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This Prime Minister is already calling for people to vote for him now why isn’t the media quizzing him?

Unionists told to make up their mind on political involvement

13:05 Thu Feb 20, 2014

FTUC General Secretary Felix Anthony

Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Christopher Chand

The Fijian government says despite the attention grabbing tactics used by trade unionists the simple fact is that individual unionists have to make up their mind soon whether they want to continue in the unions or resign and take part in politics.

This follows FTUC general secretary Felix Anthony’s recent claims that the government was attempting to shut up the entire trade union movement itself.

Trade unionists like Felix Anthony claim while they are being targeted the government is able to get away with things.

“This Prime Minister is already calling for people to vote for him now why isn’t the media quizzing him? Is there two sets of laws one for trade unionists and the other for the Prime Minister and his colleagues? What are we abut in this country he talks about a level playing field where is the level playing field?”

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says, as always, trade unionists are deviating from the real issues.

“There is a lot of hot air by these personalities and in fact you can count them on one hand it’s about three or four of them only who are making this noise and I think the Fijian people are a lot more intelligent than that and they will stop falling for a lot of this hoo-ha that they are making and it is as our Prime Minister has said we need to be able to be focused on the issues not fall for the gimmickry not fall for the hoax we need to be focused on the real issues.”

The Political Parties Decree restricts the involvement of unionists in political parties and now the government has indicated strengthening this decree further.

“They are flaunting the law they are not following the spirit of the law that is why it is critical because this law was drafted in good faith if you look at section 14 it does not have an offence provision per say it just says there is a deeming provision that , that trade union official is deemed to have resigned from that position they are not actually following the spirit of the law so obviously there is a need to strengthen the law and the law will be strengthen because there needs to be a demarcation.”

Anthony says they will not bow down to such decrees put out by the government.

“Im going to simply ask him what is he scared about the trade unions for what is he scared about the trade unionists for. Why is he trying shut up the trade union movement? We will not bow down to unjust laws or decrees that this government will impose on the people it’s about our freedom.”

The attorney general says trade unionists are missing the point and that no one is saying we can’t have trade union organizations.

He says the decree simply says the trade union officials cannot take part in politics and be involved with political parties.


63 thoughts on “This Prime Minister is already calling for people to vote for him now why isn’t the media quizzing him?

  1. the decrees are unlawful. they have been imposed on the people of Fiji by an unlawful regime. that’s the bottom line.
    who the fuck is aiyaz to tell trade unionist or anybody to follow the law?
    who the frank is frank to tell anybody to follow the law?
    have they followed the law?
    no, they are treasonists.

  2. Liars.

    Yet according to these same criminals, we really should be worried about these terrifying unionists.
    How stupid does Frank and Aiyaz think the people are?

  3. Anonymous.

    “How stupid does Frank and Aiyaz think the people are?”\

    Well just judging by imbecilic comment, I’d imagine very stupid.

    Do you realise the union movement is a scourge on the working class in Fiji?

    These bastards have done absolutely nothing to enhance the welfare and safety of workers, so if Frank has the gall to de-register these maleficent mongrels than so be it.

    Fiji would be a better place without these sodomites.

  4. I am been advocating since 2009 that all laws set by decrees should not be entertained period. These decrees are passed by the guns of a once proud Fiji Military misled by ASK, VB and some power hungry elites. Even though some (not many) are good ones to be modified with all stakeholders having their inputs (this is a Democratic process) should be taken on-board by the elected Government after 2014. Most of these decrees WILL be challenged by those who were unfairly affected by them where there were no avenues to challenge these illegal decrees in the Courts. ASK and VB and ASK’s aunties, setting another decree to protect themselves from legal actions is also illegal so it will not stand a chance in an independent court. These lot are a bunch of clowns setting decrees which will eventually put them away for life in prison.

  5. @ jeke

    Yes, what Frank and Aiyaz say is very imbecilic – but I think the fumes are getting to your head. The scourge in Fiji are these two idiots who think they are our leaders.

    As Sai often says, I think you and Mack are just too close to your dear leader’s behind to tell the difference between their lies and the Truth.


    We reject Bainimarama because he is a treasonous illegal self imposed dictator and a morally corrupt leader who cares not for the people but himself.

