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Colonel Tikoitoga will have to try and de-politicise, and re-professionalise, the army

Hopes new Fiji military commander will be free of political influence

Updated 27 minutes ago

An academic says people of Fiji will be hoping that the new military commander will be utterly professional and have the tenacity to maintain a sense of independence from political influence.

The land force commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, is to become the country’s new military commander in a formal televised ceremony today.

The current commander, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, is stepping down so he can launch a political party and contest elections he has promised planned for September.

An Auckland University lecturer in Pacific studies, Dr Steven Ratuva, says Colonel Tikoitoga will have to try and de-politicise, and re-professionalise, the army

“And thirdly to try and build up the trust within the military – amongst the officers, and the rank and file. And also to be able to move the military forward to respond effectively to the demands of the state in a more democratic climate which Fiji presumably will have after the election. So the role of the military in the post- coup period and the post-election period would be very different.”

Auckland University lecturer in Pacific studies, Dr Steven Ratuva.


12 thoughts on “Colonel Tikoitoga will have to try and de-politicise, and re-professionalise, the army

  1. He will surely stand beside the Govt of the day and no one is to mess with the army,This means this same course that Frank has taken us unto will be continued

  2. Yes the course of a dictator. Dr that can only be achieved with an expatriate commander. These bastards are all the same.

  3. the new commander will be utterly useless in restoring the fiji military to its once noble professional status. he is the dictator’s man . his loyalty is to the dictator. that’s why he has been handpicked by the dictator.

  4. Tikoitoga has been selected for one single key competence: He is able to kiss Khaiyum’s butt 24/7 and will never tire doing so. His intelligence is at par with Frank’s, i.e. he is a complete moron. The good Dr Ratuva is delusional demanding a professional conduct from an idiot whose only interest is to get onto Aunty Nur’s payroll.

  5. the role of the Fiji military will be VERY SAME : to back the dictator in his democratic garb.

  6. Well i Taukei are to be blamed for the mess in Fiji.This time Khayium is using the military to achieve his goal. When will the military be apolitical?
    The military is very active in Fijian politics never ever seen before and this is likely to continue.

    i Taukei are self centred and like power as it is evident. Power is money! Who would have thought Bai form 4 fail would be sitting as P.M.The problem now is Khayium who like attention and power!
    Khayium is the mastermind. Now we i Taukei should come to senses and get together to throw these thugs out.

  7. Perhaps Steve is raising a challenge to the new commander. But obviously it will never happen as the new commander is part and parcel of the illegal regime.

  8. The underlying meaning of Dr. Steven Ratuva’s message is that Colonel Tikoitoga and his soldiers will not be bought by Khaiyum and his cronies like Bainimarama was bought. FijiToday hopes that the military will be more professional and ethical, more transparent and honest, and more subservient to a government fairly and democratically elected by the people who pay the commander and the soldiers.

  9. @ tualeita

    I wish that what you said is true. RUM once said the same words of his own loyalties, but he acted too early and too soon.

    The RFMF has been reduced to Khaiyum and Frank’s private security force.

    Perhaps there are loyal, more honorable officers left in what was once Fiji’s RFMF.

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