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“SODELPA does not doubt the capacity of our youths to engage in discussions with respect to their interests and needs, leading up to the national elections in September,”

We believes in youths: SODELPA

February 20, 2014 09:04:46 AM

Fiji’s Social Democratic Liberal Party believes that youths of Fiji today are better resourced than their parents were at their age to make responsible decisions on matters of national interest.

Party’s general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu said they do not doubt that youths of today may in one way or the other felt the consequences of the past coups that they would have gained maturity to make decisions on crucial issues affecting their present and future.

“SODELPA does not doubt the capacity of our youths to engage in discussions with respect to their interests and needs, leading up to the national elections in September,” Tabaiwalu said.

“The party appreciates that though our younger voters will have barely remembered the political upheavals of 1987 and 2000, they would have felt the impact of those events one way or the other.”

Tabaiwalu said many families directly suffered following the two upheavals.

“As a direct result of the coups, some families lost their homes and others experienced unemployment, whilst a lot of families were separated and a lot of professionals fled Fiji.

“These are the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties of the nations’ youths. The greatest upheavals in recent Fijian history will certainly through their shared experience with their parents and close relatives become a part of the lived experience of a great many young Fijians.”

You cannot separate the past from the present “our past is part of our lived experience, Tabaiwalu said.

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari


32 thoughts on ““SODELPA does not doubt the capacity of our youths to engage in discussions with respect to their interests and needs, leading up to the national elections in September,”




  2. Jeeper’s creepers! Who in their right mind would name a political party SODELPA, the name in itself sounds like a D grade pornographic movie starring Pio Vutukanaleka.

    I think the most appropriate name for this political party ought to be SOD (E) MITE LIBERAL PARTY.

  3. Anon that’s not a problem,Obama.Kevin Rudd and almost all democracy’s,this is happening plus the youth have swallowed Tertiary education scholarship handed out by Govt where they can further their education.I don’t think they will vote for Sodelpa

  4. Bye bye mack quack…….bye bye animal farm! Obama, Kevin Rudd all watching hoping that election will not rigged. They already see all the signs of a rigged election in the making and just waiting for it to happen……..bye bye mack quack….bye bye animal farm!!

  5. I fail to understand what these bastards are talking about now after they have been fully supporting all previous coups in Fiji

  6. And some of bastards who supported the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups are in Bainimarama’s Government.
    Let us keep that in mind when we go to vote.

  7. Question is what are the past racist coup supporters doing in Bainimarama’s “multiracial” government?

  8. @ anon – answer to that is because Bainimarama’s government originated from a coup. Bainimarama is a coup mongrel and has attracted coup supporters to his government. Look at his self-imposed regime and you will see coup disciples all throughout levels of the bureaucracy. Coup supporters also hold corporate positions and he’s even tried to do that with the vanua and church institutions. The media, the judiciary, the police, the entire government and worst of all the military are full of racist coup supporters. Bainimarama has brought all coup supporters under his banner – birds of the same feather flock together!!!

  9. Kainoqu

    You and your whole tribe were supporting Rabuka’s and Georgie boys coup. 99 percent of you indigenous idiots were supporting all those previous coup.

    Now the good lord is teaching you bastards some lessons.

    How can one forget the so famous Methodists church sponsored coup and later the SUNDAY bans.

  10. Former state minister in the prime minister’s office, Losena Salabula, has been chosen to lead the Social Democratic Party’s women council.

    Salabula was elected interim president at the party’s first women’s forum held at the Fijian Teacher’s Association hall this afternoon. She will be assisted by former executive director and former Women’s Ministry CEO, Emele Duituturaga- Jale.

    Are the lauan mafia at work again…hahaha Mara must be twisting and dancing in his grave.

  11. @ Tinai Miller, Savusavu – you are mistaken and sound racist! Viewing the Rabuka and Speight coups as indigenous Fijian things is the behaviour of an idiot. The Fiji coup culture thrives when such lines are taunted and perpetuated in the mindset of people and you my dear friend fall in that trap!
    Coups were never meant for the indigenous community or the other races. They were fraudulently dressed to appear that way but it was always about the interests of the treasonous few whose selfish aims brought havoc to the country and the people! Bribes and vote-buying tactics to sectors of the whole Fijian society are all part of the game. As we will again witness, they are never really genuine to lift people out of their misery but self-serving to give power to coup mongrels. The language of equality, fairness, freedom and justice when spoken by people that come to power illegally and undemocratically is both deceiving and corrupt. It is worse when taunted under the guise of coups and self-styled reforms like the ones Fiji is going through again! So there are big question marks on the brains of people like you Tinai Miller, Savusavu when you push the line of race on coups! What sort of justice Fiji is demonstrating when treasonous criminals are given immunity? What sort of fairness Fiji is showing when coup mongrels and murderers are allowed to run government and pay themselves highly without merit? What sort of freedom Fiji is showing when decrees, law enforcement agencies and the media all collaborate to suppress opposition to unlawfulness of the regime? What sort of mindset are you showing when saying that indigenous Fijians supported previous coups and now God is teaching them a lesson?? Tinai Miller, Savusavu is very much part of the problem just like Frank and his cronies are and is definitely not a solution to Fiji’s woes!!

