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SODELPA woman’s list strong on known names.

Ex-state minister leads SODELPA women council

February 21, 2014 05:16:16

Former state minister in the prime minister’s office, Losena Salabula, has been chosen to lead the Social Democratic Party’s women council.

Salabula was elected interim president at the party’s first women’s forum held at the Fijian Teacher’s Association hall this afternoon.

She will be assisted by former executive director and former Women’s Ministry CEO, Emele Duituturaga- Jale.

Former assistant minister for Fijian Affairs, Culture, and Heritage, Nanise Nagusuca, has been appointed as interim secretary to be assisted by former mid-wife and matron Loraini Ba. Former bank officer, Semaema Qaqanilawa is the council’s interim treasurer.

Also in attendance at the forum this afternoon was SODELPA interim president Ro Teimumu Kepa, wife of the former Prime Minister, Leba Qarase, and Alisi Saumatua, the wife of former Minister for Local government, Urban development and Housing, Colonel Samuela Saumatua.

Also in attendance was former parliamentarian, Mere Samisoni, and former principal liaison officer for the Ministry of Works, Sainiana Waqainabete-Radrodro.

The council’s immediate focus is to formulate their manifesto before they kick-start their 2014 election campaign.

Salabula says their main focus is to empower women in the country.

“That’s what we’re trying to do today,” she said. “What we’re doing now socially and politically is to empower women.”

Salabula insists women need to be involved in decision making at government level saying it will help change the mindset of men about women.

“The whole world seems to be only made up of man but the actual lives of the world are the women; we construct the world and a lot of time men destroy it, frankly speaking.”

Salabula believes there is a need for more women to take up key government positions.

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari


22 thoughts on “SODELPA woman’s list strong on known names.

  1. Is this what the people of Fiji really want? Some washed out old housewives.

    Vote for my father. He is the rightful leader of Fiji.

    Many people have asked me to be leader. Many people think I am the right man for Prime Minister. That is true. I cannot argue with them. But my father deserves to be put back in power because of the Speight coup.

    As for the money from the Indian government, that was a personal gift to my father.

    Vote FLP. Mahendra for PM. In the future I will accept the pleas of my many followers and I will take leadership of the FLP.

    A woman’s place is in the home. Leave the politics for the men.

  2. @ Kumar

    I am RC. Use your full name Kumar and stop calling me names. I am entitled to my opinion.

    Vote FLP

  3. @ Kumar

    Leave RC alone. He can say what he wants. If you don’t like FLP that’s fine. Keep your name calling to youself.

    Go RC. Go FLP

  4. FLP along with their leader is history, the people may have or would have given Chordhry a chance if only he was honest.

    I believe Qarase has a better chance of government than this deadbeat

  5. 12,000 graduates unemployed

    17:52 Today

    PS Labour Taito Waqa

    Taken from/By: FBC News
    Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

    Twelve thousand graduates are currently without a job.

    That is about thirty eight per cent of the total unemployment figure registered with the Labour Ministry.

    As of the end of January, 31, 765 were registered unemployed with the Ministry of Labour’s National Employment Centre.

    64 per cent – or 21, 000 – are between 20 and 24 years of age.

    Permanent Secretary for Labour Taito Waqa says 12,000 hold some sort of university qualification. .

    “These include certificates, diplomas, post grad certificates, post grad diploma, associate degrees, degrees and including masters. The total graduates on Bachelor’s degree is about 1, 200. 14 have a master’s degree.”

    Waqa says the condition of the labour market is improving significantly, with some local companies slowly employing these graduates.

    “It’s important for everybody to have social corporate social responsibility to out unemployed. There’s a law there under the NEC for employers to take in certain percentage. And we want to thank all the employers that are actually doing that. The banks, statutory bodies, even government.”

    MOU’s have been signed with major employers to take in unemployed graduates.

    The Labour Ministry is also looking to provide a pool of qualified unemployed individuals for foreign companies through Investment Fiji .

    Meanwhile, more MOU’s are being secured as the economic climate gets better

  6. FLP is history. Indians want peace. They will not vote for FLP. MPC will be in Naboro hotel soon. Agree with RPC that money was personal gift but why lie abot it all this while and why not bring it to fiji as per our laws.

  7. Now the Prostitutes of the SDL era are emerging again after hibernation and of course going broke.

    Former state minister in the prime minister’s office, Losena Salabula, has been chosen to lead the Social Democratic Party’s women council.

    Salabula was elected interim president at the party’s first women’s forum held at the Fijian Teacher’s Association hall this afternoon. She will be assisted by former executive director and former Women’s Ministry CEO, Emele Duituturaga- Jale.

    Are the lauan mafia at work again…hahaha Mara must be twisting and dancing in his grave.

  8. Look at the size of this bitch.

    Her days have long gone past.

    Does today’s young people want these bitchy leaders?

    Such a shame.

  9. The election will be rigged by Khayium if there is no interim government.

    Everyone is wasting time on unnecessary issues.

    Khayium must go first.

  10. You guys who are resorting to personal attacks on these women are losers and so full of bitterness. Are your mums better qualified than any of them? Let them campaign and talk all they want. If you don’t agree with them, don’t vote for them. Plain and simple. Counter their arguments with yours if you think you have better ideas. To say they are old housewives, talk about their size, prostitutes, lauan mafia etc does not change a thing. Short-minded people resort to personal attacks when they have nothing better to offer.

  11. Hope Sainiana and Emele have changed for the better ,,,,,,,yeah why the domination by Lau women? where are the Viti Levu women? Nadi etc?
    Fijian women and girls need better role models than some of these names (Salabula is great of course but Sai and Emele??)
    anyway Sai’s theft case is till in courts so SDL be careful.
    Other known criminals are hovering around SDL ….watch them and keep them away Pio….

  12. Anon

    Who will send Khayium to hell.

    Khayium is the biggest thug and for all the problem he is the one responsible.

    He is a Muslim and he will not leave power!

  13. I advise all i taukei that till Khayium is around no one will be able to change anything in Fiji.

    Bainimarma will come back as the P.M. if the lection happens.

  14. Why the i taukei cannot rise against Bai/ Khayium.

    They were good at it when Mahen was the P.M.

    So what goes round comes back!

    Suffer in silence as your balls are held by Khayium.

  15. @ Koki Pakala

    It’s people like you who are not satisfied with anything. The problem with your thinking is this; if those from your tikina are selected, you would go down to the balancing act of one from this village, from this mataqali, yavusa and so on. When we talk about democracy, forget about lauans, bauans, nadians etc. Just pick the best there is. If you feel there are too many lauans, why don’t you bring some ladies from your village and let them compete with those who were elected?

  16. Frozen
    frozen – u sound sexually frustrated,,,,,,,,pls do get women with better moral standards than those shown

  17. @ Marama Dina

    If you think you have better moral standards, then put up your name for selection. Don’t be a desk top critic. After all, there is no perfect human being out there. You are already passing judgment on these ladies even before the campaigns start. Like I have said, just don’t vote for them if you think they are morally corrupted. And by the way, you are absolutely mistaken to think I am sexually frustrated. As the saying goes, it is what’s in the inside that comes out. So what came out of your mouth, is what was stored in your inside. And remember this too, marama dinas’ don’t spill false accusations like you do.

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