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Government interference in the “Independent” Electoral Commission

Fiji political parties call for Attorney General to keep away from electoral office

Updated at 10:19 am today

A political grouping in Fiji is calling on the Attorney General to stay away from the Electoral Commission, after he called for the sacking of staff.

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is interfering with the election process and Commodore Bainimarama should sack him for misconduct.

The comments follows the police interviewing Electoral Commission employees over a missing laptop from the office.

The Criminal Investigation Department said it was trying to recover the laptop, while the Commission chairman, Chen Bunn Young, said an internal investigation was underway.

Mr Sayed Khaiyum says the laptop contains sensitive information and the two employees allegedly involved should be sacked immediately.

But Mick Beddoes, from the UFDF, says it’s for the commission to decide on the course of action, and Mr Sayed-Khaiyum clearly has not come to terms with the independence of the commission, and wants to influence its direction.


25 thoughts on “Government interference in the “Independent” Electoral Commission

  1. This as ole AG just cannot keep his nose out of where he has no business. The employee comes under the purview of the Commission who have to follow disciplinary procedures.

  2. People of Fiji must know that if their is no interim government then the election will be rigged by Khayium.

    This is fact.

  3. Bumm Young is just another treasonous junta slurper. He will do what he is told by khaiyum.

  4. RT Sari and anon stop dreaming,just leave this things as it is and there will be an election in September,otherwise you will regret when there will be no election huh

  5. Important neighbours like NZ and Australia and international community are looking forward to the election and new democratic government .

    All Fijians are looking forward to election.

    No one including the government of the day will stop this election .

  6. The current weather , dengue etc etc is a curse on the country due to the suffering of the people by an illegal regime.

    When people suffer in silence such natural disasters will happen and more sufferings will happen.

  7. Young (chairman) was investigated by FIRCA for tax evasion?

    He was charging his customers $10,000 but making receipt for $5000.

    With all chinese customers case dealings!

    All chinese type mafia and thugs rule in Fiji!

  8. in Fiji all qualified people have left or are leaving as they get an opportunity.

    They are being replaced by non speaking chinese who will screw the country’s cultural and traditional aspect way of life.

    The KINGPIN in the Immigration department of Fiji is one KARL SAKUISA who is full time only handling chinese application for resident permit or work permit.


    Sack the bitch who stole the laptop or took it home without lawful authority.

    It’s just common sense.We dont need parasites in elections office but honest hardworking officers.

    So what the fuk is micky mouse fat mouse talking about?

  10. Mick you are clearly delusional! Calling for the Honorable Khaiyum to stay out of the election is like demanding him declaring his assets and income. It just won’t happen. If you want your piece of the cake, come on board with Khaiyum and his RFMF friends, Fiji produces enough wealth for all of us leaders getting seriously rich. Stop wasting your time on lost causes. The population does not mind to be creamed off, as long as we throw them a few crumbs.

  11. I said this finis the bastard should not be allowed any where near the electoral office. the first thing that should happen to give the elections any credibility is for the bastard to be sacked as Minister for elections!
    all political parties should make that an indispensable , non negotiable demand
    let the public record show such a demand has been made

  12. Aunty Nur
    You are absolutely right. Julie Bishop has already told Khaiyum and his RFMF that Australia has made peace with their rule. From now onwards the relationship between Oz and Fiji will be driven by mutual interests such as asylum seeker management, regional matters and trade. Guys like Mick just refuse to see where the train is travelling too and therefor puffs himself up a bit.

  13. Stay on the train to hell if you like mate. Someone has to speak out against the injustices done to the people of Fiji. Mick is the only voice left that offers any opposition to this oppressive regime. You be like Aussi and Julie Bishop, back down from a so called “principled stand”, reward terrorism with an extended hand and admit defeat. The elections will be rigged and they don’t give a damn!

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