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An unscientific poll

In the last 30 days (2Feb to 5 Mar) I had three NZ Fijians staying with me. One is a businesswoman in NZ and the others were her adult children. The nature of my business means I travel a lot throughout Viti and meet a wide range of both urban and rural citizens. I often spend up to eight hours at a time in a village or settlement.None of the people spoken to lived in Suva or Nadi  but most of  Viti Levu and Vanua Levu were covered.  I cannot be seen to be involved in politics but it was reasonable for my visitors to ask about other peoples opinions on how Fiji was going. We spoke to 432 people during this period and the results are below.


Support Frank and what he is doing.          ….   201                47%

Support  FLP                                                   32                8%

Support   SDL (SODELPA)                         …  142                 34%

Support another party                                    …17                    4%

Not willing to say                                           .  27                    6%

Not interested in politics                             …  13                      3%

A truely unscientific poll but an interesting snapshot. Two interesting comments kept occuring. If Qarase was still the head of the SDL he would have significantly more support in what appeares to be a form of sympathy vote. The younger new voters would vote for another party if it could capture their immagination but will vote for Frank rather than the “Old” parties.

Will try to get another snapshot in a couple of months.

PS. I  know the percentages above add up to 102% as the were individually rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Peter Firkin.


16 thoughts on “An unscientific poll

  1. Peter very interesting survey and looking forward to the next one when other political parties are given the opportunity to do their campaigns, where the deafs will hear and the blinds will see the truth of this illegal regime.

  2. Peter kindly please name the fijian businessman doing business in New Zealand. Bit of a surprise whenwhen Fijians down their generation haven’t learn how to cut hair and saw their own sulu leave alone doing business in New Zealand [seqa ni kerekere ni suka eke maqaijinamu]
    This survey is a Fark All and carries no substance.

  3. My man VB has the largest support.

    He will surely win the Elections fair and square for he stands for all races.

    He cares for all – rich or poor, entrepreneurs or workers, young or old.

    And he has provided a climate where all will thrive and have a prosperous life.

    A better Fiji for all.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  4. He assaulted women, he reduced pension for the old, he gave high paying jobs only to his soldiers, friends and members of his family, he abolished the 1997 constitution without the will of the people, he denied people their rights and freedom with his illegal decrees and the list goes on. So much for caring for the people. A worst Fiji for the majority. The worst PM ever.

  5. As I have been saying since this year, Bring the Elections on and this Regime will see WHAT PEOPLE’S POWER IS ALL ABOUT. You take our Basis rights away and you will pay the price

  6. Bainimarma and Khayium are the two biggest thug of Fiji. They each earn over $1.4 million in salary.Forgot about the money they earn from corrupt dealing. Bainimarma was paid by the chinese to acquire prime land for nothing next to garden city in Raiwai. These two have many scams like this deal with the chinese.
    The opinion poll is nothing then cooked up. i TAUKEI are not fools that they will vote Bai/ Khayium.
    Khayium has destroyed the i Taukei using Bai. i taukei will vote SOPDELA.
    Hindus will not vote Khayium. We do not want a Muslim state where people have no freedom of speech. One day these two will be taken to court.

  7. The 6% and 3% will vote for SOPDELA. Keeping quite means vote for SOPDELA. Fijian culture of keeping quite is dangerous.People are keeping quite for now as Fiji has no freedom of speech.

    So it makes it clear the SOPDELA will form the government with FLP.

  8. People of Fiji want to know the salary of Bai / Khayium? Why salary is processed by Nur Bano ( aunty of Khayium) ?

  9. That’s a more comprehensive poll that the dubious one done by the farcical regime propagandist Sun. It is interesting that the poll accounted bai as a leader and the others as parties without reference to their leaders. After 8 years in power bai only managed 47% even with a lot of vote buying and campaigning. The regime’s target of the youths seems to be paying off. The youths do not see too far so will not have the wisdom of hindsight and future vision to make up their still maturing minds. Its what they see and hear that form their perception of things. So the propaganda from the regime about old politicians is taking root in the youths minds.

  10. correction to typo above “That’s a more comprehensive poll than the dubious…….”

  11. I think the above poll reflects reality with a margin of error of ±5%.

    FB would get more support from FLP voters if MPC goes to jail as indians would not vote for Sodelpa.

    Hence, I would think FB would get around 60%, sodelpa 35% and 5% will be shared amongst others.

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