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Professor Wadan Narsey: Voters must ask all political parties what their policy would be on EDUCATION


Education Issue 1:    Free Pre-schools.
One of the Bainimarama Government’s good measures is that all students at primary and secondary school are able to obtain a certain minimum funding from tax-payers.  However, the funding should begin from pre-school.
I have shown in these two articles here, that the major beneficiaries of pre-school education are the poorest students whose homes do not have a good learning environment.  Moreover, the benefit that poor children receive at Pre-school or Early Childhood education, persist through later years of education. https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/pre-schools-and-the-poor-the-fiji-times-5-may-2003/ https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/free-pre-schools-for-the-poor-the-fiji-times-30-july-2010/
Another gender benefit of ensuring free pre-school for poor and middle class children is that their mothers will be able to use the available time for income earning or professional development or much-earned leisure activities.
Voters should ask all political parties what their policies will be on

All areas of  Fiji (rural and urban) where certain minimum numbers (to be decided by education stakeholders) of pre-school age children are located, should be funded to provide
(a) proper pre-school classrooms and teaching materials
(b) pre-school teachers, preferably qualified, with unqualified teachers where absolutely necessary, with programs to ensure that they become qualified over time.
(c) attendance should be totally free Education Issue 2:    Re-establish national examinations at schools at Year 8, Form 4, Form 6 and Form 7
The Bainimarama Government made a decision to phase out all national examinations.
I have previously explained the damaging consequences of this decision, here:
https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/national-examinations-you-dont-know-what-you-have-got-till-it-is-gone-the-fiji-times-27-february-2010/ https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/mr-bole-school-principals-and-the-ending-of-national-examinations-letter-to-the-editor-31-oct-2013-not-published/ https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/ending-of-examinations-not-an-achievement-letter-to-editor-2-feb-2014-published-4-feb-2014/ Voters should ask all political parties what their policies will be on
(a)  Restoring the national examinations at Year 8, Form 4, Form 6 and Form 8.
(b)  retaining and strengthening the scarce curriculum, examinations and assessment staff at the Min of Education.
(c) Insist that the results of the national examinations are not used to “push” students out of the education system but to guide them in their areas of weaknesses and strengths and guide them into labour-market oriented training that suits their skills.
Education Issue 3:     Lift Retirement Age from 55 to 60
One of the negative policies implemented by the Bainimarama Government has been the compulsory enforcement of the retirement age at 55.
This policy has not been applied to Bainimarama himself or to some members of his family or key supporters.
This policy has meant disastrous effects in schools and in many other parts of the civil service.
In education, qualified and experienced persons in senior positions in the education system as Head Teachers and Assistant Head Teachers, Heads of Departments and education experts in the Head Office, have been forced to retire and replaced by inexperienced persons.
Some have been renewed for short periods, but at the discretion of the Minister or higher up, often depending on “who you know”.
To add insult to injury, some retirees have been offered to other Pacific countries to assist with their shortages, raising the question: why is Fiji offering their services which they do not want themselves? https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/55-year-retirement-policy-by-bainimarama-government-24-oct-2013/ Voters should ask all political parties what their policies will be on
(a) Lifting the retirement age for all civil servants to 60
(b) with annual renewals thereafter depending on satisfactory medical examinations.
Education Issue 4:     Schools must be allowed to raise funds independently, in addition to receiving the grants they currently receive.
I have explained previously in a Letter to the Editor, the irrationality of the Ministry of Education policy decision that schools must not raise funds independently. https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/an-irrational-education-policy-letter-to-ed-24-january-2014/ Voters should ask all political parties what their policies will be on allowing all schools to
(a) raise funds that the school management feel is necessary to achieve the standards that that they wish for, with the approval of the majority of the parents
(b) giving those parents who do not wish to take part in such fund-raising to go to other schools of their choice. Education Issue 5:     Education scholarships
While 600 scholarships are being offered to students completely on merit, indigenous Fijians, females and other minority groups  may not get a balanced proportion of these scholarships.
Voters must ask all political parties what their policy would be on
(a) Making available additional scholarships that ensures a reasonable degree of  ethnic and gender balance in the total scholarships made available, especially for the important fields in which Fiji will require expertise into the future.
(b) that there be  equity between those who receive scholarships and those who receive loans, with bonding requirements be the same for all categories of students assisted at tertiary level. Source: http://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/election-issues-bulletin-2-education-27-february-2014


21 thoughts on “Professor Wadan Narsey: Voters must ask all political parties what their policy would be on EDUCATION

  1. Here is what I know.

    The FLP and Bai’khai are strongly linked.

    Chordry accepted a position under Bhai.

    Chor and Kai have made a pact. The idea is that FLP will get the majority of the indo-Fijian vote. Bai/Khai will get a percentage of the kai viti vote, by bribing villages and getiing enough on side to have the numbers to form a coalition.

