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Sitiveni Rabuka has confirmed he will contest the 2014 general election.

Rabuka for poll

Nasik Swami Thursday, March 06,

FORMER Prime Minister Major General Sitiveni Rabuka has confirmed he will contest the 2014 general election.

In an interview yesterday, Maj-Gen Rabuka said he was preparing on his own and was not joining any political party at this stage.

“Yes, I will contest the general election in September. I don’t want to reveal my plan but I am doing my own groundwork, setting up my own locality network and trying to consolidate my plans,” he said.

Maj-Gen Rabuka said he still had a lot to offer to the people of Fiji.

He said they had “unfinished business” about uniting the people of Fiji so that they had a common pride in the nation.

Maj-Gen Rabuka said Fiji, right now, was not doing well.

He said Fiji was stagnant and blood was being drained from its citizens by the use of natural and financial resources.

He added he was looking forward to the election and praying it would be fair.


13 thoughts on “Sitiveni Rabuka has confirmed he will contest the 2014 general election.

  1. Rabuka has lost track of Fiji”s true course as he had sided with politics of his own thinking and I doubt any one will or is willing to listen to him.After all he was the biggest traitor in 2000 mutiny at QEB.He was lucky to have survived that one just because he was a favorite amongst soldiers .I would not forget the telescopic sight on his forehead and lucky you are the Major General .He has already lost cause

  2. Rabuka can outshine any senior military officer today in terms of leadership. Perhaps the guy above was the one homing the rifle at SLR in 2000 but did not have the nerve to pull the trigger as he was shivering in his pants.

  3. Ratu She.


    My man VB wants me to tell you this message.

    Are you listening?

    Good boy, girl.

    My man VB will not even forget ungrateful people like you too.

    He will ensure that you too and guess what?

    Even your next generation will have a prosperous life and a much brighter one in the new Fiji; as he and the RFMF will ensure yours and your generations’ rights are always enshrined in the new Fiji Constitution which he and the RFMF has worked really hard for.

    He is currently forming his new party and the support already is so tremendous.

    He also invites you and all those against him or are not sure where to go to join him and the majority of our population who wants equality for all and a much fairer Fiji where all our concerns will be addressed fairly.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  4. Rabuka should do the right thing and voluntarily admit himself as an inmate at Naboro Prison Complex for committing treason in 1987 and setting the country down the path of bad governance.
    It is no coincidence that another military man Frank Bainimarama has ensured the country remains on that path.
    It is no coincidence Fiji which was once described as a model multiracial democracy is today a divided dictatorial regime.

  5. Rabuka say whatever you like, we all know that you introduced to Fiji COUP CULTURE and you should hang you head facing the ground in shame…if had not been born we may continue to hold Fiji up high in pride, where we certainly had problems but progressing towards greater bridging if inter communal gaps in a democratic way.

    You want to be foisted up again to be in power…you must be in your worst nightmare, we want you obliterated from public consciousness ,,,Are you running out of money??????? and desperate for a source on income from peoples’ taxes…please slumber back to sleep.

    Immunity from prosecution for treason offered you should be rescinded to enable ht Court to send you to life imprisonment.

  6. If criticizing corruption, nepotism, dictatorship et al. means being ungrateful, then so be it. I am ungrateful to Papa Pig and his cronies for taking Fiji down poverty and lawless lane.

  7. Rt she criticizing alone is just too ineffective and Frank is trying to bring about prosperity by weeding out corruption through FICAC

  8. Bainimarma and Khayium ae the two biggest thugs.The earn over $1.4 million in salary. Day light roberry of taxpayers money.Both of you will be thrashed at the election.i taukei will never vote for you too. They will limurui both of you.

  9. I think the fact that he is popular among soldiers and not seen as a ‘hand puppet’ for Khaiyum and his greedy little cronies, it will help. If the public have the absolute hypocrisy to consider that pig Baini then considering Rabuka shouldn’t be an issue.

  10. It would seem claims of treason, corruption, nepotism and thuggery in Fiji only apply to those that go before you.

  11. We can only assume ‘Nabua Prince’ is a ‘bottom’ to Khaiyum and the Pig, which surprises me as I always though they and the people of Fiji were the ones taking it up the a*se.

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