  12. I agrees 101% with kainoqu’s penetrating analysis above. the coups in Fiji had nothing to do with race. the race card has been employed/deployed as a cover for the real motive for the coups – which was power grab by the various coup plotters.
    Tinai Miller and others who subscribe to a race interpretation of the coups have fallen into the trap of believing what the coup plotters wanted them to believe.
    They are politically naive.

  13. Losena Salabula is slow and it’s not only because of her size.
    And Emele Dutuituraga Jale is fast. She knows how to go after what she wants to go after with all she had got. That’s how she landed the Women’s Ministry CEO post. Jale was then the Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Commission. Make the connection?

  14. Emele Dutuituraga Jale used her goods to go places. She uses her mouth well and she uses her other mouth – the kana tale one – quite well also.
    that’s why she is always in high places.

  15. @Kainoqu
    A very good attempt to put wool over the eyes of a sheep- hahah…Coups were never meant for the indigenous community.

    Tell me who instigated and benefitted from the 1987 coup?
    Ratu mara magaitinamu/ratu penaia bocilevu and clan
    Adi lala mara
    Rabuka/the tonganivalus, the leweniqilas/the matawalua/the sikivous/the torasetc etc
    many prominant fijians and their families

    Tell me who started the coups?

    All the magaitinamu Fijians who were marching in 1987 destabilizing the government of Champion Doctor the late hon. Timoci Bavadra.

    Who benefitted from the 2000 coup

    again the indigenous magaitinamus.

    Who were marching up/down the parliament house in 2000/who were preaching there?
    Indigenous magaitinamus

    I rest my case……….You can not hoodwink all the people all the time ???Kainoqu and the likes

  16. @ Tinai Miller, Savusavu

    If you seriously think I was attempting to put wool over your sheep -like eyes – God help you. Its obvious you cannot swallow the facts. To allege the whole indigenous Fijian race instigated and benefited from previous coups just because few prominent Fijians and their families connived to overthrow another indigenous Fijian led government is just as crazy as it gets. That is the very kind of generalisation that politically naive people make! You are quite bitter about your feelings of past coups and I sympathise for you because I am just as appalled about them. But I cannot go as far as blaming one race because that is a generalisation too far and a view that does not understand the realities and intricacies of Fiji’s problem! So I cannot agree that the indigenous Fijian race started the coups of 1987 and 2000 nor agree also that the indo Fijian race started the 2006 coup. The cycle of coups is actually fueled with the kind of generaised race blaming and settling scores mentality you are showing and that is exactly what coup mongrels want. I suspect also that your line and thinking is what military goons and coup disciples will always want to propagate, so that it justifies their self-imposed role as democracy guardians in Fiji! It spices up the argument that races cant leave peacefully together and warrants their new-found role as judge and jury of Fiji’s democracy. Be assured I was not trying to hoodwink you but merely point out the facts. I completely understand your choice to be critical but to be critical without appropriate understanding of reality is a bit immature and only reflects the personal limitation and insecurity of an individual.

  17. @Tinai Miller.

    I am feeling that you are very much in favour of the 2006 coup but very much opposed to the 1987 and 2000 coups. When another coup is instigated, you will probably not like it very much as you do the Binimarama one.
    Your diatribe, profanity,obscenity and offensive language you have used against the Indigenous race, the true Fijians, will not lead you to any better place, but will be to your detriment in the coming day.
    I am not so sure that you will enjoy the rest of your life here on earth if you will continue to use swear words against the i Taukeis if your reveal your true name and identity and if you’re courageous enough to shout them loudly from your mouth. But I am sure that you’re not so brave enough to do that.
    True Fijians, the natiive people I mean, now do not want another coup but would settle all this dilemma in an election that is fair and transparent. But perhaps you would still dwell in your unforgiving past which is so pitiful.

  18. let us get this much straight on the coups in Fiji : they were about POWER not race or racism.
    If you can’t get that then you know very little about politics.

  19. @ALL of the above 5 political scientists – You must accept the doings of your community, at the height of the coups, your high chiefs involvement/apologie to those who your community have caused harm and move on.