    Why have they not prosecuted Chor? Because they need him to win the election.

    Why was RPC not prosecuted? Because they need to keep Chor on side.



    DONT VOTE BAI AND DONT VOTE FLP. Unless you want the corruption to continue.

    One day the phone records will shoe just how often Khaiyum and Chor speak. Birds of a feather flock together.

    If the FLP don’t remove Cjor, then a vote for FLP will be a vote for Bai/Khai, simple.

  2. That is supported by what Felix Anthony said previously:


    Last weekend – according to Felix Anthony -delegates to the Labour Party conference in Nadi were treated to the unedifying spectacle of an undemocratic stitch-up. He says that Mahendra Chaudhry – Labour’s Secretary General – at first agreed to defer a vote for the party’s executive positions but then went ahead and conducted it using the signatures of “cronies” gathered by his son. In a statement headed “Fiji Labour Party No Longer Represents Workers”, Anthony launches a blistering attack on his former ally. He accuses Labour of being caught in a “quagmire of deceit, dishonesty and hypocrisy.” And he portrays Mahendra Chaudhry as a dictator determined to turn his back on the party’s grassroots and establish a family dynasty in which power is handed to his son.

  3. I agree

    We indo-Fijians need a leader who is not Chor or Khaiyum.

    Vote PDP or anyone other than the FLP.

    They will use MPC as a way to legitimise the coalition from hell. Aust and NZ will see MPC and think all was fair and proper. It will then be too late. MPC will be a puppet. He does not care. He will do whatever you want if there is money in it.

    Like it or not, MPC and RPC are with Khaiyum and Bai. Otherwise they would be in gaol. These two Chors are more useful to them on side.

  4. Poll question: should asha lakhan be allowed to make conjugal visits when mahenwa is put in jail?

  5. With 3 universities in Fiji and the number of graduates coming out of these universities being unemployed, i am told it is 10,000 at present – Any talk of lifting the retirement age to 60 is INSANE.

    Where will these highly educated, young graduates go?

    People who have worked for civil service should be retired at 55 so as to enable young, more educated, perhaps more honest workers to provide services to the public.

    The retires could look at other opportunities such as small business, farming, poultry etc.

  6. Now degree in Fiji is very easily available. Pay your fees and get a degree. Pay for medical degree at FNU or University of Fiji and one will get degree after 5 years. This is also for dental degree at FNU.
    The quality of graduates coming out of Fiji is a joke. I know you pay for dental degree at FNU and you get it. Most of them do not even know the work. Big dental scam at FNU. Mos tof the lecturers are not even qualified.

  7. KTF,

    The Fiji Sun is only reporting facts, a poll two years ago had Frank at 98.6% preferred PM and people support.

    So it has even out slightly, but it will rise again as elections nears.

    Seventy-nine percent is something to sneezed at.

    The Fiji Sun is by far a superior news agency.

  8. Very good article in the Sun. With this kind of popularity we should just move on and stop wasting money for election. McCully and Bishop have already accepted the rule of Khaiyum and his RFMF, so why do we have to go through all these hoops and expose our beloved country to criticism with regard to how the election is managed. Let us all rally behind our great leader, our beloved Khaiyum!

  9. KTF.

    There is nothing fallacious about the poll, infact it truly reflects the peoples desire to have Frank as their leader.

    I do believe you and your ilk ought to cease your anti-Bainimarama campaign because Frank is the peoples PM.

  10. The CCF chief executive Akuila Yabaki’s interpretation of the new laws decreed for the protection of the iTaukei land could be wrong as Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum points out in his letter ‘CCF flaws’ in the Fiji Times (3/3). But as the leader of an independent, non partisan NGO Akuila has every right to voice his views on this important issue.
    I do not know if by doing so he is conducting himself as “politicians playing fear politics” or “gearing up for a political career” as Aiyaz insinuates.
    I doubt it though that at his age Akuila would abandon his believe in democratic politics and embrace the politics of fear.
    We all know who have done that since the 5 December 2006 takeover of government in Fiji and imposition of rule by decree.
    And we also know who all have made a political career for themselves with all the perks that go without it – without any reliance on any democratic process.
    Aiyaz needs to ask himself how he has become Attorney General and Minister for Justice?

  11. Once again Wadan Narsey demonstrates his inability to to view anything in other than an academic perspective.

  12. Wadan my frend, why don’t you stand for elections and let the people decide. Or are you having cold feet because u lost badly in 1999.

    One proplem with academics is that they like to criticise everything but provide no or little solutions.

  13. The Fijian people should only ask themselves as to what Govt will defeat Franks service delivery style,which I doubt any will beat

  14. truce up!
    how has Aiyaz advanced his political career?
    that is the question
    not what might be CCF ceo’s political ambition.
    that’s just wild speculation
    the kind only a mediocre lawyer like Aiyaz would engage in

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