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Chaudhry applies for case to be quashed

17:40 Today

Mahendra Chaudhry appeared in court today

Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Shanal Sivan

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has applied to quash proceedings against him in the High Court.

Chaudhry is charged with three counts relating to alleged breaches of the Exchange Control Act

It’s alleged between November 2000 and July 2010 Chaudhry kept over one million Australian dollars,  without the consent of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

This afternoon in the High Court, his lawyer, Queen’s Counsel Guy Reynolds from Sydney argued that there was no proper consent for Director of Public Prosecutions to institute the proceedings.

Reynolds also says charges against his client were incorrect, as several charges were put in one count.

The matter continues tomorrow before judge Justice Paul Madigan.


9 thoughts on “Chaudhry applies for case to be quashed

  1. Justice Paul Madigan is a supporter for the illegal regime.He is Khayium’s boy as I work for the judiciary.

    He is biased and will surely give sentence to Chaudhry on the advise of Khayium.

    He must be send back to his country.

    The judiciary is a circus.

  2. Mahend chor has admitted he has millions abroad. This is not about AG, Paul Madigan oor IG.

    Mahend lied and must be taken to task. If a poor guy can go to jail for petty theft, why not Mahend.

    Mahend is running scared. He is able to afford QC. He lied about his performance as PM taking credit for sugar cane production and higher visitor arrivals. The cane crop was already for harvesting when he was elected in May.

    He even lied about higher sugar cane price when it was for the year before.

    The lies of the so called bhagwan has finally come to roost.

  3. Khayium and Paul Madigan are biggest thugs.

    They are illegally running the country for 8 years.

    Their time will come.

    Mahen was democratically elected P.M. of Fiji.

    Khayium is the biggest thug and paying over $1.3 million in salary alone. So in 8 years he has earned cool $ 8 million. Forgot about the commission etc from Aunty Nur etc etc.

    Khayium is robbing the taxpayers money. He should be the one in the court.

    Mahen never stole from the people of Fiji.

    Paul Madigan should pack up and fuck off to his country.

    Otherwise he will not even be able to ran.

  4. The regime knows that Mahen is a threat like Qarase to their political wish.

    So this is the way to send them out of politics.

  5. Whatever you say Mahen needs to be taken to task,he almost took over FSC through the Growers council politics.There are a lot of lies that a still questioned by the farmers of Fiji

  6. In Fiji like in Russia the court does not follow the law
    it follows orders
    any guesses on who gives the orders?

  7. MPC is chor.

    Indians will not vote for him.

    Do a poll amongst indians and it will be clear that FLP will be wiped out.

    We need a party that appeals to all not just one race.

    Lavenia padarath and a few others are just like pictures on the wall for MPC and FLP. Its window dressing.

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