    All of the coups were for power grabbing but by who and for whom?

    Indigenous Fijian magaitinamu leaders, some so called high thieves/chiefs like mara, penaia and other ratus

    For whom

    they used their own race, the indigenous Fijian idiots/kaisi’s community who were marching the streets of Suva and other towns, burning and looting whose property?

    Hahahah > not the indigenous businesses/property but mostly non indigenous property. – indians

    Look at the NBF Scandal >>>Who gained

    “ the NBF scam lies with the illegal regime that followed the coups of 1987., Mara/Penaia/rabuka

    “The bank’s lending policies were relaxed to allow supporters of the coup to borrow indiscriminately.
    “Huge loans were made easily available to the beneficiaries of the coup, in many cases without proper security procedures being followed.

    Who were the coup supporters?
    Indigenous thugs/chiefs/leaders

    Look at the punishment god gave to these indigenous chiefs?

    Mara – had to run for his life ( from the indigenous thugs of Naitaisiri) , into a government vessel then to Lakeba – never to return along with his wife.

    Penaia – the GG who betrayed the QUEEN, Penaia stole heaps of NBF money while in Tavueni – HIs dynasty is gone now and his son epeli, who was bought/sold by Fiji Waters, got a kick from VB. He is broke now.

    Taniela Veitata – turning/twisting in his grave now.

    Too many to name.

    I rest my case.

  20. @ Tinai Miller, Savusavu –

    Is this your song in wonderland?
    “You must accept the doings of your community at the height of the coups, your high chiefs involvement/apology to those who you community have harmed and move on”………..this is just another typical race line!
    Your jibes are clearly racist and anti indigenous Fijian. The way you try to implicate the whole Fijian race on past coups reflect poorly on you. Your obsession with the past wrongs of some chiefs whatever those wrongs may be, especially if they have died doesn’t reflect well on you either. It seems you have an ax to grind so one should ask – what is it about the Fijian race that problems you? It is clear you have not rested your case! Its cheap also to implicate the whole indigenous Fijian race on the NBF scam when individual indigenous Fijian borrowing was in the thousands and tens of thousands only while the business borrowing of Patels, Motibhais, Punjas, Tappoos, Lalas, and hotel owners etc were in the hundred of thousand and millions.
    Your take of the coups in Fiji is quite different from the take of many who see that the real instigators and beneficiaries of coups are the goons, their cronies/conspirators and their paymaster businessmen who know the goons hunger for cash! Yes the march and shop looting by ordinary Fijians on the street are unfortunately a part of the show but all is stage-managed by the treasonous criminals as smokescreen to detract attention from what is really happening – which is the unlawful takeover of government, the looting of state wealth and the destruction of institutions that check the probity and sanctity of Fiji’s affairs.

    This is part of the wool hanging over your eyes!

  21. the Indians were made a scapegoat to justify the past coups. they coups had nothing to do with the Indians and everything to do with people wanting to grab power. the gullible Fijian took the bait.
    In the case of the present coup it has nothing to do with the wish of the coup perpetrators to build a multiracial Fiji – many of the earlier racist coup actors are part of the present regime. This coup too is simply a power grab. This time all the not so discerning citizens have taken the bait and are singing the coup perpetrators’ song of a “new” and “better” multiracial Fiji where everyone is equal and living happily ever after – which is hogwash.

  22. What goes comes around friends. You had your glory days in 1987 and 2000.

    God taught you all a lesson through Voreqe Bainimarama.

    Learn from it otherwise the next one would be a nightmare for you all kaisi’s.

  23. Tinai Miller, Savusavu –

    There was nothing to glorify of the 1987 and 2000 coups! Nothing to gain from it either except for the benefits accruing to the instigators – those that connived to unlawfully grab power. The effect of it all is more division in the communities and more people pushed to the margin. Rather than having a more equal and fairer society, the coups force centralisation of benefit to a closely connected business class, chiefly class, local elite class and commoner (kaisi) class! The Bainimarama coup is no different and you only have to look at his close supporters and family connected appointments in the high offices to know this. So using a self-imposed leader who practices, cronyism, nepotism and various strands of criminal behaviour – notably robbery, torture, murder and treason would certainly not be God’s way of teaching people lessons. That is so demeaning – like bringing God down to the level of your animal farm and expecting Him to go along with it!! People have also heard such common line before like – Rabuka, Speight, and now Frank is saviour but it doesn’t wash anymore. The real lesson for Fiji is very clear – it was all about power grab and accumulation of wealth from national coffers for the conspirators and instigators. So there is nothing to learn and no reason to believe also that Voreqe Bainmarama’s coup is God’s lesson! The Creator is more dignified than this.

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