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While the PM rants about the good investment enviroment the Casino, the most valuable license to print cash in Fiji, cannot raise the money to proceed.

One Hundred Sands here to meet

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The Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, will meet officials of One Hundred Sands this week to discuss the delays in their casino project. Mr Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed that One Hundred Sands had paid the fine of US$100,000 per month for the delays in construction. Under the terms of the licence, One Hundred Sands will be required to pay the Fijian Government a US$100,000 penalty each month that the project remains incomplete, beginning October 1, last year. In December 2011, One Hundred Sands wasgranted Fiji’s first-ever exclusive casino licence. It was to build a five-star luxury casino resort on Denarau Island, in partnership with the Snoqualmie Tribe from the US. The groundbreaking ceremony for this US$290 million project was held in April, 2012, on Denarau Island.Last year the company acquired new land for the casino outside Denarau. The opening of the casino was set for October last year. To date there has been no construction.


7 thoughts on “While the PM rants about the good investment enviroment the Casino, the most valuable license to print cash in Fiji, cannot raise the money to proceed.

  1. A really interesting case, this casino project. While the local banking sector in Fiji is awash with liquidity, 100 Sands cannot find finance for a gambling investment that would normally be considered a no-brainer. Banks and private investors are certainly rating Fiji’s sovereign risk as extremely high, and this will remain so until the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary have been established again. In the meanwhile, investors can only seek protection by bribing Khaiyum directly. This may be good enough for some fly-by-nights, a bank cannot lend to larger projects without a government guarantee.

  2. You are right Aunty.

    Why pay graft and bribes to Aiyaz and Frank only to see them lose the lection. They would then need to grease a whole new set of hands or watch their approval withdrawn when the decrees come down like a house of cards. The gov guarantee goes with it.

    One person might invest, but a board of directors would run the risk of breaching their directors duties if they go any further. Foreign investors are all waiting to see what the Baikai show does next.

  3. Here’s something for all you folks – the way some India Indians say that it sounds like here’s something for all you fucks! – who have been defending the view that wages should be kept to the minimum to ensure “international competitiveness”. This includes some people who are managing the C4.5 blog site.
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  4. My advise to government is to terminate the casino . this is evil and sin in GODs eyes. we don’t want our Fiji to be cursed !

  5. Lots of things are a sin in gods eyes but you losers and deadbeats ignore most of what you preach.

    It’s evil to rape your own children but you do it.

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