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Five Months to elections but appointment of Supervisor of Elections “not urgent”

Labour Party angry Fiji Elections Supervisor still not appointed


Updated at  8:22 pm on  3 March 2014

The Fiji Labour Party says the continuing delay in the appointment of a Supervisor of Elections appears to be part of a planned strategy to delay the election scheduled for September.

The chairman of the Electoral Commission, Chen Bunn Young, has been quoted in local media saying the appointment is not urgent, but Labour’s Mahendra Chaudhry says it should be the first priority of the commission.

Mr Chaudhry says without a Supervisor of Elections senior staff cannot be appointed and that delays logistical preparations for an election a little over five months away.

He says after the delays caused by the government trashing the Ghai constitution, this seems like another excuse to allow the postponing of the poll.

“Now we are told that the Electoral Decree and regulations are being formulated and everybody is busy doing that. Now the Supervisor of Elections should be a key figure in the formulation of this legislation but he is absent from the whole process so it is just very very suspicious.”


17 thoughts on “Five Months to elections but appointment of Supervisor of Elections “not urgent”

  1. Is Chaudhry suffering from a serious case of delusions of grandeur?

    Or is he manifesting symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder or both?

    DSM-1V characterises people of his ilk has one who is arrogant in attitudes and behaviour inter-alia one who is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, and power.

    Doesn’t the above characterise this egotistical idiot down to the last alphabet?

  2. All those wont change anything at all, I think its best to prepare for election rather than making a lot of noise Mr Chaudary.You can never beat any system which has genuine intensions and that is September elections

  3. It shows the stupidity and arrogance of the current government. May be they will appoint the Supervisor on Election day.

  4. what people complaining that it is being said by a regime running dog that the appointment of election supervisor is not urgent?
    arre yaar I say finis the election is not urgent!!
    the gang is power holding it only because the international partners require it.
    if they had it their way there would be NO elections!!

  5. We have no dignity, no pride, no spine and no guts. We just bend over and open our legs for the next rooting by Khaiyum. And this includes Chodo, Micky and the rest of the gang. With this regime you don’t achieve much by whining!

  6. Spineless Bunty strikes again. He is an overrated reprehensive individual and a phucking idiotic to boot. That’s ok they can keep doing their damage, but a time comes when we all answer for our deeds and reap what we sew.

    Do your worst Bunty. It will all be undone.

  7. If thats not urgent then what is? They are deploying all tactics to delay everything as time is fast approaching to face the real test which is not looking too good for the regime. This pattern would continue and also sweep the elections deadline in the same fashion and delay it. Alternatively they could be out to catch everyone unaware when the rules are laid late in the show and elections held suddenly and confusion reigns. The thugs will then try to run away with the elections.

  8. OK we have two Ratu Sai.

    So the one with the male picture to be Ratu Sai and the one with the female picture to be Ratu She

    Ok Ratu She?

    Good boy girl!


  9. @makeral

    That is Papa Pig’s favorite daughter and free rider who went to get the new plane from France so watch your mouth.

  10. we not interested in chorwa mahen’s views. he sided with the coup, and profited from it as finance minister, and stole $3m in donations the shameless, hypocritical bastard.

  11. LL.

    “We have no dignity, no pride, no spine and no guts. We just bend over and open our legs for the next rooting by Khaiyum”

    Well boy you seem to have a way with words, however crude it is, it is what it is.

    My fellow native brothers have lost the warrior spirit that their fore-bearers once had, I wonder what went awry.

    Maybe the bro’s have all taken to shoving funny objects up their rectosigmoid.

  12. @Ratu She

    Hehehehehehe ……………………….

    You little good for nothing stinking mouth ungrateful cockroach.

    Hear this …………….. my man VB will win the Election fair and square

    For majority of Fiji’s population have confidence in him and they know the roadmap he has drawn out will move Fiji to a brighter future.

    Vinaka VB my man.

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