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Jakarta’s efforts to support the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in his campaign for reelection.

Fiji opposition group accuses Indonesia of interfering in local politics

Updated at 10:02 pm on  4 March 2014

Fiji’s main opposition grouping has accused Indonesia of interferring in Fiji’s internal politics.

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji claims a visit this week to Fiji by an Indonesian delegation and comments by the Indonesian Ambassador are part of Jakarta’s efforts to support the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in his campaign for reelection.

Indonesia’s Tabloid Jubi news site reports the UFDF’s Mick Beddoes saying Ambassador Aidil Chandra Salim’s media statements clearly show Indonesian support for Commodore Bainimarama’s campaign to win the upcoming election.

He says that this support and the Indonesian government’s recent gift of around 260 thousand US dollars to the Melanesian Spearhead Group are designed to quell moves within the MSG to grant membership to West Papuans.

The Indonesian embassy in Fiji has denied the accusations.

Fiji led a recent MSG fact-finding mission to Indonesia’s troubled eastern region of Papua.

The Fiji government says the Indonesian delegation currently in Fiji will participate in a public lecture to create awareness on autonomy and development in Papua region.

The delegation was planned after Vanuatu announced it would hold an international symposium on West Papua as an alternative to the January MSG mission.

Vanuatu says the mission didn’t accomplish the original objectives of MSG leaders in mandating it.

11 thoughts on “Jakarta’s efforts to support the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in his campaign for reelection.

  1. remember the mob from the Indonesia had denied they had murdered the Australian journalists after invading East Timor?
    Lying is part of the diplomatic tool.

  2. We read in The Australian (5/3) this excellent letter by Coke Tomyn.
    ” KGB thug Vladimir Putin has just invaded Ukraine, an independent country and a member of the UN. Putin, a master of the dark arts, won’t pay any attention to the UN, European leaders or the US. He is the tough guy and will do whatever it takes to again suppress Ukraine and continue his violent activity in an attempt to turn Ukraine into a vassal of Russia…”
    He goes on to say the Russian Ambassador to Australia who tried to justify the Russian invasion simply betray’s a “Soviet mentality”. He says the Ambassador needs to remember the Soviet Union has been consigned to “the dustbin of history”.
    What Tomyn says is true but we also need to remember old habits die hard. And atavistic totalitarian, anti-democratic tendencies remain a constant threat to democracy despite the demise of the old Soviet State.
    We need to keep a constant guard against such tendencies wherever it raises its ugly head.
    And we have already witnessed that totalitarian tendency and the denial of democratic rights and freedoms of the people in Fiji on more than one occasion.
    And, Fiji is not rid of it yet notwithstanding all the fanciful proclamations about “return to democracy elections”.

  3. We read this other good letter in the Age 5/3 by Malcolm McDonald in which he makes a telling criticism of the stance taken by the US, UK and Australia against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    He writes:
    “The US,UK and Australia condemning Russia for its partial invasion of Ukraine didn’t set a good precedent by invading Iraq on false intelligence and against a decision of the UN”.
    No they didn’t. What they did was wrong. But two wrongs don’t make a right. A wrong is a wrong. And, it must be condemned whenever it happens and whoever is the wrong-doer.
    In the case of Iraq the invading countries the US,UK and Australia were wrong. In the current case the invading country Russia is wrong.
    Let us remember to ALWAYS condemn what is wrong.
    The 2006 military coup in Fiji under the pretext of a “clean-up” was wrong.
    That wrong is still to be righted up till the present time.
    Fiji is still a country under military rule with the coup leader Frank Bainimarama and his right hand man Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum calling the shots on EVERYTHING.

  4. Vanuatu says the mission didn’t accomplish the original objectives of MSG leaders in mandating it.
    the aborted mission was led by the Fijian Foreign Minister and veteran coup player Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.
    Because Ratu Inoke had favoured the Indonesians by ensuring the original objectives of the mission – to get the facts of the plight of the West Papuans and their legitimate claim for self-determination – was sidetracked the Indonesians are rewarding the Bainimarama regime by throwing in its support for the regime’s electoral ambitions.
    The Indonesians would love to have the Bainimarama regime remain in power.
    No body gets any marks for guessing why!

  5. not only Indonesia
    Malaysia, Singapore, China would be supporting the Bainimarama regime as well because they know they can have good access to exploit Fiji’s resources and market.

  6. With so much mediocre, phoney, superficial and politically shallow reporting on the current Fijian political situation prevailing under the Bainimarama military government it is refreshing to read the perceptive and illuminating analysis by ABC’s Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney in his article ‘Fiji’s future far from certain, even with election’. ( 5 March, ABC The Drum).
    After reading his account I said to myself at last a journalist who has done his homework and got his reading on Fiji politics right!

  7. To Fiji Today FijiTodays Open Forum Blog….

    The heading of this Post is fallacious…is incorrect and makes a very wrong and big mistake

    “Jakarta’s efforts to support the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in his campaign for reelection”

    Bainimarama is not campaigning for reelection. IF HE WINS IT WILL BE THE FIRST TIME HE GETS ELECTED.

    The first time he entered PM Office he did it forcefully at the point of guns, deposed the legal Govt and imposed himself illegally against the will of the people. He is now a dictator…. If he wins in next election it will be the first times he gets elected and not re-elected…..re-election means it will be the 2nd time the people elect him…which is not true.

    Please clarify

  8. @ Amini

    Well said.

    Frank has never been, and is unlikely to ever be, elected the leader of anything.

    A born red-label sniffing, paranoid, lunatic. His scheming and cassava-patch betrayals will catch up with him one day. He is just trying to avoid justice.

  9. Come back to earth Lucas,The rating says it all,he has proven himself to the people and even Chaudary is finding ways to topple him come election.This man Chaudary is trying to consolidate party’s so they fight Frank as one party and this goes on to show how Frank rates

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