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Combined Opposition may become a referendum on the 2006 – 2014 management of our country.

FLP,NFP,SODELPA coalition likely – Chaudhry

Publish date/time: 04/03/2014

With six months remaining for the general elections to be held in the country, Fiji Labour Party Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry said there is a high possibility that the FLP, National Federation Party and the Social Democratic and Liberal Party will have a coalition before the polls.

Chaudhry confirmed that talks are underway and there are positive signs that the three parties will contest the elections under one banner.

13 thoughts on “Combined Opposition may become a referendum on the 2006 – 2014 management of our country.

  1. MPC already has a coalition agreement with the PM and AG. I guess he doesn’t want to discuss that publicly.

    This is a smokescreen. The deal has been done. An FLP/ Frank/Aiyaz coalition.

    If I was NFP and SODELPA, I would strike an agreement as soon as possible.

    Mahen has already told Frank he can be PM in their coalition. I will reveal my sources id due course. You have been warned. A vote for FLP is a vote for Aiyaz.

  2. Good that is the way to fight the illegal regime. Also ensure that you purchase some arsenal for backup support..

  3. now belatedly the democratic opposition in fiji seems to have got its priority right.
    priority number one is to get rid of the Bainimarama dictatorship. he should be seen as the common enemy of democracy. everyone concerned to see the return to real democracy must transcend their petty personal rivalries and antagonisms to join forces to fight the common enemy. that is the logical way to proceed.
    keep that in the front of your minds people.

  4. Even if all this party’s combine with all the parties from NZ and Australia they will still fail in this election.Frank will be unbeatable.Just look at the latest polls,combine all together and they will not succeeed

  5. Under ‘It’s Civvy Street for Fiji ruler’ by Rowan Callick, The Australian, 4/3 we read ” The staunchly pro-government newspaper the Fiji Sun” claims an opinion poll gives Frank Bainimarama 79 % popular support.
    We have a better way of describing such a newspaper in local colloquial Hindi : it’s a regime “golli” newspaper.

  6. This is great news as it suggests to the voting public that none of these parties have any confidence in their individual ability to get much support.

    The present government must be laughing at the help Chaudhry is giving it.

  7. Khayium is working with S.G. sHARVDA Sharma full time as to the best way to rig the election.

  8. There is no honour among thieves aye Chaudhry?

    You my dear friend are no better than maggots.

  9. MPC aka FLP with other parties in a coalition! It must be the biggest joke after what the US ambassador said on wikileaks.

    MPC knows he will not win this one alone and like before he is willing to sleep with anyone just to be in power.

  10. Excellent. Sort out the minutiae later and be very clear that those in this alliance who perpetuated the coup values in the beginning must pay their penance… this is the only way to bring the illegal and regime down.

  11. As they say, out of the frying pan and into the fire. You get a new coalition government and the following four years of bitching and backstabbing between them all and nothing happening.

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