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Fiji Times bio of Mick Beddoes

A level playing field

Nasik Swami Monday, March 03, 2014

TODAY, The Fiji Times endeavours to take you, our reader, on a journey of discovery into the life of a former politician, Millis Beddoes — better known as Mick Beddoes.

We hope to make this a regular part of our political updates, talking to aspiring politicians and former politicians, giving you an indepth knowledge of what makes them tick, their hopes and aspirations.

Name: Millis M Beddoes

Date of birth: 3/7/1951

Place of birth: Lautoka

Children: Three children and two grandchildren

Occupation: Businessman

Political party: SODELPA

Political background:

Mr Beddoes was first elected to Parliament in 2001 and appointed Opposition Leader in November 2001 until December 2003 when he resigned after the FLP withdrew its bid to join the SDL Multi-Party cabinet and returned to the opposition benches.

He was re-elected for a second time in May 2006 and reappointed Opposition Leader in June 2006. He held the position until the December 5 coup.

Mr Beddoes was president and founding member of the United People’s Party for 15 years until it was wound up following the introduction of the new Political Parties Decree. He also previously held various positions in other political parties including the Alliance Party, All Nationals Congress, General Electors Association and the General Electors Party, which changed its name to United People’s Party.

Views on Fiji’s progress towards elections:

Mr Beddoes said the Bainimarama government has had eight years of effective control of the country since December 5, 2006.

He said Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has had more than enough time to prepare for the general election. He questioned why with six months left until the 2014 polls, there was no Electoral Act, Supervisor of Elections and other basic fundamentals in place.

He said a government should be able to plan and conduct free, fair and transparent elections within 24 months.

Plans to contest the general election:

Mr Beddoes confirmed he has applied to be considered a candidate for the Social Democratic Liberal Party 2014 election line-up and preferred not to make any further comment as the selection process was already on the way.

Political plans:

Mr Beddoes said after his first term in parliament from 2001 to 2005 he had decided that he would only serve a maximum of two terms but after re-election in 2006 he started making plans to identify someone to take over from him.

He said he still felt he had a lot to contribute and after the 2014 election the real clean-up campaign would begin. Mr Beddoes said he still had the mental capacity, strength, experience and political will to help SODELPA bring back democracy.

Views on Fiji’s political situation:

Mr Beddoes said Fiji’s politics on a good day was difficult to understand.

He said he hoped for a level playing field to emerge before the voting begins.

Mr Beddoes said the path ahead for those who wanted a return to democracy would be tough, treacherous and dangerous.

Areas of focus:

Mr Beddoes said he was not aware of any comprehensive research undertaken that could tell the impact of coups on society and in particular the stress on families over loss of jobs or decline in business.

He said coups in turn reduced family income that often created domestic disputes, and a generally-increased level of emotional stress on families related to poverty, alcoholism, suicide, physical abuse and family break-ups.

Mr Beddoes said he wanted to fix the coup problem once and for all.

Mr Beddoes said Fijians were burying their heads in the sand and hoping that with the passing of time things would work out.

He said Fijians cannot and must not allow coups to keep happening because each time they do, it was the law abiding citizens that were subjected to cruel, demeaning and degrading treatment.

Mr Beddoes said he would also focus on getting all parties and stakeholders to sit down after the election.

In addition, he would also focus on job creation and poverty alleviation.

12 thoughts on “Fiji Times bio of Mick Beddoes

  1. right now the focus should be on one thing only : how the democratic opposition can band together to boot out Bainimarama and his cronies. all else is secondary.

  2. In the last eight years Beddoes has just been a critic but it has no effect whatsoever on Frank and his Govt so I can say he is just useless because he has proven be to just that.Frank has turned to be a real savior of the people

  3. Mr Mick one thing all Fijians should know if their is NO INTERIM Government to take Fiji to election. The election will not be free and fair under the illegal regime.

    Khayium will manipulate and rig the election. It is a waste of time and money for everyone.

  4. Anon and Mack

    Fiji Public Service Association election was held in Labasa. Where are all i taukei members? Why can’t they stand for election? i taukei are majority members in FPSA.

    Why cannot an i Taukei stand against Rajeshwar Singh the current General Secretary OF FPSA. He is now 70 years but still loves the money and benefit. The election is coming up!

    Salary – $160,000, discovery – vehicle, housing allowance – $2000 per month, per diem, overseas travel etc etc.,

  5. Mick at the very least has lived according to his principles unlike most opportunists around today.

  6. Ratu Sai

    Can atleast one i Taukei member of FPSA stand against Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA.

  7. Ratu Sai

    Please get one i Taukei who is a member of FPSA to stand against Rajeshwar Singh.

    Brother the takeover of FPSA must start as the majority members are i Taukei.

  8. Who ever did a profile of Micky mouse Beddoes did a very poor job. So much of Fijian journalists at the Fiji Times.
    Hard questions were never asked/where is all the investigative skills of Journalists/What the hell is USP School of journalism teaching>>>>tabetabe and masi polo leaders.

    Questions such as :
    1) Now that he wants to contest, How many woman has this fat arse been fucking around with?
    2) How much pension as a former politician has he earned in the last 7 years?
    3) Is he justified receiving tax payers dollars in the last 7 years?
    4) What work has he done for the people in the last 7 years rather than just being a paper tiger and bad mouthing every good thing the government has done?
    5) Remember when he first joined the parliament, some 100 of his workers at Sun Tours in Nadi were laid off because they joined a trade union?

    Why the fuk cant the Fijian journalists dig all these to thoroughly scrutinized all potential election candidates/leaders in Fiji.

    What the fuk is wrong with sucker NASIK SWAMI?

  9. how come some arsehole has “hard questions” only for Mick Beddoes? where have you been with your hard questions all this time? you a thug from the military?

  10. Mick is a gifted politician and successful business. if given the opportunity to lead the country he will do wonders.

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