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Women in Fiji politics…………………….. Rape threats

Aspiring Fiji politician wins international award for courage

Updated at 11:26 pm on 5 March 2014

A Fiji feminist and aspiring politician Roshika Deo has received an international award from America’s first lady Michelle Obama.

Ms Deo was one of the winners of the US Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage award.

The annual award recognises women who have demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership advocating peace, justice and human rights and women’s empowerment.

Ms Deo described earlier this year how she has been subject to rape threats after announcing her decision to stand for election in Fiji.

Among those receiving the award were politicians, activists and lawyers from Tajikistan, Guatemala and Ukraine.


3 thoughts on “Women in Fiji politics…………………….. Rape threats

  1. Amazing how this woman who has not done much for society except talk has received an award in White House,,,,,,,,,,,stupid americans always looking the wrong way!!!

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