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Hearing date set for appeal by Qarase


Publish date/time: 25/02/2014 [17:01]

A hearing date has been set today by the Chief Justice Anthony Gates for the Supreme Court appeal made by the former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase on his sentence and conviction.

In court today, Qarase’s Counsel, Tupou Draunidalo said that in the last court sitting, she and her client were going to contact overseas counsels to take over the appeal instead of a local counsel.

Draunidalo requested if the appeal could be put to the next session after the April sitting.

FICAC lawyer, Rashmi Aslam also told Chief Justice Gates that they are also not ready and need more time.

Chief Justice Gates told Draunidalo to be ready to appeal and she should also know her grounds of appeal.

He said the lawyers have a lot of time to prepare.

Chief Justice Gates then asked Draunidalo when was the last court sitting.

She said it was around February last year.

He gave them time to prepare their submissions before the hearing kicks off on the 1st of April, this year.

Meanwhile the Fiji Court of Appeal dismissed an application to quash the sentence and conviction of Qarase in May last year.

Story by: Tokasa Rainima

2 thoughts on “Hearing date set for appeal by Qarase

  1. Qarase, the jail bird, who favoured kaisi lauans to buy shares in Fijian Holding Limited and then later as PM, converted a $20 million to FHL into a grant.

    So the FHL profits for that year increased and these bastard lauans were paid huge dividends, including crook Qarase, his beautiful wife, Leb and his cildren

    A master conman who got caught.

    He should have been jailed for more than 5 years based on the severity of the offence.

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