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One-day polling will be a disaster: Labour

19 February 2014
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s confidence is totally misplaced, if
she believes that one-day elections in Fiji in September is achievable,
says Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.
“One day polling requires massive organizational capacity and resources which
the Elections Office will be unable to build in the short time before the polls.
“We are now effectively less than six months from the promised elections. It
should be noted that the Elections Office was moth-balled for eight years. It will
have to start from scratch to have all preparations in place for the one-day polls
in September,” he said.
It is still in the process of recruiting key staff to assist in the planning,
organisation and management of the elections. After recruitment, they will
have to undergo intensive and specialized training.
We don’t have a Supervisor of Elections as yet who should take responsibility
for the oversight of the elections and the Elections Office.
There is still no Electoral legislation setting out the rules and guidelines for the
elections. Political parties and the rest of the nation remain in the dark about
how the polls will be conducted and the requirements governing it.
Polling stations have not been finalized as yet and they are still juggling around
with the number that will be needed for the one-day polls. The initial number of
3000 announced by the Attorney General has now been reduced to 2000.
These are serious challenges confronting the conduct of free, fair and credible
elections. They cannot be brushed aside by people who do not have inside
knowledge of the decrepit state of our electoral machinery.
Thousands off voters will be unable to get to the polling stations to vote if one-day polling is
forced on the people. This in itself will render the elections a nullity.
Mahendra Chaudhry

12 thoughts on “One-day polling will be a disaster: Labour

  1. Mahend

    Let us decide the election.

    You will be behind bars by then for tax evasion

    So stop talking!

  2. Mahen it has has been proven that your are just a smart talk fallout guy who fails in everything and if you can start talking when you have proven not guilty of your actions on your tax falsification case

  3. the election is being held ONLY because the mob in power have to hold one to keep the international gang happy so that they continue to provide the much needed money to keep the country going.
    it’s a case of going through the MOTIONS of an Election .
    there is NO REAL Commitment to holding an efficient, free and fair election.
    I don’t care what Chaudhry says
    This is what I say from my reading of the politics of the Bainimarama regime since it installed itself in power over 7 years ago.
    It’s a regime founded on lies.
    It’s a regime that has thrived on lies – with the active support of a sycophantic Fijian media.
    It is a regime that is NOT TO BE TRUSTED .
    Not for holding a proper election. Not for Anything!

  4. Just to digress, I have been vociferous in my condemnation of SODELPA, however after much thought I feel it is with the utmost urgency that the keepers of the above defunct party must immediately re-brand themselves.

    I suggest they re brand as the Fijian Conservative Liberal Party (FCLP).

    ALL in favour say I.

    Now to the point at hand, Chaudhry in his desperation to keep the labour party relevant more often than not comes up with the most preposterous of ideas.

    Julie Bishop is correct in saying the forth coming election should be completed in a day with Frank as the new PM.

    Chodo should not cause the people of Fiji any more pain with his absurdity in fact he ought make the journey down the Birth, Death, and Marriages and sign off and prepare for the inevitable.

    Fiji and its people do not want you Chaudhry.

  5. The 90 year old Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe who has just returned from an eye operation in Singapore told a rally of his supporters that ” Everything in Zimbabwe belongs to us. Only Zimbabweans can say how our resources should be organised” (Aljazeera news 24/2).
    Mugabe is of course referring to his forced white owned land confiscation and redistribution policy.
    In the same news segment some Zimbabweans were interviewed and they said they couldn’t even buy bread any more or pay their children’s school fees. Makes you wonder how the Mugabe dictatorship has been “organizing” the country’s resources.
    In an earlier ABC Landline segment we heard how a white Zimbabwean woman who had a farm in Zimbabwe employing 120 workers had to flee the country after the violent takeover of their farm. She is now a well established rose farmer here in Australia even exporting roses overseas! And she is planning on diversifying into other agricultural products.
    I wonder if one of her past workers is one of the people who claimed they can’t even afford to buy bread any more.
    What a crying shame!
    Tells you what shit leadership can do to a country.

  6. Mahendra should watch the international TV news! He could learn how people power topples tyrants. Whinging about an election office or the number of polling days is not part of the recipe. If you want change people have to take risks coming out to the streets demanding their rights. The election charade in Fiji is nothing more than a poorly disguised attempt to legitimise Khaiyum’s hold on power.

  7. I agrees 101% with Lamusona Levu – the elections is a charade to legitimize Bainimarama -Khaiyum’s existing unlawful rule.
    the legitimization will allow everybody to get back to “business as usual”. and pretend the coup and the human rights abuses didn’t happen.

  8. editor,
    Being military men Phillip Brown (FT 22/2) and Sakiusa Raivoce (FT 24/2) are clearly better qualified to tell us what qualities a person should possess to become the commander of the Fiji military force.
    I didn’t even like cadet training in high school and managed to get our sports teacher to get us an exemption to do soccer training instead!!
    So I have no quarrels with these gentlemen’s prescriptions for the commander’s post, except Mr Raivoce’s requirement that the commander “must be a God-fearing man”.
    I think it’s much more important for the commander to be a man of integrity.
    He or she can be a non believer for all that I care.

  9. Let me respond to :Prison Warder,Mack,Anon,Lamusona,Vutusona etc you gays are bunch of failures and case of sour grapes. You assholes are no”comparison” to Mahen, U bunch of rejected MF’s from all political parties in Fiji. Mahens record speaks itself and people with creditability give full recognition to his hard work and sacrifice unlike some crooks who are academically mental.

  10. @ Mohd Latif

    Yes, Mahen as Frank’s Finance Minister “speaks itself”. It also speaks for itself.

    Chor is finished. Even most Indians hate him. No prizes for guessing what everyone else thinks of him.

    An opportunistic crook. You can suck his balls until after the election. He has been protected by the regime. That protection will not last forever.

    Chor has the power to entice the simple and uneducated to vote for him. He should be selling used cars. His political days are over.

  11. Is Chaudry a total loser, they once said no man would ever go to the moon, they tried it and achieved it.

    Whilst he continues to demonstrate the behaviour of a bitching whining 6 year old schoolgirl thankfully it helps to reveal his true nature to the public of Fiji.

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