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Our super top heavy army has another Brigadier General

Former Fiji Police Comissioner promoted to higher military rank

                                                                From FIJI TV/FIJI SUN/PACNEWS

News Mon 03 Mar 2014


SUVA, Fiji — Former Fiji Police Commissioner has now been promoted to the rank of Major General, one of the highest ranks in the Fiji Military Forces.

Iowane Naivalurua, until recently held the position of Brigadier General, a position he was promoted to, back in 2009 when he was the Prisons Commissioner.

Fiji One News understands his promotion as Major General was gazetted last week.

Naivalurua’s contract as Police Commissioner expired last September and in January this year he was appointed Fiji’s Ambassador at Large.

He has just completed a week’s visit to New York that focused on UN peacekeeping activities leading the Fiji delegation to the United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations.

The last person who held that rank in the Military was former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka



24 thoughts on “Our super top heavy army has another Brigadier General

  1. no military personnel will benefit from the Bainimarama coup . here is another evidence of that!

  2. That the UN embraces these thugs with guns as ‘peacekeepers’ is just another indicator of how inept and useless the UN has become. Nothing but a waste of money farce. Achieves SFA.

  3. All this army blokes haven’t been to war, all they do is peace keeping hah hah hah, you figure the rest hah hah hah !!!!!!!!!!!7

  4. In his letter ‘new army commander ‘ in the Fiji Times 3/3 Bill Wadely of Queensland gives proof of his distorted understanding of the role of the Fiji Military in every coup in Fiji. In every coup the Fiji military conducted itself in a less than professional manner. If the military had stuck to its role as prescribed under the country’s constitution the country would have never been in the predicament it is today.
    Wadely’s attempt at glossing over the military’s debilitating role in the democratic life of the country betray’s his own personal leaning rather then an objective analysis of “the facts of our own history”.

  5. and how did Rabuka acquire that rank? wan’t it a bit like Idi Amin giving himself the Field marshall and all that sort of titles?

  6. Naivalurua is now going to be the Commander of UNDOF in the Golan Hgts. Hence the meteoric rise.

  7. Naivalurua willt akeover from Frank – that is why he has been appointed Major-General now

  8. Qo sega ni tamata vinaka ni veiliutaki, levu doka2, tabe2, buta2ko, lomaca, lamu2. Can’t differentiate between a military and a civil organisation. An arse hole.

  9. Next commander.
    These thugs must all be shoot. They are are waste of taxpayers money.

  10. Solution for the wasteful cost to Fiji of this promotions that will translate to higher cost to tax payers without added benefit is to get rid of the Fiji Military.

    Fiji Military is a huge dangerous liability to the country and its future.

  11. Has anyone ever done a cost benefit analysis of Fiji military costs ie are they actually economically productive??? the engineers do a lot of useful work and there is the UN work. Taxpayers are paying $80m a year is this military a burden or maybe we can downsize it to professional units ie engineer, reserves for peacekeeping (not full time), smaller force for internal security & the rest can fark off to the village and plant tavioka…… i am sicj and tired of paying tax for to sustain parasites!!!

  12. So be it Amini,It shows Fiji military’s credibility.Naivalurua is going to be Force Commander at UNDO F and that is great promotion for man like him.I think he has proven himself so to speak

  13. I wish there is a real war where you can witness the true character and leadership of Naivalurua. I remember working into his office one day, when suddenly he moved his head to his side as if he thought I was attacking him from behind. A man living in fear.

  14. A leader chosen to that position just shows how good he is.Don’t forget he is going to lead all other armies that a with UNDO F.This is a big promotion for him and Fiji’s leadership,It means a lot of credibility for the army

  15. Mack if the as ole is accepted to the post, it is because he has been nominated by the government of Papa Pig but and based on merit. Your rat bag of an army (FMF) has no credibility left.

  16. what combat mission has this guy been to, and his other colleagues? All they do is march around Fiji and threaten innocent citizens who do not have any access to arms whatsoever. Major-General ga ni veivutucici mai na QEB sa soli tiko qo. Just shove your rank up your dirty a’holes!!

  17. How can the UN be using human rights abusers as farking ‘PEACEKEEPERS’?? Is the UN totally farked??

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