnesty’s Grant Bayldon?

    He should be better advised to focus on more serious human rights issues in USAs Guantanamo bay treatment of prisoners, HR issues in Syria, TANZANIA, SOTH AFRICAN COUNTRIES, LYBIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN where many more have died then the mere minor issues in Fiji.

    Dont try and teach us HR issues to the world, when you fuckin white cunts have abused many many non whites/blacks for generations.

    Mind your own fuckin business..

  6. mere minor issues?
    your arse, fucken bastard, magaitinamu, maichod.
    the family of the people murdered and tortured in Fiji by the Bainimarama thugs do not regard these as “mere minor issues”.
    Nor do civilised human beings anyway.
    why the fuck are you attacking Amnesty’s Grant Bayldon?
    I know why : you are either a military thug or a regime lackey
    And you find the truth highlighted by AI unpalatable.
    Well fuck you . We don’t care what you like.

  7. Hold toptugger directly responsible. The khaiyum ‘yesman’ has done nothing about this cowardly thug act and is now trying to pretend the poorly led thug military has respectability? The new sham military leader is a disgrace to his nation and his family. Bring all these treasonous junta cowards to justice and seize all their (and their family) assets and ill gotten gains.

  8. Good luck to this guy but does he really think the world is interested in one thug being abused by another.

    Open your eyes, look at what’s happening in the world today, Fiji’s incidents are minuscule and of absolutely no interest or significance to those that could do anything about them. Grow up and concentrate on something important other than grandstanding you name.

  9. For a country where it is the norm for child rape, incest and brutality against women daily why would anyone care about you. These things you accept and whilst you do no one will take notice of you.

  10. every human rights abuse is significant.
    Fiji’s military dictatorship committed human rights abuses
    they must he held accountable.
    it is correct for “this guy” to call for them to be held accountable.
    Some people do not subscribe to democratic accountability.
    In Fiji they are either a part of the thug rulers or their supporters who have benefited greatly from the thug rule.

  11. Dr Alan N Cowan tells us in his letter ‘A dark history’ (Canberra Times 8/3) that “… despite[their] history, Russian speakers and Ukrainian speakers have got on very well together since Ukraine became independent. The deposed president was corrupt and embezzled public funds to support his absurdly luxurious lifestyle, cynically propped up by Putin.Peaceful protests continued for weeks in Kiev despite many people being killed by police. The protesters represented a wide spectrum of political opinion. Some of them no doubt may be far right nationalists and some of them you might not want to have to dinner.Life is like that : messy and untidy…”
    But in Fiji our visionary leaders have decided that should not be the case. They have decided to “clean -up” and make life neat and tidy for all the citizens – who incidentally are now also equal in the utopia they have fashioned.

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