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It is to be hoped that these (400 Decrees) will all be reviewed

Next Fiji government should review military decrees: New Zealand Law Society
Xinhua | 2014-2-26 18:01:13 By Agencies

Fiji’s first democratically elected government in more than eight years will have to deal with more than 400 decrees issued by the military regime when it takes power later this year, New Zealand’s top legal body said Wednesday.
The Pacific island nation was showing encouraging signs of a return to democracy, but it was equally important that the country showed progress to restoring a system of balance between the government, courts and the executive, said the New Zealand Law Society.
The basic levels of democracy and the rule of law should be guaranteed by the Fijian Constitution, which was released in September 2013, convenor of the Law Society’s Rule of Law Committee, Austin Forbes, said in a statement.
“However, the Law Society will be an interested observer on how the new government will deal with over 400 decrees made by the military government since 2006. It is to be hoped that these will all be reviewed,” said Forbes.
The Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group, chaired by New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, issued a statement following a visit to Fiji earlier this month, welcoming “significant progress” towards democracy in Fiji.
New Zealand was among a group of Pacific nations that imposed sanctions on Fiji after the military takeover in 2006.
The Fijian government has pledged to hold elections in September.
Human rights groups say the Fijian authorities have been violating rights in the run-up to the elections with attempts to limit free speech, the right to protest and targeting of non- governmental organizations, trade unions and political parties to restrict public debate

9 thoughts on “It is to be hoped that these (400 Decrees) will all be reviewed

  1. The elected government (apart from Papa Pig if he wins) will have to review a lot of things and that may even include the Constitution.

  2. These clown in NZ have no idea what they are taking about. Apparently they assume that the opposition will have a chance to win elections and then get the opportunity to repeal Khaiyum’s legal framework. It is amazing that even smart legal eagles in NZ fall for the razzmatazz staged by Khaiyum.

  3. All the 400 decrees and the constitution must be throw out with all CEO/ P.S in the current illegal government.

    For this reason, no interim government as they will rig the election and then legalize all the decrees.

    Fiji must have an interim government otherwise the thugs will return.

    The brotherhood is puring money to Bainimarma and selling the Fijians.

    Khayium and Sharvada Sharma must be cleaned up!

  4. The new government should repeal all the decrees. Then reinstate the constitution and adopt the “good” aspects of the CCF. They should remove the offensive parts (like judicial selection- which removes the separation of powers), ramp up the immunity provisions and then make some room in Naboro for a whole cast of new inmates.

    Forget reviewing the decrees. They were drafted by lawyers lacking skill. They are basically debauched cut and paste jobs from other jurisdictions. Gates and Shameem are shit lawyers. The decrees are a joke.

  5. No Immunity – yes there is reason to throw out all the decrees because the basis for their existence is illegal! It simply was a host of laws dictatorially enforced on the people to protect the regime’s illegal order. The test of freedom and equality before the law will be seen when Bainikaiyum’s leadership comes into play under this stage-managed election. What we are currently witnessing is the birth of an Indonesia-style setup where a military aligned government takes complete control of the country’s affairs! It has been happening for the past 7 years since Frank’s illegal takeover. It is also what Frank, Khaiyum, Gates, Shameem & co. have been working on, in order to protect their asses. Its about the escape route as well. – the self-styled constitution and this election are managed for that purpose! Being declared illegal in 2009, the only ploy was to usher in a style of government that protects them and the military. The immunity provision and military’s power to veto any elected government proves that! These schemes were all orchestrated in an undemocratic way – people were not free to express their opposition and were intimidated if they did. To concoct a style of government that centers on the right of the military and not the right of the people is Bainikaiyum & Co’s best way of escaping. But all will be undone when the legal basis of all the decrees including the constitution will be challenged!

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