  7. we read in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (20/2) that The Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama has described the services provided to the maritime zone by past governments as “embarrassing”.
    We recall it was also hugely embarrassing when a high ranking military man scheduled to face court managed to abscond by boarding a Tongan boat in our waters and taking off to Tongan – under the watch of the present government led by the Honourable Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.
    Under which government’s watch did Peter Foster manage to swim to a boat and sail off to Vanuatu?
    Some of us clearly have a very selective memory.

  8. yeah allowing two alleged criminals to leave the country by boat without facing trial isn’t exactly a record of good maritime service by the present government, is it? nah.

  9. What do these unionists not understand? What unfolds before their eyes is the way of the tyrant: “For my friends anything, for my opponents the law”. Do these union idiots truly believe that a dictator would prepare a nice level playing field and peacefully hand over power to whoever contests and wins an election? Do they expect the media bravely challenging the Honourable Khaiyum who holds all the power in Fiji? Everybody in the media has run for cover and they will obediently ensure that Khaiyum’s rule will remain unchallenged. In the meanwhile those who support Khaiyum will be allowed to help themselves to government contracts and other perks. Stop bickering guys, kiss Khaiyum’s arse and you will be all fine.

  10. Radio Epicene.

    Thingy are you over your dissociative identity disorder yet?

    You need help, maybe I could be of help if you need it, at no cost.,

  11. why isn’t the Media quizzing the illegal Prime Minister?
    we all know why.
    some are lamusona
    some others are his sycophants .
    the blog sites Fiji Today, C4.5 and others are the only ones raising the questions that need to be asked so that an informed public goes to the polls.
    And kicks the illegal Prime Minister and his cronies OUT.

  12. Kaiyum is right – why the fark are these unionists mixing union existence (not threatened ) and participation in politics? dickheads

  13. Anonymous.

    @ Ratu Saii

    “You should use your own name – why do you want to steal other people’s names?”

    And what the frick do you think my real name is dick-head.










  15. I am surprised to learn from Sanjay Kumar’s letter ‘Cost of living’ (FS 21/2) that “The escalating cost of living is really worrying”.
    I thought after over 7 years of the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarma’s outstanding leadership and the building of a “new” and “better” Fiji all the now equal citizens of Fiji were enjoying life in equal measure..
    I mean isn’t that what the “independent” journalists in the Fiji Sun have been telling us ad infinitum?
    So why the worrying?
    Was the mob in the Fiji Sun lying?

  16. Some of these unionist are really corrupt.

    They misuse the funds of the workers and drive in discovery – Rajeshwar Singh – FPSA.

    Earn SALARY OF $160,000.Housing allowance -$ 2000 per month.

    While the workers are struggling as these unionist are not doing much for the workers.

    They are for their self interest.

    Khayium investigate all the unionists. They are misusing members money.

    Some have been their for ages and filling their pockets.

  17. Ratu Sai there are a lot of RT Sais in Fiji so no one is using your name.U might as well change your name to Adi Sai if you think others are using your name.

  18. IUnionists should their money and not the workers money which they have done in past.

    Rajeshwar Singh is already abusing the unions fund for his personal wealth creation. Many properties he owes and not payiing tax to government.

    He is arrogant and knows nothing. He cannot even draft a good letter. Everything is done by Nagiin (Sherani ) so both are making money in the process.

    These thugs are making money from union funds and should be investigated by Khayium.

    The current unionists are all thugs and none of them should contest the election!

    Almost all have been in the union for ages.

    We need new people to be heading the unions.

  19. ‘If the Pig is a public servant and he is free to campaign why not the unionists?”

    Well its bloody obvious isn’t it?

    Are unionists civil servants or do they represent a society?

  20. There question that needs to be answered by these unionists and that is how much money they received from the various state owned company boards they sat on?

  21. Rajesh singh’s post are so easy to recognise. The same copy paste words in caps. This guy loves fiji so much but his crap and bullshit has landed him in hot soup.

  22. While I don’t like people who drafted the law on unionists, I have to admit there is strong merit that these unionists have ruined fiji.

    Mahendra pal chaudary as sgeneral secretary of the civil servant unions and as the Nation Farmers union held the country to ransom. His partner in crime Felix anothony did the same at FSC and brought it down to it’s knees. Rajeshwar singh is trying to do the same but made money for himself by being at the fnpf and HFC board.

    If they want to be politicans so be it. But don’t use the union facilities and money for own self interest. Don’t use the poor man’s sub money for own political mileage.

