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Shamima Ali doesn’t believe Fiji can afford the relocation costs and should be spending money on things like the health system.

Concern relocation of courts in Fiji will affect access to justice

Updated at  2:49 pm today


Women’s groups in Fiji are upset about the government’s decision to relocate the Courts to Veiuto, on the outskirts of Suva.

The move has come about as a result of the government’s plan to return parliament to the Government Buildings, near the centre of the city, in what will effectively be a straight swap.

The co-ordinator of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre says it will be much more difficult for people to get out to Veiuto where the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Family Law and Juvenile Courts will be relocated.

Shamima Ali says the government has explained it wants to improve public access to Parliament but she says the majority of people just want to put food on the table.

“Those issues of parliament don’t matter much, it should, but that is the privilege of the elite, you know who would go in and sit in and listen to parliament. The issues of justice and access to justice we believe is far more important because that is the only avenue a lot of people from the lower socio-economic bracket as well as women have.”

Shamima Ali doesn’t believe Fiji can afford the relocation costs and should be spending money on things like the health system.


14 thoughts on “Shamima Ali doesn’t believe Fiji can afford the relocation costs and should be spending money on things like the health system.

  1. the decision to relocate the parliament to government buildings and the courts to veiuto is a shitty one.
    it’s just to show the Bainimarama regime has been bringing about change.
    it’s waste time change.
    Is this the kind of rubbish change the regime is undertaking to build a new and better Fiji?
    what a farce!

  2. This is one of the many corrupt dealing of Khayium with A. Jan Construction who recently completed the total renovation of government buildings without any tender process. Now only few months after completion the building will again be changed to a parliament house. What a poor planning!
    Now another renovation so money will change hands. This is Muslim brotherhood making money.

  3. The regime is totally wasting taxpayers money.The health system is the worst in the history of Fiji. A visit to the hospital will reveal all. No experience doctors are to be seen. Long waiting time. Poor pay for doctors and nurses. Medical equipment bought as new but are refurbished one. Health centres are running with few medicine and only one doctor. ONLY basic medicine are available.
    However the P.S Eloni Tora gets a salary of $260,000 per annum.

  4. Fiji immediately needs an interim government to have a free and fair election. Otherwise the election will be rigged by Khayium.

  5. How much was Khayium paid by the chinese for the land transfer next to Garden City?
    This illegal government has scam after scam which is not been exposed by the media!

  6. Hey Peter, this deserves to be put on the main page, the destruction of academic freedom at all levels:

    Student activists were warned and threatened at Fiji’s University of the South Pacific ahead of a lecture series presented by the Indonesian government on Tuesday night.

    Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Director, Shamima Ali, said USP security guards, prompted by Special Branch officers, warned students not to wear or carry anti-Indonesian material.

    An activist said today students were told they “can be kicked out of the university” if they protested.

    The revelations came as Fijian artist Seru Serevi launched Rise Morning Star, a single calling for Indonesia to leave West Papua.

    It also calls for Pacific islanders to rally behind the people of West Papua to push Indonesia out.

  7. Student should rise before the regime. I wonder what they are taught. The professors and academic are no different.

  8. I am not surprised to know that Eloni Tora is a relative of Frank. No wonder he is paid $260,000.
    No wonder the morale of doctors and nurses is so low. Doctors are paid merely $24,000 per annum.

  9. the USP has become a disgrace under VC Rajesh Chandra. It has become a cesspool of conformism. The USP fat cats want everyone at the university – staff and students – to conform quietly to the diktats of the Bainimarama military regime.
    what a shame?
    A university by definition is a place for divergent views, of contested opinions – an agora.
    But not USP.
    It is a meow meow place!

  10. Why can’t USP students protest against the Indonesian Ambassador on university campus?
    I think the Indonesian Ambassador would be the first person to acknowledge the place of protest in society. After all it was protest on the streets by the Indonesian people that eventually “got rid of dictator Soeharto in 1998 and ushered in a new era of democracy” in Indonesia (‘Editorial: Indonesians decide today’ Jakarta Posts 9/4/2009).
    Witnessing a protest demonstration would be a very familiar sight for any Indonesian Ambassador because that’s something that happens in Indonesia all the time.
    So who’s agenda was the USP serving by denying the students their right to protest or worse threatening to kick them out of university as is being alleged?

  11. I gather Award giving has become a very in-thing in Fiji these days.
    If there is an Award for Bending over the USP VC Rajesh Chandra should get it .
    He is a clear contender for it.

  12. Is this a sign for a return to the old former emperialistic position? Me da sa yadra mada! sa rauta na lamulamu tiko me da sa duavata mada na veiwekani i -taukei.

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