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Shades of the Marc Edge saga……… “Thou shalt not preach media freedom”

Journalism classes at halt as head resigns

February 23, 2014 12:36:42 PM

University of the South Pacific’s Journalism programme students had their classes cancelled this week following the resignation of the head of department, Dr Ian Weber.

While the university has opted to remain mum on the issue and has not made any statement in the media regarding the resignation and cancellation of classes, FijiLive has established that a group of students were told on Thursday that a meeting has been arranged for tomorrow.

A student who did not wish to be named said they have been told that Faculty of Arts, Law and Education School of Social Sciences Dean Dr Akenisi Kedreyaki will be holding a meeting with journalism students and will elaborate more on the issue.

It is believed the teaching assistants for the programme have also left USP, forcing the class cancellations.
Dr Weber replaced Dr Marc Edge a year ago as the head of the journalism programme.



10 thoughts on “Shades of the Marc Edge saga……… “Thou shalt not preach media freedom”

  1. no need for Dr Kedreyakee “to elaborate more on the issue”. thinking people know what’s going on at USP under the regime ball sucking leadership of the VC Rajesh Chandra and Deputy Esther William.

  2. Rajesh Chandra recruited Jai Kumar as director marketing ( husband of Premilla Kumar – Consumer Council) without any advertisement.

    Jai Kumar has no relevant qualification.

    This is nepotism and corruption.

    Premilla Kumar talks a lot but see these thugs.

    Why can’t she talks about this nepotism at USP.

    Jai Kumar is not even qualified for this post.

    Jai Kumar was sacked by government.

    USP has no creditability under Rajesh Chandra.

  3. Jai Kumar big mouth at USP knows nothing.

    What is his qualification?

    Why the position was not advertised?

    They are many people more qualified and experienced then Jai Kumar,

  4. the university students should not waste their time listening to Dr Kedreyaki or anybody from the USP establishment.
    They should march up to the VC office and grab hold of the VC and take him to the USP swimming pool for a dip !!

  5. The USP must be enjoying its reputation for having their internal mismanagement woes making headlines every so often?

    This is symptomatic of a senior management team doing everything EXCEPT manage the institution.

    Heads should be rolling from the very top because the credibiity of this institution of higher learning depreciates with every drama. It is getting embarrassing.

    The USP Council needs to sort this shit out or else Pacific Forum leaders need to wade in. Fiji can no longer continue to hold the rest of the USP members at ransom just because it is the host country & has the largest numbers.

  6. Venezuela : Students take to the street to demand change .
    Fiji : USP students beg for more shit to be dumped on them!

  7. We read under ‘ Uni refuses to comment’ in the Fiji Times 25/2 that the USP “will no respond to any comment made by former journalism head of school Dr Ian Webber who resigned in acrimonious circumstances just a week into USP’s first semester”.
    Why not?
    Is that consistent with good governance practice?
    Don’t the people of the University region have a right to know?
    Why have some journalism lecturers left so suddenly under “acrimonious circumstances”?
    Something is not right when that happens at the regions foremost institution of higher education.
    What’s wrong?
    By refusing to respond is the university showing disrespect to the public?
    Is it displaying the arrogance one associates with arbitrary rulers?

  8. We read in the Fiji Sun that an academic from Jawaharlal University in Delhi applied for an advertised post in the journalism school at USP. It is reported he was interviewed four times but he has received no reply from the USP.
    Is this good governance practice by the USP?
    Why is anybody interviewed four times?

  9. We read in investigative journalist Rory Callinan’s article ‘ Manus Island : How information is kept ‘under control'” (the Age 26/2) that “The veil of secrecy on Manus Island has worrying implications for press freedom in Australia”.
    It should because it has the stench of the Stalinist State. That’s not how information is meant to be kept in a democracy. In a democracy the people have a right to know what the State is doing in their name.
    Rory writes ” A free press is central to democracy in the Pacific and democracy in the region is vitally important to Australia. One only has to look to Fiji to see how badly things can go wrong.”
    Who can dispute that? It is understandable that a commercial media outlet like the Fiji Sun should allow itself to come ‘under control’ of the Bainimarama military dictatorship so that it can continue to profit by being politically onside. But it is a disgrace when the University of the South Pacific which is suppose to be a bulwark against any totalitarian tendency should also start to suck up to the dictatorial regime.
    Rory ends by saying ” Australian journalists grappling with a lack of information over boat arrivals is one thing. Restricting fair reporting on the ground is quite another matter”.
    Under the Bainimarama Military government both these things have plagued the media in Fiji since it assumed control of the country.
    The withdrawal of the PER has made no real difference.

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