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Least we forget.

US Ambassador Larry Dinger to Washington on Chaudhry – another “shadowy figure” (Wikileaks cable):

“Chaudhry, former PM deposed by the 2000 coup and still head of the FLP, phoned today to let the Ambassador know he intends to accept Bainimarama’s offer of the Finance, Public Enterprises, and Sugar Reform portfolios. He put it in terms of having to move Fiji forward and get back to democracy ASAP. When the Ambassador noted how disastrous the past coups had been for Fiji and for Chaudhry personally on two occasions, Chaudhry suggested this coup is different because the Qarase Government was so awful. “Fiji could not have survived another five years.” The Ambassador reiterated the USG view of coups, including this one, and reminded Chaudhry of the visa ban announcement. The Ambassador also urged Chaudhry to exert any influence he has on the Commodore to end abuses by the RFMF against the public. He said he intends to do so. It is increasingly obvious that Chaudhry, leader of the FLP that lost the 2006 elections by a relatively small margin, has been another of the “shadowy figures.” Chaudhry is a puzzle. If Bainimarama’s instruction holds that all ministers in the interim government will be forbidden from running in the next election, then Chaudhry seemingly is giving up elective politics. For someone with politics in his blood, that must be a shock. One wonders if Chaudhry has wrangled an exception from the general rule for himself. On the other hand, it is hard to see how Chaudhry could calculate that the FLP’s collusion with Bainimarama can lead to a win in the next elections in any case. The FLP’s base is the ethnic-Indian community, which has shown some support for the coup; however, to win an election the FLP must win significant votes from the ethnic-Fijian community that reportedly is very unhappy with the coup. Another possible explanation for Chaudhry’s decision is that he calculates the interim administration will be in place for quite a few years.


8 thoughts on “Least we forget.

  1. “Can the Indian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?”

    Rapacious creatures must never be believed for they are the by product of a corrupt society.

  2. Can a Fijian change his hair texture,(unless you are a half caste tongan) his love for his chief like masi polo,Can a fijian think with his own mind that no coup is a good coup…

    Can the methodists preachers now preach that no coup is a good coup…hahahaa

  3. Chor is a shadowy figure indeed as is his son. RPC would not pass Australian school exams let alone law. Both of them should do Fiji a big favour – shut up and Fark off

  4. I hope rajendra chaudary will read this because he speaks of good governance, rule of law etc when his father was the main culprit.

  5. @Vinay

    RP Chordhary, chor M P ChorDhary ka beta is often speaking from his rear on good governance and rule of law.

    He is a rapist lawyer banned from practicing on Fijian soil

  6. a simple power hungry and opportunist person….FLP should dump him long time ago….he is a liability to Fiji….although an excellent negotiator, his politics are of yesteryear….

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