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Public Access?

Fiji’s parliament to return to original site in downtown Suva

Updated at  8:22 pm on  3 March 2014

Fiji’s parliament is being moved back to the Government Buildings in Suva, the original parliament and the building that was stormed in the first coup staged by the then Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka in 1987.

When the new parliamentary complex was built at Veiuto near the Domain in the early 1990s, the former legislative council chambers were turned into the Supreme Court.

The Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the return to Government Buildings will allow the public easy access to parliamentary proceedings.


7 thoughts on “Public Access?

  1. wow! the last parliament was not accessible to the public. that’s why speight and his thugs could enter the parliament so easily and hold the government hostage there with the assistance of the Fiji military !

  2. Expect a few more of these side shows. Just a bit of tactic to deviate attention away from Khaiyum’s real agenda which is rigging the elections in his favour.

  3. Public access? 7 years after the “clean up” coup the Sigatoka public toilet is still stinky and dirty!!

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