    If felix, attar, dan, rajeshwar singh think they have the support of the people, they should not worry of the money they are leaving behind as union bosses.

  23. These unionists are nothing more than thugs. They have misused workers money. Take overseas trips regularly with huge per diem.. Drive in discovery and earn huge salary.LOts of benefit!

    They are abusing workers money and all must be investigated by Khayium and charged.

    Rajeshwar Singh gives maintenance contracts of FPSA building to his friends He gave washing, painting of FPSA building at several FPSA owned buildings to Indian national Manoj .Both registered a business name – Extreme Construction and Furniture Limited and made thousands of dollars from FPSA for building maintenance.

    Khayium and FICAC should investigate this case!

    All unionists must be replaced.

  24. We need young and new people in all unions.

    Khayium can you check the constitution of all unions so that the workers do not have same people in the unions for very long.

    This leads to corruption as it is evident today.

  25. Khayium the union clean up is still pending.

    The workers need young people not this old horses who are corrupt and make money by abusing the workers fund.

  26. Classes at the University of the South Pacific’s School of Journalism in Suva have been disrupted after the sudden departure of Dr. Ian Webber.

    Dr. Webber, the Coordinator of the school is understood to have tendered his resignation.

    Classes were to begin from Monday, but since Dr. Webber’s departure, no lessons have been held.

    There are also no teaching assistants for Journalism classes.

    Journalism students have been told that the Dean of the School Dr. Akinisi Kedreyate will meet with them on Monday.

    Dr. Webber was confirmed as the Coordinator a year ago.

    We have sent questions to the USP’s media relations officer.

  27. Had a chat the other day with a nurse from CWM and got this disturbing information. Of the 160 new nurses recruits 30 something were iTaukei the other indos. And on the inpatient information board iTaukeis are classified iTaukei while indos are classified Fijian and others as Others. How ridiculous is this. This has been the grand plan all along for total deprivation of iTaukeis and to usurp the orignal Fijian. These principles in the charter are wolves in sheep skin which are starting to bite now. If we dont do anything now then all will be lost.

  28. if it is true that dr ian webber the journalism coordinator at USP has quit then it must be because like Mark edge he too must be a mediocre academic who must have misbehaved.
    only good arse lickers like VC Rajesh Chandra and Deputy Esther Williams remain at USP sucking up to the Fijian dictatorship

  29. So what are union representatives are they civil servants?

    Saicai that name isn’t doing you any favours.

  30. Why there is such a high number of Indians controlling unions, whereas there ought to be an even split between the nationalities.

    Don’t you guys think?

  31. Ratu Sai

    Please get an I taukei to stand against Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA.

    The election is in MARCH 2014.

    FPSA has more I taukei members. Indians members are also feed up with Rajeshwar Singh.

    FPSA General Secratary package:

    1. Salary – $160,000 per annum
    2. Housing Allowance – $ 2000 per month
    3. Unlimited Use of Vehicle – Discovery HC 300 ( Even the wife can drive)
    4. Every second month – overseas trip with per diem..
    5. Drive around in the vehicle with basically no work as most work is done by Nagin of Sherani.So in the process both make money.
    6.. ETC ETC

    Rajeshwar Singh is 70 years but still wants to be the G.S.

    Last year Nagin and Rajeshwar ingh bought a house in Williamson Road, Dominion collectively.
    Then they sold it !

    Every contractor that works on FPSA owned buildings must pay a commission to Rajeshwar Singh.

    It is evident from the top he was involved with an Indian national – Manoj.

    No proper tender is followed at FPSA. Everything is controlled by him.

    Rajeshwar Singh was the only one who negotiated with Rohit of R. Hooker to buy a wooden building opposite FPSA head office for $495,000. The price was increased and Rajeshwar made $40,000.
    The building is still under renovation after spending $495,000.

    Rajeshawar Singh told lie to the board that the price was fair as a chinese had offered the same price. This was totally a lie.

    Ratu Sai an i Taukei should stand against Rajeshwar Singh in March 2014.


  32. Anon.

    I am advocating the complete de-registration of all organised labour. why?

    For the very reason you espoused, you see these Indians that are controlling the purse strings feel its the duty to keep the collective in bondage thus their services to the collective are zilch..

    The ensure to have a token taukei which they prance around occasionally and when he steps out of line they use him as a whipping boy.

    Now you mentioned there are more taukei civil servants in the FPSA ,than the question is why aren’t they taking back what’s rightly there’s.

  33. Ratu Sai

    You are true , i taukei should take control of FPSA.

    Ratu you can check the figures at FPSA on number of I taukei members..

    i Taukei members must be advised of this. Rajeshwar Singh bro must be removed.

    Identify an i taukei member to stand against Rajeshwar Singh.

    Rajeshwar Singh’s corrupt practice will only be exposed if he is removed.

    Bro, Rajeshwar Singh has made money through many corrupt dealings at FPSA which can only be exposed if he is removed.

    Create an awareness amongst all FPSA members.

    Rajeshwar Singh has been in his post for too long.


  34. I am a member of FPSA and totally disturbed about Rajeshwar .

    The problem these unionists operate in isolation from their members and during Annual General Meeting all facts are not presented.

    It is more eating and partying for few hours.

    Members must wake up to these unionists.

  35. Karma Bideshi has been the treasurer of FPSA since it’s inception.

    Why these people are not giving other members also a chance to manage the affairs of the union.

    Too long in a post 100% leads to corruption which seems to be the case of Rajeshwar Singh.

    After Mahen Chaudhry , Rajeshwar has been the General Secretary.

    The unions de-registration is important or new people must come and contest against these thugs.

  36. Where are all i Taukei members of FPSA.

    Can we start the takeover of FPSA without any delay.

    These Indian unionists have been fooling their members.

  37. PDP should be de registered by the government.

    It has all unionists – Dan, Felix, Agni, Rajeshwar all behind PDP.

    Ask Nirmal Singh he will tell all the unionists who are behind PDP.

    For this reason, Nirmal Singh resigned.

    De – register PDP.

    Othrwise these unionists must resign now and stop abusing workers money and facilities.

  38. I know Bainimarama very well as I was his bodyguard and I ask you all not to vote for him.

  39. @ The Official VB Fanclub
    Not hard to see why you ” will all vote for Bainimarama”
    You are fellow thugs.

  40. Talking of the Media in Fiji can Thakoor Rangeet Singh do a follow up study on the bias reporting by the Fiji Sun?
    This will be an easier study to do then the one he did on the Fiji Times because the bias is BLATANT!
    I support 101% the call made by the person on C4.5 to boycott the Fiji Sun .

  41. editor,
    Fiji is a lucky country. It has some many home-grown experts on everything. Take Sachida Nath for instance. He is an expert of the “Cause of poverty” in Fiji (Fiji Times 22/2). Poverty is all in the mind. That’s what Sachida Nath has determined in his mind! So all that is need to fix the problem of poverty is to fix the “mind-set and personal behaviour” of the poverty stricken poor. And “community-based religious organisations could be instrumental in changing the view of the destitute”. Apparently, according to the expert knowledge of Sachida Nath that’s all that needs changing – “the capacity to change is within” .
    Sounds fairly straightforward then. But then the poverty expert tells us “Poverty is a complex issue”.
    Why is it complex? It’s all in the mind, isn’t it? Religious people can help them change their minds and their “personal behaviour” and they can then become rich and affluent.
    What’s complex?
    Same with the dengue epidemic – all in the mind?
    Same with the gays – all in the mind?
    Same with the coups – all in the mind?

  42. When will PDP be de registered.

    Otherwise unionists Dan, Felix, Rajeshwar, Agni Deo should resign and get active in politics.

    They have not done much for their members but are sitting huge salary and benefits and abusing members money.

    They are meeting at FTUC for meeting of PDP using union resources.

    Why they do not have the guts to resign and get in active politics.

  43. Fiji Sun is owned by C J Patel and Ajit is the main boy at C. J. Patel.

    So this is the link to Fiji Sun.

    We all know in Fiji thee Guji’s will do anything to make money.

  44. I would like to advise you all that everyone is wasting time and money preparing for the election.

    The 2014 election if it will happen will be rigged under the regime.

    The regime will rule by any means.

    The only way for free and fair election is interim government.

    Politicians wake up and not waste your money.

    Bainimarma / Khayium will rule by rigging the election!

  45. People of Fiji see what took place in Ukraine.

    It is time for do or die.

    Otherwise Khayium will rule for many years to come.

    i Taukei can only talk and break into the houses of innocent Indians and chinese and steal.

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